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They're just quickies...and they're meant to be funny too...
each of them I did about under 1 hour. One layer each.

First row is Snow White, Scar, Pocahontas, Ariel, Queen Grimhilde

Second is Wiggins (Pocahontas), Lumiere, Stitch, Marie, Pinocchio


DATE: September-ish 2007

MEDIUMS: photoshop 7, mouse (all of them)

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Wou O-O
You are good
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This is amazing! :D
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Wow these are so beautiful!!Bunny Emoji-30 (I'm cute) [V2] 
but what's inside of Ariel's mouth??
DisneyLoverLoneGun's avatar
She's poking her tongue out.
Shey49's avatar
Oh, I see now! lol
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Pinocchio is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!
jinXedCharms's avatar
how do u draw and color that...?
thepumpkin-queen's avatar
This is awesome!! Love your style and the color choices you use ❤ Great vision brought to life.
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Holy ~! This is AWESOME. Stitch is scary, I'll never look at him the same way again, and Snow White is just plain creepy.
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Oh my God I love the Lumiere one!
BlackWidowPoptropica's avatar
omg lumiere (arghh cant spell) :3
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This is AWESOME :D Snow White and Stitch both looked like they killed somebody, Scar, Grimhilde, and Marie both look like they are in a bad mood, Ariel and Wiggins are funny looking, Lumiere just looks bad ass, and Pinocchio just looks confused
theragonlord-d's avatar
Stitch looks bad ass
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You know before I saw that one of Stitch I hadn't really had any nightmares recently. So yeah seems that's at it's end.
Wow . . . just wow. I can definitely see the Disney characters in this, but they all seem a lot darker somehow as well. But I imagine that's how you intended it to be, so kudos. :)
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All fantastic! Gorgeous. :heart: :rose:
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You've been featured in my personal journal: [link]
We all have to grow up!

Thank you for your beautiful work!
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OMG I totally thought Wiggins was a girl. >_> wow this awesome. XD
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Woah, Stitch is looking intense. This is amazing, childhood captured
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