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:iconemilyk949:emilyk949 posted a status
Its been 6 weeks since my mum's accident. Its felt longer with all thats going on. From school, work and midterms my life is chaos right now, but finally it ends a little. My mum is finally home from the hostipal and we have the full statement on what truly happen at the scene. 
The woman who hit my mum had eye surgery ten years ago, in the state of California, if a doctor tells the state that a patient can't drive anymore their license is removed until the doctor give the ok again. In the last ten years the woman has been in 19 car accidents, everything from fender benders to crashing into fences but the state of california never thought about removing her license once or even looked at her record to see that it need to be remove. 
So I'm annoyed that this is something that could have been avoided if someone removed her license, even if the stated didn't her family could have. But no one did and my mum had to pay the price. She was in a coma for five whole days, had minor bleeding of the brain, her hands were purple and swollen like a balloon for weeks, and INTERNAL DECAPTATION which i highly recommend NO ONE LOOK IT UP ON GOOGLE FOR YOUR SAFETY. 
I'm tired, annoyed emotional exhausted and so ready for the day when this is all over but because the woman who hit my parents is counter sue-ing us to keep her lisecne (she says that my mum hit her which is fucking impossible since mum was on her bike and received more damage then she did.) I want this to be done I want this to be over and more importantly I want my mum to be able to walk normally and not like CP3O

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Jermmgirl Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Professional Filmographer
Good luck with everything! I'm sorry this happened to your family :( stay strong! 
emilyk949 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Hobbyist
thanks, I'm trying, its hard to do in times like this but its a must.
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