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I know its way past new years at this point, but with everything that has been happening to me right now I rather have it out now then never. This has some personal stuff so if you guys want to skip it, thats fine.

First after the crappy year I had last year, with my mum and my friend both with terrible health and losing the friend before christmas has sucked a lot. A lot of my friends have officially left for college and I'm still stuck in the same old town I grew up in waiting to run free with on my own for a bit. I'm lonely right now, I don't have many friends to talk to or hang out with out all. I wonder if I should try to reach out to a lot of them or would that be weird? But I want to improve myself and my surroundings for the next year as much as I can.

So I'm going to:
Improve on coloring, especially night scenes, its so hard to do with color pencils but I'm trying.
Work on being patient for Sacarmento State, I'm waiting for an acceptance letter in April.
See the a doctor more, and conquer my fear over medical devices (its mostly breathings machines and feeding tubes that make me sick to my stomach and want to faint.)
If accepted to CSUS or any other school, I need to make sure that i prepare a list of what I need to bring to school.
Also if accepted plan a rode trip up the coast of califorina to make it a fun last trip to do with my parents.
Improve on hands, I can never get the fingers to work with me.
Post my photography stuff up here. I am a photography major but I never post my stuff here, I should get on that i might meet new people on here if I do.
Reach chapter 20 in webcomic, I'm almost finish with 16 so that shouldn't be a problem. 
Talk to people online more
Help out where you can
and be kinder to everyone around you.

Now to work towards a better year! Have a good one everyone!
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This morning I receive some terrible of news about a dear friend of mine, she passed away from ALS, this morning. For those who don't know, ALS is a terrible disease with no cure, she battled it for a year but after falling in to a coma on Monday night she finally passed on this morning. Its hard for her family and I wish them well. 
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Its been about 10 months since my parents accident and I've adjusted to helping a handicap mother pretty well. Every week my mum is pushing the limits of my patience and her body to help improve herself (although if I come home again from work and she's was on the floor for an hour trying to do push ups again I'm going to lose it.) Mum is doing well, coping with her brain injuries and fact that she was an inch away from losing her life. She won't admit it but I've heard her have nightmares about it even if she doesn't remember the accident she freaks out more about the unknowing then the knowing parts and I don't blame her. 
It took me a while  but I got my dad to go to therapy as well, since he was also hit and witness the entire accident he has a lot of PTSD from it so I got him to join a support group to help cope with it. My brother is finally out of high school which is less stress for me now, he's on his own for college fuck it. Other then that we've been doing pretty well, some inner family drama but we've handle it. 
I'm still working on Return to Wonderland just posted the first two pages of chapter 14 and hoping to get more readers have reaching 9000 visitors. Things are getting better.
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Hey guys, for those who are still reading my comic, Return of Wonderland, I have finally started the next chapter.
So for newbies returnofwonderland.thecomicser… start here
The last Chapter returnofwonderland.thecomicser…
The new chapter (currently in the works) returnofwonderland.thecomicser…
Tell me what you guys think, I'm almost too 500 pages and 100,000 page views.
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Hey guys :icondeeyahs: is doing a raffle!
Go join!
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Hey guys! Love :iconfiread:'s work? Want to enter a chance for a very cute chibi?
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Also please respect and follow artist rules you guys!
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Man, whens the last time I've been tagged? like never
Tagged by: :icondeeyahs:
I don;t know who to tagged so if you want to do it go ahead.

~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~

→ Rules: Tag 8+ people you'd like to get to know better using this meme.

♦ Name: Emily, but I go by Em as well.
(I thought that it being in my username would help with that part)

♦ Star sign: capricorn

♦ Average hours of sleep: About 5 or 6, I go to bed late either working on art projects or studying for tests. I'm an early bird too so I have morning classes.

♦ Last thing googled: Nuclear power for essay assignment, I know I'm boring.

♦ Favorite fictional character(s): Xander from FE: Fates, Katio Kid from Detective Conan, Chrom from FE: Awakening Lucy from Fairy Tail

♦ Current attire: High waisted shorts and a golden tee, its hot out at the moment let the world be blinded by my pale ass legs.

♦ When did you start this account: Novemeber 2014, I was really active in high school but college died down a lot.

♦ Number of watchers: 114, i'm not that popular on here.

♦ What do you post: Comic pages of my webcomic, I also post frank or art of my OCs when I'm in the mood for it.

♦ Do you get a lot of comments: Nah, not many people even fave my stuff sometimes.

♦ Why did you choose the username: I like my name, and 949 is my lucky number but emily949 was taken so I added K for no reason.

