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Flowers for the Queen - Simba/Nala for PhoenixHBA


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Man, there must be an underwater jewelry store. The Pridelands are truly a flourishing place!

Music ...guess who's back 
Back again... Music

Yes. I am back. And I feel like an asshole.
Soo if the first question in your mind is WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN EMILY WHAT THE HELL YOU LITERALLY LEFT US FOR TWO DAMN YEARS (I know I've never came back properly since like 2013), my first answer is I am genuinely sorry. My second answer is a long text post that is coming soon, right after I upload some stuff.
But for now, this is a Nala and Simba piece for PhoenixHBA! I remember you preferred them as cubs but as soon as this popped up in my mind I just couldn't go with anything else and I did want to do something interesting (also with a proper background). Thank you so so much for your help! I hope you like these playful furballs <3

P.S. God knows how much I've missed having inspiration and being able to make art. But most of all, I've missed all of you, my beautiful lion cubs. I'm a free healthy elf now and I'm not leaving you.
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