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2013 Year in Review by emilySculpts 2013 Year in Review by emilySculpts
This year has been amazing in so many ways.  The biggest accomplishment being that I self-published my first book, Creature Sculpt.  It has been so very well received and has sold hundreds of copies in both paperback and eBook format. 

I have learned many new techniques through the amazing commissioned projects that I have received.  I started working more with LED lit pieces, got the chance to work with new subject matter, and worked my way into a few new fandoms. 

I also got my new paint-your-own line of sculptures off the ground which I plan to expand greatly in 2014.  I look back on this year I and am amazed at the support I have received from my amazing clients and viewers.  Whether you have commissioned me, purchased a copy of Creature Sculpt, or just hung around for the ride, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  I couldn’t do this without you guys and I am eternally grateful :)

Come have a look back at 2013 with me!  I have put together this compilation highlighting the pieces that I found pivotal in one way or another.  I also linked to the original postings in case you want to look back and see the full photosets.  Enjoy!

January - B-Rabbit Plush I started out 2013 with this piece that was extremely unique to my normal style.  I had a great time making his little outfit and making him look almost velveteen!

February - Vinyl Scratch This was an intense collaboration between myself and my husband where we added sound reactive lights to a sculpture for the first time.  So much work went into getting everything just right.

March - Haku I am a huge Miyazaki fan so I am always excited to create one of his characters.  This is especially true for a dragon character like Haku.  I had sculpted him many years ago so it was really awesome to see how I’ve progressed since that original piece.

April - Creature Sculpt My biggest accomplishment this year was releasing my first book, Creature Sculpt.  Thanks to many awesome supporters, I was able to get enough pre-orders to pay for self publishing.  Pre-orders saw over 300 orders from all over the world.

May - Kog’Maw When I first received the request for this piece, I was worried it was way beyond me.  But I just loved that design so much, I knew I had to make it happen.  And I did.  It was a lot of new territory and hard work, but that’s how we learn and grow.

June - Mrs. Brisby I really love Don Bluth’s character design so I was excited to be given the chance to sculpt this little lady.  I love working with simple characters that are filled with so much life and soul.  It’s almost like bringing a little life into this world.  Magic!

July - Headhunter Rengar This is easily one of the most complex pieces I have ever done in my sculpting career.  Much like Kog’Maw, I was a bit wary of this dude at first.  But determination gave me a piece that I am infinitely happy with.  My success with this piece gave me a lot of self confidence in my other work.  If I ever feel stuck or frustrated, I think back to working on this guy and I KNOW I can pull it off.

August - MewTwo : Breaking Free This was my first commissioned LED piece.  The interesting thing about LED sculptures is that the process will always change and there is always some intense problem solving involved.  I tried about half a dozen ideas for the eyes and sphere before I got it looking just right.

September - Shiny Suicune  Much like Haku, Suicune was a character I had sculpted in the past so I was excited to see the improvements I could make upon my previous sculpture.  He was very well received so I think I must have pulled it off!  Looking back on the old sculpt, it was really cool to realize how many new techniques I have learned over the years.

October - Survival (Nanaki Red XIII)  This was a gift from the heart for a dear friend.  Whenever I sculpt for a loved one, it brings out a whole different side of me.  I can create at my very best this way.  This is definitely one of my favorites from this year.

November - Mega Charizard Y I feel like this guy was a big compilation of so many of the things I learned this year.  I rarely have a hard time parting with my sculptures when they are done, but this one was hard to send off.  LED sculptures are difficult and full of brain work…but the results are like no other.

December - Mei and the Kittenbus (photos coming soon!) I don’t sculpt human characters very often, but I couldn’t pass up this sculpture request!  Amazingly, the kitten bus gave me way more headaches than little Mei.  Creatures are still more forte, but I do really enjoy sculpting humans from time to time.  This was a great way to end the year!

In 2014, here’s what you can expect to see from me, if all goes according to plan :

* A continued expansion of my line of cast resin figures.  This will include paint-your-own as well as pre-painted.  I am also hoping to add in customizable options too.

* Online sculpting classes at as well as free video tutorials demonstrating simple techniques.

* More of my original tree dragons and plant creatures, expanding into some new and fun ideas.

And much more awesomeness to be announced.

Thank you all for your support this year.  On to 2014!!!


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