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Commission : Niv-Mizzet by emilySculpts Commission : Niv-Mizzet by emilySculpts
Please note, this piece was a commission and is NOT FOR SALE.  While I do take commissions (see below), I do not remake pieces that I have already made.  Thank you for your understanding.

About : This is the most massively detailed sculpture I've done in a while and I had an absolute blast working on it.  All the scales were sculpted individually, for the most part, over a period of several days.  I love working in this larger format so that I can get all those little details in.

I also enjoyed creating an immersive environment that tells a little bit of a story.  I actually used a tiny human placeholder to help me keep the scale of the staircase to the dragon!  The Izzet guild symbol can be seen on the plaque near the dragon's belly.

This was selectively varnished so that the larger scales have more of a sheen than the smaller ones that dissipate into the skin.  There is a slight bronze sheen to the scales as well as the piping and globes.

I really hope I get the chance to work on more projects like this in the near future because I love what I can create when I am sculpting in my element!

Materials : Sculpey Firm, Super Sculpey, Apoxie Sculpt, Wire and Foil Armature, Wire Mesh, Acrylic Paint, Pearl Ex, Wood Base

Dimensions : 8" Tall, 15" Wingspan, 8.5x11" Base

Time Taken :  54 hours

Detail Shots

Commission : Niv-Mizzet - Details by emilySculpts

Main References 


Izzet Guildgate by noahbradley

Niv-Mizzet by Todd Lockwood


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May 30, 2014
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