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I did it guys, it took me four years but I got over 400 pages of my webcomic done and just started chapter 12!
I really hope you guys are enjoying it!
Chapter 11 starts here returnofwonderland.thecomicser… have fun!
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For those who are still reading my webcomic Return of Wonderland, I'm sorry for not informing you when I update because I've been super busy.
So here's a list of the chapters so have at it:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
I'm still in the middle of working on chapter 9 i'm up to pg 18 at this time so stay tune!
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Hey Guys long time no chat. I've been very busy this past few days. 
In a short Summary of it all I can say is : DON'T FUCKING HIT BICYCLIST

In a long summary;
This past labor day weekend my mother and father did there weekly couple bike ride together. Everything was normal till an 85 year old woman decide to take a short cut by driving in the bike lane, which happen to be where my parents were! So my dad has some broken ribs and my mum is in a coma because of her stupid mistake! Isn't that wonderful? I'm running around taking care of my dad at home, going to school, taking my brother to school, going to work and of course taking care of my two dogs. Its been very over whelming and I feel like I want to be 5 year old again and let someone else be the adult but at the same time I need to be the adult so its rough.

Once I get some more help with things I will be starting commission because money is need right now and the old lady is refusing to pay because she says its my parents fault and not hers! WHAT A FUNNY JOKE!
Anywho, also taking a small break from my webcomic once I finish the last page of chapter 9 which should be soon since I was almost done with it anyway.
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Hey guys I'm on spring break this week and I have nothing to do. I finished my assignments, my mum and brother are heading to Ireland and my dad is heading to Las Vegas for a wedding. I really bored so I'm taking art requests and art trades right now because I am super bored and would like something to do.

:star: No porn, will draw nudity but no porn
:star: Couple poses are alright but they will no be full bodies
:star: Must send me a note will all the links to Refences of character that you want and please be very clear on what you want
:star: If doing art trade please say so in the beginning so I can note back what I would like to do.

Art Trade:

Art Requests:
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Its been a while since I've been tagged so I really want to do this.

Tagged by :iconbraidsofsilver:

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars

1) Comet loves to touch people, has to touch everyone he meets. Of course when they say stop he stops or asked permission to touch them later but if they don't he usually hugs them a lot or pats them on the back. Of course if your dating him he has to touch you like every chance he gets, even if its just a brush of some finger tips against his own hand he loves it.

2) If it feels like something is his fault he'll never stop say sorry about it. In fact he'll follow you around with a sad puppy dog look on his face hoping you forgive him. 

3) Since Comet can turn into a Bat (because of his devil fruit powers) he does a lot of bad bat jokes when he feels like the mood needs to be lighten up. None of them are very good but he thinks they are.
EX: Comet: Hey Alice,
      Alice: Yes?
      C: Did you hear about the two bats meeting?
      A: I swear to god if this is another one of your-
      C: It was love at first bite!
      A:......... Why am I in love with you again?

4) Comet's greatest fear is losing all the people he loves, he sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares from that and can't shake the feeling off for days.

5) Comet wants to be a dad, really bad. He doesn't care how many kids he gets he just wants a mini him to be running around and having a better childhood then he did.

6) Comet is still a kid at heart, since he lost his mother at a young age he likes to collect records of songs his mother use to sing at bars before she got sick. He even adds in new ones that he think she'll like to sing as well.

7) Comet is a good singer, but can't play an instrument for the life of him. Since he mother was a Bar singer, growing up he was taught how to sing and read music. Just not how to play any of it.

8) Comet takes every thing to heart, all his success and failures. Depending on what mood he was in before he gets drunk is what type of drunk he'll be. So he if was in a bad mood he recounts all his failures, in a good mood all of his success.

Well this was fun, I'm glad I'm rewriting Unwanted Eyes again, though I might not make it a comic this time since I'm so busy with Return of Wonderland and starting another one for gags. I might just write it out and post it on here so something, I don't know yet. 

So lets get on to the tagging:

:iconfiread: October (I really want to know more about her)
And I don't talk to a lot of other people on here enough to tag them, so I'm just going to tag these two then.
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Rules are simple:
-first ten to comment get a slot!
-you can make a journal and please include me in one of your slots! 

I copy these rules from :iconfiread: so she'll be my number one on this.

1) :iconfiread:
<da:thumb id="572378526"/>
I chose October out off all of her co's because I love her color scheme the most. It blends well in with the series and her 
design is super cute. hey ryy remember Puppy? October personality also works well with who she is paired with in the series so it doesn't make a canon character OOC.

