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Towards the evening in Manhattan, and at the courthouse right now was the self appointed Defense Attorney for the Gargoyles of New York, Jeana Hark, who was filing her first notion for the concern of the Gargoyles.

"Your Honor" began Jean as she stood up, "I strongly believe that it would be best that ALL cases related to the Gargoyles Should be juryless! With All the Hate Propaganda being spread by Castaway and the Quarrymen and even Encouraged by Mrs. Yale here, there will Hardly be ANYONE in New York who has Neutral feelings about Gargoyles! And a Quarrymen member can EASILY Slip into a jury and take advantage of their position! Therefore, the gargoyles will NOT Receive a Fair Trial!"

"hmm... Well I Do understand your point Ms. Hark! Any objections or thoughts Mrs. Yale?" asked the judge

"As long as the right judgement is made, I don't mind if it's not by a jury!" said Margot Yale straight, though clearly insulted by the statement about her that Jeana made

"Very well, Notion for Dismissing a jury for all Gargoyle cases is Granted!" Claimed the judge "And the first course in the matter of Gargoyles cases will continue tomorrow! Court Dismissed!"

And with the final slam of the hammer, everyone was filing out of the court room, including the triumphantly smiling Jeana, that is until Margot came storming next to her

"And I'll Have you know Hark, I do NOT Encourage "Hate Propaganda" as you call it!" began Margot, "I even think that Hate is an over exaggeration! I'd say it's All a matter of Fear and concern!"

"Well I think It along with what you want done to the Gargoyles is CRUEL!!!" claimed Jeana

"Animals get put in the Zoo ALL The Time! No One Thinks it's Cruel!" Scoffed Margot

"Hmph! Tell That to the Animal rights Activists!" spat Jeana

"Mere Vigilant Animal Lovers!" said Margot

"And There Is a Difference! People who work in Zoos know how to take proper care of the animals in them! Nobody knows ANYTHING about the gargoyles!" said Jeana

"Which is EXACTLY Why they Need to be Caught and Confined, so they can be STUDIED! So we CAN Know about them!" said Margot

"I'll tell you right Now Yale, everything you say about the gargoyles is NOT True!" said Jeana

"With all the witnesses I found to testify tomorrow we shall see!" said Margot as she finally went her own way

Jeana glared and nearly growled in her throat. Yale was everything Jean personally despised in a D.A and a person.

"And I'll Look for EVERY Way to Cross Examine them!" Jeana said to herself

Later that evening, Jeana stood by the street trying to get a cab home to her Apartment in Chelsea, but not so surprisingly not a single cab would stop for her. It seemed that almost every person in New York city hated Jeana for defending the Gargoyles. Suddenly a red car pulled up by Jeana, and when the window was rolled down, Jeana instantly recognized the driver.

"Detective Maza!" said Jeana

"Need a lift Hark?" asked Elisa with a friendly smile

"Under the circumstances of Travel for me in this city, sure! And please, Call me Jeana!" said Jeana as she got in the car

"No Problem! And if you need a ride, just call me!" said Elisa as she drove towards Jeana's apartment building

"I appreciate the ride offers Maza!" begun Jeana, but if you're trying to use me to find my Clients, I couldn't tell you even if I did know where they were without a Warrant! Attorney Client Privilege You Know!"

Elisa just laughed a bit.

"First of all, my partner Matt and I secretly Already know where they are, and second We're Not trying to bust them at all! FAR From it! Matt and I actually are on Your side!" said Elisa

"Is that so?" asked Jeana, who already had a hunch that Elisa was a Pro-Gargoyle do to have seeing her with Gargoyles the night Jeana was saved

"Yeah we happen to know for a fact that the gargoyles are good, but of course Yale refuses to take our word for it! and you're right, Castaway is this city's new influence!" said Elisa

"Tell me about it..!" Jeana mumbled glaring in annoyance about the 2 mentioned sources of the problem

"Which is why Matt and I are going to help you out with evidence for your cases, starting with Yale's so called Witnesses!" said Elisa

"How?" asked Jeana

"You're a Defense Attorney, how do you get a witnesses testimony dismissed?" asked Elisa

"When there's evidence of Doubt to their credibility!" answered Jeana

"Exactly, Matt and I have done our own investigations and we found evidence the discredits all of the witnesses! Copies of it are all in the box by your feet!" said Elisa

Jeana looked down, and sure enough she saw the box and picked it up. When Jeana opened it, the box was filled with all kinds of files for each of the so called witnesses. Soon they reached Jeana's apartment building, though as they did, Elisa got a radio call from Captain Chavez.

