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Grace O'Malley profile by emilyk949 Grace O'Malley profile by emilyk949
Name: Grace O'Malley

Age: 36 years old, (2y) 338
Birthday: March 24th
Race: Human (Scottish Irish decedent looking)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Home: Grace grew up in the West blue, an island that is near the border of the East Blue. She currently lives on a Marine ship. 

Sound of Voice

Traits of Voice: Stern and hard while in battle, but calm while relaxing.
Special Traits: Has a slight accent from when she grew up in her town.
Voice actor: None found yet.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 180
Eye Color: Dark Green
Hair Color: Redish orange
Scars: None so far. (Freckles through out body though)
Dresses: Always dressed for battle, in wearable shoes and long pants. Depending on the weather short sleeves or long sleeves.
Personally: Non fighting: Off duty Grace is a down to earth girl, she is very honest and will speak her mind. She loves to help others, especially children and older adults. She puts her crew before her own safety and will fight for Justice. She is a complete neat freak, she is often praised by higher ups by the tidy ship she has. She can also be stricted, if one of her men falls out of line by breaking one of her rules, she gives no mercy with punishment. (Ex. If one of her men destroys something in a town while drunk, said rule breaker would be entitled to pay for any damage and put on cleaning duty for 3 months.)
Fighting: Has a horrible habit of acting before she attacks, though she is quite fast it has caused some trouble for her by not taking her time to think in a fight.


History: Grace grew up on an island with her mother, two older brothers and her father who was a Marine captain. Her older brothers and her would also get into fights around the island, they were given the nick name "The O'Malley Gang". As time grew on the 3 became inseparable, and were known as the toughest kids on the island. When Graced turned 14 her father retired from the Marines, finishing with the rank, Captain. Grace loved her fathers storys from his adventures and fighting pirates. She dreamed of her own Adventure and crew as a marine, so did her brothers. One by one her siblings became of age and went off to join the Marines, though Grace's mother was proud of them, she didn't want Grace to join the Marines. She Stated "The Marines is a man's job, not a females." At the age of 18 she rebel, getting on a ship and joined the Marines. Training was tough, but she stuck it out, and by the time she turned 20 she moved up from Chore boy to Seaman recruit. Over the following years she gain more ranks. At the age of 35 she finally became a captain along with her brothers. She plans to out rank her brothers and father one day, though her mother pressures her to quit the marines and get married. 


Devil Fruit: None
Weapons: Sword and can sometimes wield a crossbow
Grace is very fast with her sword, she can cut down a man within a minute of fighting, she uses a lot of her lower strengthen to her aid. Her crossbows skills is quite advantage, she can shoot targets from 150 meters away but anything over that she'll be lucky to hit the target.


Occupation: Marine - Captain
Affiliations: The O'Malley Family, Marines.
Epithet: None yet
Bounty: None
Personal Goals: Out rank her brothers.


Death=death Heart love 
Parents: Catheal O'Malley (Father, 60) Roisen O'Malley (Mother, 59) 
Siblings: Conner O'Malley (Oldest Brother, 43) David O'Malley (Middle Brother, 40)
Grandparents: None
Enemies:The Skull pirates, (Only pirate ship she has come across to far that has gotten away from her grip)
Friends: Her crew
Best friends: (unknown at this time)
Love interest: None

Two Years Time Skip: Will not be told due to spoilers in Unwanted Eyes

Fun Fact

Animal Theme: Red Fox
Stone Theme: Emerald
Element Theme: Water
Flower Theme: Alstroemeria 
Western Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Theme song: None yet
deeyahs Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
amg, you have an OC named Grace O'Malley. :iconluvluvplz: Much love there <3 She does indeed look very Irish~

It's nice to see an older Marine character!
emilyk949 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015  Hobbyist
Thank you, I based her off the Irish Pirate Queen, so even though she is a marine she has many qualitys as the real like Pirate Queen
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