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Alice Noemi Profile by emilyk949 Alice Noemi Profile by emilyk949

Name: Alice Noemi

Age: 18 (20 in 2y)

Birthday: June 25

Race: Human (British decedent looking)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Home: A small island that is 154 miles from the Calm belt, filled with many poor people and bandits.

Sound of Voice

Traits of Voice: A little hint of sassy at the end sometimes, other times a gentle tone.

Special Traits: Tone deaf, can't carry a musical note well.

Voice actor: Unknown

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 126

Eye Color: Forest Green

Hair Color: black

Scars: Before joining ship: small cuts on hands After: Many on her back and shoulders 

Dresses: Tomboyish style, never any skirts or dress mostly shorts and jeans.

Personally: Non fighting: Alice has a hard time keeping her cool once angred, but is very patience. She thinks a lot before she speaks and tried to stay in the background of things more then the front. Very quiet and a little timid around new people but warms up quickly.

Fighting: Keeps her distance, tries not to fight to much or get involved, rather give someone else a weapon to do it, but if necessary she will pull every trick in the book to stay alive at the end of the fight.


Alice's parents left her with a friend of theres at the age of 4 to go on a month long trip to an old friends wedding. Unforutrely the ship sank at sea and her parents where never found. The friend, known as Big Mother to everyone on the island, took her in as her own child. Alice doesn't remember her real parents, so she not affected by things people say about them. She finds Big Mother to be her mother more then her real one. 
    Big Mother owns the most popular bar in town, Alice works there full time as a waitress. One day a pirate crew came in to visit, which was rare seeing that the island was the furthers from the enterence of the grandline and close to the Calm belt. Alice was serveing them in a private room in the bar when the Bandits arrived. Tied up Alice and her mother in the back of the bar while they went after the pirates. There plan was to kill the pirates and take their ship, but when pirates fought back the leader grabbed Alice and her mother and took them to the bandits hideout. There the leader told Alice that if she didn't help lure the pirates into a trap he will kill her mother. With no choice Alice agreed to help.
    Alice lured the pirate captain out and help the bandits with there trap, but when the captain got away from their trap the bandit leader blamed Alice, telling her it was her fault that he got away. He then tossed Alice out of the hideout and told her if she valued her life and her mothers, she would kill the pirate captain. Shaking with fear Alice headed to the pirates ship, she snuck on and went to find the captain. When she found him sleeping alone in his captain quarters she grabbed a knife that the bandits gave her and snuck into the room. But when it came down to killing the captain Alice couldn't do it. She didn't want to take his life or lose her mother. 
    When the pirate captain woke up Alice panic and ran for the door dropping the knife, but the captain was faster and grabbed her before she left the room. He tied her down and got his whole crew together and question her, once Alice told him everything he decide to help her under one condition, she would buy them supplies for the entire ship. Agreeing, the pirates untied her and she lead them to the hideout. There the pirates defeated the bandits, but where to late to save her mother,
    The bandits killed Alice mother when she first failed. Angered by this Alice took the knife that the bandits gave her to kill the pirate captain and stabbed the bandit leader with it killing him. After that Alice held up the end of her bargin with the pirates and even joined there crew to leave her old life behind and find a new one.


Devil Fruit: None.

Weapons: Guns


Occupation: Pirate - Lookout/Sniper

Affiliations: Big Mother and Mothers Bar

Epithet: None

Bounty: None

Personal Goals: To find something to do for the rest of her life.


Parents: Big Mother (deceased) 

Siblings: None

Grandparents: None

Enemies: None

Friends: Leon Castwell, James, Dj and AJ Johnson, 

Best friends: Veronica Liddell

Love interest: Alexander "Comet" Jones

Two Years Time Skip: Will not be told due to spoilers in Unwanted Eyes

Fun Fact

Animal Theme: Spotted Owl

Stone Theme: Prehnite

Element Theme: Wind

Flower Theme: Peony (The flower of Healing)

Western Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Theme song: Paradise by Coldplay…

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Shenira Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice and clear profile. Good work :) The song sounds very pleasant too.
emilyk949 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2014  Hobbyist
Thank you, 
yeah every time the line "the wheel breaks the butterfly" comes across, I always think of Comet hugging Alice while she's crying.
Shenira Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Welcome dear.
Lucky Alice :)
emilyk949 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015  Hobbyist
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