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Alexander Comet Jones by emilyk949 Alexander Comet Jones by emilyk949

Name: Alexander "Comet" Jones. (Prefers to be called by Comet)

Age: 19 -20 (changes in the story) years old, (2y) 22

Birthday: May 20

Race: Human (Romania British decedent looking)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Home: Once on a large island located in the South Blue, In a small village called Seagull coast, moved to Turset City. Then was force to work on a pirate ship called "Mermaids Revenged" spent some years on the Mody Dick until he got his own ship, the"Shooting Star".

Sound of Voice

Traits of Voice: Childish, loud, gentle at times but can be harsh if needed.

Special Traits: Can sing (does that even count?)

Voice actor: Brendon Urie for singing and I am still looking for Normal voice actor.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 170

Eye Color: Crimson Red

Hair Color: black

Scars: 4 black scars on face (the scars are black caused by sliver poison), one on his left side. 

Dresses: Mostly causal, but going out on dates he will tidy up a bit. Styles his hair mostly to the side but on lazy days he keeps it messy.

Personally: Non fighting: Childish, layback, might have to be strict if needed (EX: DJ setting fires on ship) cool minded, likes to do a little joke or adventure with friends, overprotecting, bad habit of getting into people business sometimes. Although he is mostly like a selfish child at times

Fighting: Angry when provoke about things or if the fight is going longer then he thought, doesn't think straight, gets to caught up in fighting ex: will get carried any from fighting and hurt a friend badly by accident ex dropping Alice on her head, has trouble keeping his cool down will get annoyed and pissed at things easily like if the person he's fighting tells him how weak his is or how his friends will die he just attacks at anything close to the fighter, scary at times since he can't control himself in a fight to well.


Comet grew up with his mother, a Bar singer at a local bar in there village, they lived with his Grandfather. When he was 5 his mother got deathly ill, she died from the disease a year later. After the furneal a strange man visited his grandfather saying he was Comet's father. His grandfather begged to keep Comet but his father refused his pleads for Comet need to be under his wing for the family business. Comet was force to go by his original name, Alexander, once he enter the house. He had to pose as a child he picked up from an old friend of his to help him with his schooling, his father's wife bought that and let him into their home with open arms. His father's wife that he cheat on, adored Comet, but there son Maxwell loved Comet like a brother and the two became close. After a few years together the two were inseparable, until one night they heard gunshots from there fathers study. They rushed down to see through open doors that there the wife shot their father for cheating on her, she found out that Comet was his son from another woman and shot him out of rage. She goes on how she tried to be a good wife how she did everything for him yet he goes and cheats on him. She states on how she hated him and was going to kill him then Comet, take Max away from him and that he will rot in hell. After hearing the part of being taken away from his new brother, Max helped Comet escaped through the back door of the house in the middle of the night, there Comet rushed down to the harbor and hid in a barrel full of apples, he stayed there all night out of fear. Without knowing, Comet fell asleep and woke the next morning on a ship, a pirate ship. The ship was a pirate ship belonging to a horrible captain that force Comet into becoming his cabin boy, he would beat Comet for fun or when he was drunk or angry. After 1 year of this Comet was in the middle of the Grandline and discovered that the captain was planing to attack the most powerful man at sea, Whitebeard. Comet, who had heard of stories from the men on the ship, was scared to meet or even attack a man that strong, fearing for his life Comet planned to escape as soon as the reach the next island. 

         Unfortunly, his Captain discovered his plan and made sure that Comet could never leave his side, chain Comet and dragging him everywhere he went. When the day came that the pirate crew went to attack Whitebeard Comet knew he was going to die, the Captain plan to use him as a shield to kill Whitebeard, so he came up with a plan that the minute he found a weapon laying on the ground he will take it and be ready to do what ever he can with it. As the pirates charged the Moby Dick a man fell dead at Comets feet, he quickly grabbed the man's weapon, which was a dagger and was dragged with the captain towards Whitebeard. The captain challenged Whitebeard to a duel, Whitebeard only laughed at him since half his men died coming aboard his ship, he gave him the option to run but the captain refuse and charged at Whitebeard. Comet took his chance and stabbed the captain in the back with the dagger, the man feel to the ground not dead, but wounded. With rage he turned around and was going to kill Comet, but a bullet hit the man in the head killing him. Comet, who passed out from relief and fear awoke later in the Moby dick medical room, where the nurses had treated him. They explain that one of the men on the ship killed his captain and that Whitebeard let him go of his chains and nurse him, in return he had to explain to him why he stabbed his captain. Comet then explained everything to Whitebeard, who allowed him to stay on his ship until he got better and were going to drop him off at an island that they had under protected. Comet traveled with them for a month, which was the happiest time he had in a long time. Soon it was time for him to leave the ship, but Comet won't go, he asked if he could clean the ship and do chores to stay but Whitebeard refuse saying he was too young and sent him to the island. Comet agreed that he would stay at the island but when the they left the island they found him stowed away in the ship, stating that he stay there and didn't like it and wanted to stay with them after several more attempts at trying to drop him off at an island that all failed they allowed him to stay. Comet did chores on the ship, such as cleaning and repainting the deck. After a while the crew started to show him how to be a pirate by teaching him how to tie knots, climb up to the crows nest fast and how to flirt with bar maidens.