"Gottah go! Captain Chavez called and said there's a riot going on at the Xanatos Residence at the Eyrie Building!" said Elisa

"Think you can come pick me up in the morning?" asked Jeana

"You got it! And do know Jeana, Not Everyone in this Town's against you! and also, Call me Elisa!" said Elisa

"Well thanks for the help Elisa!" said Jeana as she closed the car door and headed into her building with the box

At the Eyrie Building, due to how the rumors of Xanatos harboring the Gargoyles in the castle have been increasing lately, many people with fear and hate for towards the gargoyles were starting to believe the rumors and have formed an angry mob surrounding the entrance, wielding Picket Signs, shaking fists, and shouting demands.

"WHERE ARE THEY?!" shouted on protester

"Xanatos is HIDING Something!!!..." shouted another

"WHY'RE You Harboring Those MONSTERS You TRAITOR!!!" Screamed another Protester

Soon the police arrived to force the mob away and were arresting protesters who were starting to get aggressive.

"Why're You Cops Doing NOTHING?! Xanatos is the one You Should be Arresting!!!" shouted a handcuffed protester as he was being led away to the police van.

"Now We CAN'T Arrest people because of Rumors!" explained Officer Morgan, "Plus, Xanatos didn't just assault a Police Officer!"

Meanwhile, inside the Eyrie Building in Xanatos's office, Xanatos himself and Elisa were watching the scenarios from the security camera's and the live news report of it.

"I appreciate the assistance detective!" begun Xanatos, "The escalation of the rumors of my ties to the Gargoyles have made social life a bit Difficult!"

"Well captain Chavez didn't want you to go Suing the City if we didn't come! And I only do it for the guys, Not for You Xanatos!" said Elisa

"Of Course! And the captain can rest assure that I'm NOT Going to Sue anyone for merely believing in Rumors and acting out of fear! I actually find it quite amusing rather than a Nuisance! Besides it could be worse! Imagine what they'd do, Not only if the rumors were confirmed officially, but also if it got out that I'M the one who brought Labeled Monsters to the City to begin with!" said Xanatos

"I just hope they can clear the mob away before the guys wake up" said Elisa

Fortunately the last few people of the riot were shooed away from the building, and at the very top of the highest tower of the castle were the Gargoyles in their stone sleep, until they literally started to crack and awaken with mighty roars. First Goliath awakened, followed by Bronx, Hudson, Angela, Broadway, Lexington, Brooklyn, Katana, Nashville, and Fu Dog. And Elisa came up in time to greet them.

"Evening guys!" greeted Elisa

"S'up Elisa!" said Nashville as he leapt down

Elisa then explained the events that happened in the day and advised the clan to be careful while out on patrol tonight.

"Oh dear!" said Angela

"Don't worry Angie! Just remember what I said!" said Broadway placing his hand comfortingly on Angela's shoulder, "Humans won't Hate us forever! Especially since we now have someone defending us!"

"Which leads me to this bit of good news, I met with Jeana Hark before I came here, and I handed her evidence that'll help Totally Discredit Yale's Witnesses against you guys!" said Elisa

"Oh YEAH!" cheered Nashville before frowning in confusion, "What does Discredit mean?"

"Proof that Someone is Unreliable!" said Brooklyn with a smirk

"Right!" Elisa laughed a bit, "And just remember to be careful while patrolling guys, the Quarrymen may be out there you know!"

However, all Quarrymen members, Active and Non Active, were all called for a meeting at The Quarrymen Brownstone, and holding the meeting was non other than the Quarrymen leader, John Castaway

"I believe it is important to spend this one night to discuss something that's Just as Trechorous as there being Real DEMONS in our dear City! TRAITORS among Us! Traitors of HUMANITY!" began Castaway

"Like Xanatos?" asked one member

"I don't know! Fleance and I scanned by that castle of his MORE Than once, There was NO Sign of Any Gargoyles! Maybe it is all just a False rumor!" said Banquo

"The Guy works with HIGH TECH! For All We know he could have built something that's Jamming our gear!" yelled Chaz

"ENOUGH!" called Castaway, "This subject is NOT about Xanatos! It's about the WORST Traitor yet! Jeana Hark!, the volunteered Defense Attorney who DARES to go against Yale And US!!!"