2) :icontuxedofedora:
Pokejinka Gakuen App: Lucien by TuxedoFedora
To be honest I was going to do Zeke, but then I remember Lucien here and I still can't get over his design. Lucien is such an adorable character its hard not to love him, though most of it must be from his Cutie charm effect. This young teacher stills the hearts of many who glaze upon his bubblegum pink hair as have I.
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Hey guys long time no talk.
I've just realized that I missed my 5 year mark being on this website, sadly I'm not as active as I use to be. But I'm planning for the new 2016 for the end of every month to try and post an sketch dump or at least on piece of art on here. If not on my art blog on tumblr, but that should keep me active. I've been super busy with my webcomic still, I've just started working on chapter 7 (I'll put the link up to the new chapter soon for you guys.) 2015 has been a long and expensive year for me. My car was destroyed and had to get a new one, BTW the guy who hit me is suing me saying it was my fault and I owe him 7000 dollars in damages. FML man FML. 
I'm turning 20 soon and that still hasn't sinked in, being an adult still hasn't sinked in I'm still crying over cartoons and playing pokemon games. But I enjoy those so I really don't want to change that about me. 
I'm working really hard at work, my bosses have put me in charge of editing photos which is a huge step for me. I've been editing old pictures that have been destroyed or need fixing, sometimes its fun seeing them. Other times when I have to edit someone fat or wrinkles out it kind of sucks because the person could be 80 but wants the picture of them to be 24 with grey hair. Quite strange but as my boss says "There is nothing my time and your money can't do."
   I'm thinking of making a commission list and start doing commissions again, it gets quite boring doing only comic pages and I would like to spice it up now and again before school starts. I'm looking forward to a new semester but I'm also stressing out, my parents want me to go to a local university near us but I want to leave this stupid town for a while. Yes dad I understand that its the 6th safest town in the US, its also the 6th most boring town in the US and I am sick and tired of running into people from high school who would say stuff behind my back and then put on a fake smile in front of me. I would like to get away and live somewhere else for a bit. Like Arizona or Ireland. Life can be such a bitch sometimes.
Anyway some time before the new year starts I'll do one of those time wheels things, I sometimes don't see my true progress till I do one of those. The whole side by side thing is a great way to view how far you come. 
Also would you guys like to see some of my photography in sketch dumps? Comment if you do
P.S. Planning to reboot Alice and Comet's story sometime in 2016, and redo a bunch of old work that I love but need some updating. 

Thanks for reading this long ass rant guys Have a wonderful 2016!
I'm down for art trades if anyone else is. Just comment on this journal or note me and will talk to you about what we can do.

What I will draw
- Oc/Oc Canon/OC and or Canon/Canon
- slightly NSFW (nudity is ok but no hard on sex.)

Please check with me on anything else if your not sure if it falls in the categories here.
hey guys, haven't talked to you all in a while. but i have a little rant on my chest and I thought this be the best place to let it out.
So i went to my colleges transfer center to speak to someone about my grades and such and which schools would be best to transfer to. found out that i didn't have 55 credits like i thought, instead i had 24. That took the life out of me, i already spent so much time and took a lot of classes in community college i thought i had enough credits to transfer to another school now. Turns out only a quarter of my classes counted now i have to spend another 2 years in that school before i can go somewhere else. which sucks. I want to be somewhere else but i have no idea where else yet. I can't afford out of state though I want to get out of this stupid town before i pull my hair out.  
just what do i do
Good news everyone I finally have a new computer!
Which means I can stop using my damn phone and actually update and stuff. 

So if anyone has art trades they want to do with me or I owe them some please note me so we can talk. I am also going to do commissions soon so note me if you want one of thoses.

Paypal Commissions open!

Chibis: $5 USD per 1 all are colored and inked with simple backgrounds. For extra characters its $2 USD each.
<da:thumb id="538542469"/><da:thumb id="538360393"/>

Half bodies: $5 USD for sketch $7 USD for inked and $10 USD for colored extra characters are $2 USD dollars each
<da:thumb id="523488494"/>

Mature Content

A man with no heart by emilyk949

Full bodies: $7 USD for sketch $9 USD for inked $12 USD for colored extra characters are $2 USD each
<da:thumb id="528413482"/><da:thumb id="510432809"/>

Comic pages: $10 USD per page sketch $12 USD per page inked and in black and white $15 USD per page for colored
Pg 10 of RoW by emilyk949<da:thumb id="493358405"/>
*Please note if you commission me for a comic page you have to give me dialogue to go with it.
I will draw fan art of any character whether its your own or a favorite tv show
I expect payment for paypal
Note me on dA or email me on what you will like 
Comment on this journal to hold a spot on
I will draw nudity and or skimpy outfits but thats as far as I will go.
So my computer has finally told me to fuck off. Surprising it lasted this long since its an 03' but it's finally won't do anything now. It won't let me on dA or tumblr, I'm basically active via phone right now so that's basically telling you how shitty it is since tumblr mobile sucks. I'm almost to my goal of buying a new computer seeing how no matter how much cleaning and emptying I do on my old one new software updates won't even go on my computer.
But I would like to speed things along so I'm still open for commissions if anyone wants them. Sorry I can't link things because I'm on mobile just note me and will talk.

But in other news im going to AX this year for the first time in 3 years. So if anyone is going Saturday in cosplaying lucy heartfilia from fairy tail so look for me.
Hi everyone!

Chapter 4 of Return of Wonderland is done!

In this chapter Allie gets her ability, we see who the Red Alyss is and we meet the Red Queen!
Not bad for 36 pages, huh?

And go news Return of Wonderland fans, the comic has finally reach page 180! We're almost to 200 pages!
And we have over 3000 visitors and over 14000 pages viewed!

Thank you everyone for your support!
I hope we get twice as many in chapter 5!

Start of Chapter 4 returnofwonderland.thecomicser…
Start of it all! returnofwonderland.thecomicser…

I'm so happy to finally finish this chapter its seems like I've been working on this one for a while!
Guys guess what!? Ok you can't really guess over computer but just do a little guess to yourself before reading this any more.

I GOT A NEW JOB! :yay: I can finally get out of the yogurt shop (though I did love the free fro yo) and work.....