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Do The Magic! - Elsa and Anna

Breaking news: I'm not dead! Give me a few days to check my message box and i'm completely yours. And while I'm drowning in thousands of notifications, enjoy these two cuties.
I was way too inspired by Mistrel-Fox's gorgeous Elsa to resist doing.. yeah, the magic. Haha. That wasn't funny
Partially modeled from the screenshot, the artwork belongs to me, those brushes are not mine but i don't know who made them, yes Emily is my new signature.
I missed you all.

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I love this!!!!! :squee:
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Omg I love how you drew them in Lion King style. This made me happy.
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I'm a lionking and frozen fan so this is mind blowing for me! Amazing job!
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They shall be cute and they are!!! :iconhappykittyplz:
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This is incredibly beautiful! I LOVE IT!!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
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So beautiful!
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This is so awsome!
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This cross-over works so well :)
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this is beautiful!! anna and elsa look beautiful as lions!
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//Immediately watches and spams with faves
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Omg u're so talented! Gr8 job!
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I really love this and a bunch of other pieces of yours

It just makes me sad that you have to steal someone
else's style to be a good artist :/ 

It's one thing to start with TLK's style, but
you aren't supposed to keep it and call it your own...

& I'm not trying to hate, it's just my opinion and it 
really bothers me when people do this.

Because now, you have the same exact style as a bunch
of other people, the majority of which are only 12.
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I didn't steal anyone's style, sunshine :) If you draw something in a style that resembles some other (like Disney style in this case), it is not stealing, because what I'm doing is drawing fanart and drawing in Disney style, I'm not claiming it as my own. Lots of people are drawing in a realistic style, does that mean they're stealing? :) I never claimed this style as my own, and if I ever said "my style", that meant "the style I usually draw in". It's not copyright infringement or anything, so I really don't see the problem here, sorry. Besides, I'm not yet comfortable with my own style, I'm still developing it, and I don't feel like I'm obligated to use only my own style or to start using it after some time
titanium-turdle's avatar
"Fan art" does not include using someone else's style.
And whether you call it "your style" or not, you are
still using someone else's style for your drawings
and then claiming the art as your own, which is pretty
much the same thing. And it's not "fan art" if it looks 
like you're practically tracing right off the original.
Granted not ALL of your pieces are like this (this one
for example), but quite a few of them are.

Copyright infringement or not, I still stand by what I 
said, and do not favor artist such as yourself when 
it comes to this. An artist is supposed to have
originality. Something you will lack for as
long as you keep doing this.
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Oh Jesus, this is NOT the same thing, I was not tracing anything. In this case I MODELED it to resemble a screenshot from the movie, and this was not supposed to be original in any ways, I just lionized them and that's it. For fun. Fun, okay? If you have any evidences of some of my pieces being traced, please show me because I never traced and I never will.
And gosh, feel free not to favor me, you can even stop spending your time on this pointless dispute. As an artist, I don't owe anyone any originality or anything. I never stole and traced, I have nothing to do with those 12-year-olds you're talking about, and it's not up to you to decide if I will lack something or not. 
titanium-turdle's avatar
I did not say you were tracing. I said that it looks like
you practically traced it off the original. And I'm not 
even talking about this piece. You're overreacting 
about an accusation that isn't even there.

Hell, I even COMPLIMENTED this piece and said that I liked it.

You're just making a big deal out of this whole thing.
I simply stated my opinion, and I even said that offending
you was not my intention. You just took everything way
too personally. In my first comment, I was not attacking
YOU, I was just stating my opinion on people with this style
in general. Was not intending to start a huge dispute about it.

Plus I'm not saying you owe anybody originality. I'm saying that
as an artist, it is something you should have. Without it, you aren't
really much of an artist. Just someone copying other people's ideas.
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titanium-turtle, you need to lighten up! Just because it looks like someone else's style doesn't mean it doesn't have originality And it is indeed fanart. You are obviously confused. I use several different styles, developed by friends of mine, but I still have original ideas and art. It's not like I take their characters and story's too. This is an original idea, and a very clever one, turning the two human children into lions. She didn't trace it, she did it for fun, and it's fanart, so I don't know why you're getting your freakin' boxers in a bunch about it. She's developing her own style, but it's not ready yet, so get over it. And just so you know, my style is very much like my friends' styles. I tweaked and modified them to make my own style. If you look through my gallery, and then through IzzyBee's gallery on, you'll notice a lot. Of similarities, but also a lot of differences. And as for, "I do not Favor an artist such as yourself,"
Whatever! You're doing her a favor. She doesn't need your way-overrated favoritism!
titanium-turdle's avatar
First off, you have no business even replying to me because you obviously don't even know what you are talking about. I have stated multiple times that I was only talking about certain pieces and especially NOT this one. I've said nothing bad about this piece. In fact, I have even complimented it. If you can't get your facts straight then just stay out of it.

Second, I NEVER accused her of tracing. Nowhere in any of my comments will it say "you traced this" or anything of the sort.  

I specifically said that I wasn't trying to start a huge and "pointless" dispute. I was simply stating my opinion. If she didn't like it, she could have easily deleted/hidden the comment or just ignored it. Instead she chose to reply amd get overly offended by a mere comment of opinion. She (and now you) are the only ones turning this into a big dispute.

This conversation has been at a stand still for multiple days now. It's really immature of you to start it up again. It would've been much smarter to just mind your own business and stay out of it. I don't care if she's your friend or not. It had absolutely no concern with you.
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