Then stood up one of the newest and most aggressive members of the Quarrymen, Brenda Koche.

"Some of us have to go testify for Yale Tomorrow against the BEASTS! Should we Do something about that Hark Lady and Shut her UP?!" asked Brenda as she got out a laser hand gun

"Brenda for Goodness Sake's!" cried out Sarah Browne in shock, "Mr. Castaway, if anyone believes the Gargoyles should be gone it truly is ME! But people Like Ms. Hark DO have the Right to Disagree with us!"

"Of Course they do! Which is why some of you who have to testify are to simply tell your Truth! And please Try to calm yourself Brenda!" said Castaway, "Destroying the gargoyles May not be a crime, but killing humans IS! And while we may have Yale's understanding and Sympathy, she has made it Perfectly clear that she still does NOT fully Approve of some of the actions we must take, and if we're caught breaking the law in anyway she WILL Prosecute us like any common Criminal! So We CANNOT Push our Luck any further!"

"And what do we do about Xanatos?" asked Chaz

"Never mind Xanatos for Now! While we Scorn ALL Possible Traitors to Humanity, it is MORE important that we Quarrymen Rid the World of the EVIL MONSTERS! And once that's Done THEN We deal with the Traitors!" claimed Castaway

And with that said the meeting was over, though only the active members of the Quarrymen remained, including Brenda.

"Sir, isn't it possible that this whole connection between Xanatos and the Gargoyles is just a False Rumor?! Like I said, Fleance and I scanned by that Castle MANY times, ad every time we go there's Nothing There!" said Banquo

"And as I've said for the Last time, Never Mind about Xanatos! But DO Continue to keep an eye open when you pass by there!" said Castaway, "Even if it's Not true that he's Harboring them, I personally KNOW That there's a Connection between Xanatos and the Gargoyles!...."

Meanwhile, back at the apartment of Jeana hark, Jeana herself was currently engaged in one of her hobbies, learning self defense, and coaching and assisting her was Yoko Shama, Jeana's elderly neighbor from Ishimura Japan, who not only taught Jeana the ways of the Bushido in return for her Quality time, but also is the one who told Jeana all about gargoyles and their true nature. Right now Jeana was hitting and kicking a punching bag as instructed.

"YES! HIT IT! HIT it Harder!.." cheered Yoko

Soon the round came to an end with the final round kick, and Yoko regained her calm Zen like composure

"Ah, an excellent record breaker Jeana-Chan!" said Yoko, "Though I sense a Rush in this lesson!.."

"Yeah, sorry about that Yoko, It's just that I received some files that helps my case!" confessed Jeana after she drank some water and sat right down on her couch and read a file she picked out of the box Elisa gave her

"Ah I see!" understood Yoko as she headed into the kitchen to make some tea

By the time Yoko had brought Jeana her tea, Jeana was already at the last file.

"And Now I'm sensing some satisfaction!.." said Yoko as she gave Jeana her tea

"You can say that Yoko!" said Jeana with a smirk as she accepted her cup from Yoko as she continued to read, "Infact, I may have just enough for 2 notions for my case!..."

The following morning, Jeana arrived at the court house all confident, so confident that she walked up to Margot as soon as she saw her.

"Morning Yale!" said Jeana

"Hmph, You're Sounding rather Cocky, considering you're about to Loose this case, and become the Biggest Laughing stock in ALL Of New York!" said Margot

"Well,...I actually got some ammunition of my own Yale" said Jeana as she then got out a folded paper, "Notion to Surpress ALL Of Your So Called Witnesses!"