 After a few years Comet became part of the big family, at age 15 he was finally allowed to help with raiding other ships. At 16, he help raided a merchant ship there he found a devil fruit, which was suppose to be brought to an auction house. He brought it back to the ship and ate it in front of everyone gaining his powers. At first he didn't know how to use it but with some help with other Zoan users such as Marco they taught him how to control it. A couple of months after that he ran into his Half brother Max, who became a slave trader, unknowing at the time Comet talked to him about all the things that happen. They swapped stories and Comet showed him his powers. Comet didn't know that Max also ate a devil fruit which gave him the ability to make illusions, without knowing Max made his mother appear from his illusions. She convince Max that he wasn't the real Alexander and that he was a fraud and should be killed. Max attack Comet because he believe his mother that he wasn't the real Comet, his mother then got him to use this silver poison, a special kind that changes the color of the skin on entry. Something he got as a slave trader to change the skin color of slaves to make them sell more, it doesn't kill a slave but it puts then in a lot of pain. Max gave Comet the scars on his face from that poison, then left him beaten in an ally. He was knocked out for 2 hours, once he awoke he got up and limped back to the ship more medical attention, though his face felt like someone was stabbing it a hundred times he made it back before he collapsed from the pain on the deck. He woke up three days later with the black scars on his face and an motive to go and to find his brother.


Devil Fruit: The Bat Bat Fruit (Model: Vampire Bat) Allows the user to change into a big bat  Is what Comet looks like in his Hybrid form

Pros: Can fly, smelling and hearing are better. Claws and fangs for closer range fighting

Cons Must kick off to fly, arms get tired after a while so its mostly gliding. In bright lighted weather can not see well. Has to wear short sleeves or he can't take his wings out.

Weapons: none


He mostly just flies and drop kicks people, punches them, he's pretty good in a fist fight. He has some skills with a sword, just enough to defend himself though. Can shot but can't hit a target very well. 


Occupation: Pirate - Captain

Affiliations: The Jones Family (Former) The Whitebeard Pirates (not on ship but they talk)

Epithet: The Bat 

Bounty: 20,000,000 (First, give after destorying 5 Marine ships) 35,000,000 (pre-war after destorying another 6 Marine ships) 0 (after war *is believe to have died in battle so they removed his bounty)

Personal Goals: to find his brother and see what wrong with him.


Parents: Theo Jones (Father) Claire "Star" Farswell  | Edward Newgate (Father figure)

Siblings: Maxwell "Max" (Or Maxie to him) Jones (half brother)

Grandparents: John "Moon" Farswell

Enemies: Max

Friends: Veronica Liddell, Dj and AJ Johnson, Marco, Thatch, Haurta

Best friends: Leon Castwell, James,

Love interest: Alice Noemi 

Two Years Time Skip: Will not be told due to spoilers in Unwanted Eyes

Fun Fact

Animal Theme: Vampire Bat

Stone Theme: Garnet

Element Theme: Fire

Flower Theme: Zinnia (mixed) - (Thinking (or In Memory) of an Absent Friend)

Western Zodiac Sign: Taurus Bull 

Theme song: Demons by Imagine Dragons [link]

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TheDarkestMemory Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No offense but I don't think you can use this devil fruit. Its already taken by someone in one of the OP games.
emilyk949 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist
What? Aw, I didn't know that, which character has it?
TheDarkestMemory Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
In the new game of theirs Red Cross the character Red gets it at the end. It kinda like the first half of the final boss.
emilyk949 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist
Aw, I had him with the abilite for 2 years now I have to go change it
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