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Joker and Harley Quinn

Me and my boyfriend dressed as Harley Quinn and the Joker for the Dark Knight premiere. We did both the costumes and the makeup. (With some help from Sammi, cause she's cool life that.

I redesigned Harley's costume a bit, because spandex is hardly ever flattering.
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reminds me of the photo from my engagement (halloween 2011) that was published in bizarre magazine in jan 2012 ^_^
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Love this shot...your bf looks a very convincing joker and i love your look for harley :)
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wow i love how your bf looks in this pic he makes a good joker :)
and your expression is perfect
Hey there!!

I am currently making a harley quinn fansite, and I am currently low on dress up pics. I see you’ve dressed up as harley here.I was wondering if I could use it on my fansite?! Of course I will credit the pic 4 u.
Pls message me for a response =DD
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What kind of mask did you use for this?
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The mask I used was actually a plain black masquerade mask. I trimmed it down to size, and it worked perfectly!
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Nice! :D I've just done the same with a cat mask, i cut the ears off (I may stick them to a headband ;3) and rounded it it all out nicely and it works so well :D
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smile you've been featured here [link]

ha ha ha
how did you do the face makeup perfectly?
and what type of mask did you use?
im bieng harley for the next Icon :)
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omg i looooooove it. :)
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u look absulutly beutiful dressed as harley and might I say ur boyfriend looks really good dressed as the joker he looks exackly like the joker from the movie. :headbang: :clap:
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Thanks! I improved his makeup quite a bit the next time he wore the costume, so it ended up looking amazing.

And I love the avatar-- JtHM is an amazing comic.
If only Jhonen would release another book sometime... *sigh*
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thanks if u ask me I think Jhonen should have made a show out of the Johnny the homicidal maniac comic book I mean come on could u imagin that,that would be preety cool if he did. LOL!
:XD: :idea:
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What kind of mask is that on your face, it's PERFECT! (also does Harley)
simply amazing.
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You make an adorable Harley and Your boyfriend looks amazing! Great Job!!!
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Wow you two did such a great job! :clap:
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