"Hah! Under WHAT Grounds?!" scoffed Margot

"Try They are ALL Unreliable with evidence of DOUBT To their Credibility!" said Jean

Margot Froze at that

Then the 2 women met with the judge in his chambers

"Your Honor, All of Yale's witnesses are NOT Reliable! Half of them are Criminals who were caught committing Crimes at the time they were Supposedly attacked by Gargoyles! And the Other Half are ALL Quarrymen members!" said Jeana

"The witnesses Criminal records are Irrelevant in this case your Honor!" Margot tried to Argue, "And as for the Quarrymen members, they all came in voluntarily as concerned Citizens, who've all claimed to have encountered Gargoyles BEFORE the Quarrymen even came into being!"

" Criminal records ARE Relevant if Yale Bribed them for less time in exchange for their testimonies! And what happened before does NOT change the fact that they non the less Part of an ANTI Gargoyle Group and joined willingly out of Mindless Fear and Hate! Therefore for ALL of these Parties, They'll all Say ANYTHING Yale Wants to hear Against the Gargoyles!" Jeana argued back

"I have to say Mrs. Yale that I agree with Ms. Harks Point! However I'd like to hear each Testimony myself! So they will still appear in court, however if Ms. Hark's cross examining proves that each witness is INDEED Unreliable, they shall all be surpressed!" claimed the judge

The 2 women agreed to the decision and left glaring at each other.

Meanwhile, outside of the court house, Yoko Shama, who'd come to support Jeana , was waiting for someone. That someone was non other than Martin Hacker, who secretly showed her his Illuminati ring, and in return , Yoko removed her hand that she always kept on the handle of her walking stick to reveal the same Illuminati symbol on the handle that she kept concealed.

"36!" said Yoko

"32!" replied Martin

"I truly am thankful Martin that despite my retirement the Illuminati still allows me to serve!" said Yoko

"Rest Assure Yoko that after all of your years of excellent service, the Illuminati wouldn't DREAM of Denying you because of your age!" began Martin, "And based on what you've shown us of the training and learning more of her, the Illuminati agrees and does see the Potential! For the Gargoyles benefit, Jeana Hark can become MORE Than simply their Self appointed Defense Attorney!"

"I trust you found and got what we needed from Xanatos?" asked Yoko

"We have, and I have it, but the Illuminati sent me to observe with you before we can make it official! so shall we?" said Martin as he offered his arm for Yoko politely

"By all means!" said Yoko as she took Martins arm

And the 2 secret Illuminati members entered the court house.

While all this was happening, back at the Eyrie building, Xanatos was in his office working when Owen came in with an envelope.

"Pardon me Mr. Xanatos, but I just received an urgent message from one of your warehouses!" said Owen

"What is it Owen?" asked Xanatos

"It appears that there's been a Peculiar break in in one of the storage vaults!" said Owen

"Was anything Stolen?" asked Xanatos

"Only one thing!" said Owen, "The Prototype Battle armor for women that you shelved! The Only clue left at the scene was this note that's strictly for you!" said Owen as he handed Xanatos the envelope

The envelop read 'For Xanatos himself ONLY'. The minute Xanatos opened the Envelope the first thing he saw was the Illuminati Symbol.

"It seems this is the Illuminati's doing" said Xanatos

"You think they know about the stone?" asked Owen

"If they did, I Doubt They'd punish me by merely stealing a shelved prototype!" said Xanatos as he began to read the note

'Rest assure Xanatos that purpose of this theft is for our cause for the Gargoyles'

"I don't believe there's any reason to be concerned here Owen!" said Xanatos, "If this minor theft is meant to serve our purpose for the Gargoyles, We can only hope for the Best!..."
and Here at last is the first part of my Fan Fiction for Gargoyles, where My OC Jeana Hark first becomes the Angel Defender!

DISCLAIMER: Jeana Hark, Yoko Shama, and Brenda Koche, belong to ME! Everything Else in the world of Gargoyles belongs to Disney and Greg Weisman!
© 2019 - 2021 EmilyDfan
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Can't wait for the next chapter love this story and your artwork, keep up the great work.
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Why Thank You! ^_^
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This is a great story. Looking forward to the next chapter where Jeana builds her costume to be the Angel Defender.

Glad to see new work from you again. What's next on your "To Draw" and "To Write" lists? And did you see my idea last night? Never got a response for it.
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Yes I Got TONS Of Stuff Coming!

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Glad You're Liking it! :D
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