How to Make Your Own Belt Buckle

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A lot of people have asked how I made my X-Men and Deadpool belt buckle, so here's a tutorial on how to make your very own!

Easy Cast Clear-Casting Epoxy Resin
Milliput Epoxy Putty
A Round Belt Buckle (preferably a buckle blank, but nearly any round buckle will do. I found this buckle on clearance at Hot Topic for 5 dollars, and it worked fine.)
Super Glue
Acrylic Paint
Poster Board
Styrofoam Cup
Plastic Spoon
Paint Brush

STEP ONE: If the belt buckle you've chosen has a design engraved on it, you'll need to smooth out the surface. If not, skip to step Two.

To smooth out the surface of the buckle, Lay the belt buckle flat on the poster board (Be sure that the buckle is flat! If it's not, the surface will come out uneven.) Mix the resin together in a styrofoam cup. It shouldn't take much. I only used about two spoonfuls (One for the resin itself and one for the hardener). Be sure to follow the instructions that came with the resin on how to mix it properly. After it's fully mixed, use a spoon or a popsickle stick (I used a spoon) and carefully pour it on the buckle, filling in the holes, so the buckle has a flat surface. Look beneath the buckle and make sure the resin hasn't dripped to the buckle's back. If it gets in the belt loop of the buckle, the belt loop will get stuck. If the resin has gotten onto the back, simply get a spoon and wipe off the excess. Let the resin dry completely.

STEP TWO: Paint the surface of your buckle with acrylic paint. This should be your "base" background color. Use 3-4 coats so the design under the acrylic isn't visible. It needs to be as opaque as possible. Let the paint dry.

STEP THREE: You'll need to make the design out of Milliput putty. This is the trickiest step, because you want to make sure your design is as even and smooth as possible. Follow the instructions on how to mix the putty properly. Milliput works well, because it air dries and doesn't shrink at all while drying. It's very sticky at first, so I waited about half an hour to work with it, so it wouldn't stick to the surface of my desk. After I formed my design, I dipped my fingers in water and smoothed out the surface of the putty, so it wouldn't look all bumpy. Let the putty dry completely.

STEP FOUR: Paint your design with acrylics! I'd suggest adding a few coats for this step as well. Let the paint dry.

STEP FIVE: Super Glue the design to your belt buckle. You don't have to use much super glue, just a drop or two so it won't slide around on your buckle when you add the top coat. WARNING: If the super glue oozes out from underneath your design, the resin will make the glue turn white, so be careful!

STEP SIX: Mix more resin and very carefully pour it on top of the buckle with a spoon or a popsicle stick. (Do this while on the poster board, so the resin won't drip onto your desk!) Again, make sure your belt buckle is completely flat, so the resin will even out over the surface. Also be sure to look beneath the buckle and be certain that the resin hasn't dripped to the back of the buckle.

Bubbles may appear in the resin-- This is natural and usually, the bubbles will work their way out. If you get a stubborn bubble that refuses to vanish, you can get rid of it with a few options: Get a hair dryer, put the setting on low heat, and CAREFULLY blow dry the buckle with it. Be very careful with that option, because you don't want the resin to drip off your buckle with the force of the hair dryer. The heat should cause the bubble to float to the surface and vanish. The other option is to get a toothpick and try to pop the bubbles out.

Let the resin dry completely.

VOILA!! You have your very own custom made belt buckle! If anyone needs any points clarified, lemme know! If you use this tutorial to make your own belt buckle, send me a pic! I wanna see how it turned out. =)

You can find the belt buckles I've made in my gallery.
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