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Leon Castwell Profile by emilyk949 Leon Castwell Profile by emilyk949

Name: Leon Castwell

Age: 21 23 in 2y

Birthday: April 6th

Race: Human (Spainsh descent)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Home: Grew up on a large island in the West Blue

Sound of Voice

Traits of Voice: Cheeky dry with humor at times, but has a warm older brotherly love feel to it.

Special Traits: None

Voice actor: John Omohundro 

(Though would asked to make it a little older sounding)

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 150

Eye Color: a light russet brown

Hair Color: nut Brown

Scars: None

Dresses: Casual, lean back but in summer clothes most of the time, only wears long sleeves once it hits 60 degrees.

Personally: Non fighting: Leon is a flirt if you fit his ideal girl, a bit of a pest at times when it comes to flirting though (doesn't give up if he still has a small chance though if the girl says no after a while he'll take the hit...sort of). He can be kind and a bit snarking when he feels like it. Leon also makes sure that once he starts a task he won't stop until its for filled. He's like a big brother at times to younger kids, really loves to make them smile with silly faces or jokes. Angered when someone annoys him (Mostly mad at James because James picks on him).

Fighting: Strikes first if provoked then asks questions later.

History: Leon grew up around ships, his father was a captain of a fishing boat on an island that had many rare fish due to the warm waters. He and his younger sister would spend hours on the beach playing in the water or sand waiting for there father to return home from his day or month trip and then they would tackle him with hugs when they saw him. Once Leon turned 13 his father took him out on a day trip to show him the ropes of the ship, hoping one day he take charge of his boat and pass it through the family. Leon feel in love with the ship, he love sailing and the fishing, his favorite thing was the maps. The next 2 years he spent either in learning maps by himself, his father or his father's ship navigator. He learned how to tie sailor knots and how to plot courses, by age 15 he joined his father crew under the navigator's wing. After a while the crew began to treat him like family, letting him go on the longer trips instead of the day ones, even though his mother didn't want him to go on those. Leon and his mother got along well, until he brought up the month trips then they would start fighting.

After 2 years of this, at age 17 Leon finally became the ships navigator after his mentor retired from sea. Leon loved his job of helping his friends, he was pretty lucky in getting to spots with lots of fish and getting them away from storms. This made him a little to cocky with his navigation, soon he wanted to go out farther for more fish to map new course, but he father won't let that happen since storm season was coming up. Against his fathers wishes he got the crew to go out a little further then usually to get more fish, saving how most would be out farther due to the storm. Leon didn't know how bad the storm was till they got closer, he tried to get them to turn back but soon the ship was caught up in it. What seemed like hours later the ship became a toy to the sea, the poor crew could not beat the storm, the ship was destroyed. 

Leon and 18 other men on drifted wood came back to there home, out of the crew of 48 only 19 survived. Leon's father didn't make it back with the others. After that people around him were torn in two. Some blamed him for the death of there love ones. Others thought he was just a young fool who made a mistake and learned the hard way about it. Most just didn't trusted him on a ship again. Leon was heart broken, he blamed his father death on himself, his mother didn't blame him for her loss husband, but his sister did. Leon felt unwanted at home when his sister was around, always yelling and cursing at him for taking her father away from him. One day the stress got to him and Leon just couldn't take it anymore, he started to pack and was going to run away. His mother stop him begging him to stay saying that she lost one man in her life she didn't want to lose her son. Leon stayed with her but mostly stayed in his room for the next 6 months. Only going out at night for walks and fresh air.

One day, he got a knock at his door, their stood a boy with black marks on his face taller then him smiling. The boy asked him to be his navigator for his ship, outraged Leon slammed the door on his face. Later the boy came back asking again, Leon slammed the door on his face again. Again and again the boy came back day after day to ask Leon the same thing, after a 3 weeks Leon had enough and told him no and the reason why. The boy said he was sorry but he still wanted him in his crew because he knew that was the past and he won't make the same mistake twice. Finally had enough Leon jumped the boy and started to beat the shit out of him in public saying everything he has been holding back for so long. When he was done the boy was a bloody mess but he was smiling, he told Leon that sometimes bottling things up isn't a good idea and holding back on what you loved to do makes things worse.

With that Leon gave in and joined the boy's crew. He became the first member of the Skull pirates and Comet's best friend.  


Devil Fruit: None

Weapons:Foldable Pike


He just stabs and slashes with his pike or when its in its snake form (see above) he wraps it around them and holds them down. Can fist fight and great with a staff.


Occupation: Pirate - Navigator

Affiliations: The Whitebeard pirates (Allies of the pirates), 

Epithet: None

Bounty: None

Personal Goals:To find his sister whether she is dead or alive.


Parents: Mother  Father (deceased)

Siblings: Hana 

Grandparents: None

Enemies: None

Friends: James Aj and Veronica

Best friends: Comet 

Love interest: Kat (OC owned by firead  )

Two Years Time Skip: Will not be told due to spoilers in Unwanted Eyes

Fun Fact

Animal Theme: Lion

Stone Theme: Topaz

Element Theme: Earth

Flower Theme: Gladiolus strength of character

Western Zodiac Sign: Aries

Theme song: None at the moment

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