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Return of Wonderland page 20 by emilyk949 Return of Wonderland page 20 by emilyk949
Enter the twins of creepy enter my twins!
Read Return of Wonderland here returnofwonderland.thecomicser…
CIAE13 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013

I went through it all and overall it's very good. You still need practice with mood-creating and effects though, but it's a big improvement since UE. Characters' height is still a bit too short though proportion is much much nicer.

One more thing: I'd recommend switching to full color panels or keep it black and white, because while your current coloring style creates focus, it's... I don't know, not very eye-flattering. Feel like you're only half-way through with them all. You should also try lining with ink pens because pencil creates unnatural thick lines and doesn't give that much intensity. If that's impossible, try learning how to use Photoshop and SAI to edit the pages. First, you have nice intense lines that catch the eye; Second, you can easily add effects and patterns. Sweet.

I also recommend drawing each page on separate A4 sheets and store them as stacks because A4 gives you a lot more space to work with and you can sketch poses and figures at the back to choose which to put in a panel (personal experience) It also makes you feel more like a pro XD

Nothing much about the plot to be discuss, so I'll leave it to next time~ Keep up the good work hun~

emilyk949 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist
Thank you for that, I'll work on it.

I am coloring like that for now, once she finds the key, then its full ink. For now its just shows how much color was in Allie's life before what happen to her.
I can't find A4 cards so I'll use some flashcards, I have a bunch anyway.
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