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  It was a foggy winter night in Manhattan, and standing in front of the now abandoned PACK Media Studio was a young Woman simply known as Shari, who was only here looking for a certain group of Famous criminals, who's recent big crime has gained the attention of her employer, an the Illuminati, whom she and her employer were both members of, agreed that employing this group might be most profitable for the Cause of Shari's employer's Company, Night Stone Unlimited. The group was non other than the former TV Stars, The PACK, though only 3 of it's members remained while Fox and Dingo quit. And the 3 members, Wolf who was now a Were Wolf Mutate and the twins Jackal and Hyena who've become cyborgs, have just made a big public attack and spread chaos all over Times Square, though off record they were defeated by the Gargoyles of New York, and on record they fled before the police showed up and before they could do anymore damage. And According to the Illuminati's readings, the PACK Themselves were hiding out here in their old studio.

   And inside the PACK Media Studio, deep inside their old Rec Room was the 3 members of the PACK themselves.

"Ya sure it's a Good idea ta be hiding out in our Studio Brother?" Hyena asked Jackal, "Especially after all the FUN we Just had?"

"Relax Dear Sister! The Police Gave Up looking for us here YEARS Ago! And even if they do come, that is what our old now Upgraded Ride is for!" said Jackal, who was simply relaxing in an old arm chair reading a newspaper, on which the group's Public Attack on Times Square made the front page and the article about it made Jackal chuckle darkly, " And I'm telling you both, After our little "SPREE", Someone Big is bound to open for hire for us!"

"Hmph, especially since Xanatos and Cybernetics is Now OUT of the Question!" said Hyena before using a claw to scratch an old coffee table and crossing her arms with an annoyed pout, "And Since she has connections ta both, I Bet it was FOX Who Convinced them ta CUT Us Loose from Them!"

"Well Whatever the case, Someone BETTER Hire Us!..." growled Wolf after eating up some meat and wiping off his mouth with the back of his taloned hand, "It's Bad Enough that we got our Hides kicked by the Gargoyles Before we could finish them Off!"

"DON'T Remind Us! Ya Aint the Only One Who's Disappointed About it!" Growled Hyena even more annoyed

"Indeed!..." grumbled Jackal, "And Even Much MORE disappointingly, that Leader of that Quarrymen Group Turned our Services Away!"

"What?! WHY?! We Have the SAME Goals With the Gargoyles!" Demanded Wolf angrily

"Yeah He KNOWS That! But Apparently Because We're "FAMOUS" Criminals, He Thinks Having US as members would Damage HIS And the Club's Reputation and Make other members who're just Wimpy Civilians ask Too Many Questions!" said Hyena as she was beginning to glare Viciously, " And Not Ta Mention He want's 100 percent HUMAN Members Only!"

"He Did'nt say that last part!" Jackal corrected Hyena

"He Was THINKING It! I Can TELL! And For All that, I say Try ta BEAT Those Quarrymen Guys at Destroying the Gargoyles, then Take THEM All Out! Show Them Wimpy members that WE'RE the ones They and Everybody Should be MORE Afraid of than the Gargoyles!" Claimed Hyena as she laughed her usual wicked laugh, while her brother just smirked and shook his head a bit

"As Much as it's a Delightful Idea Sis, it would best if we find employment First!" said Jackal

"Well Whaddya Know..." suddenly called an unfamiliar female voice

The Group froze in surprise and turned to the door way of the rec room to see Shari standing there with a calm cool grin.

"So it's the PACK Themselves! Wish I could say I was a Huge Fan of your old show!" said Shari

"Who the Devil are You?!" said Hyena

"And HOW Did You Get in Here?!" demanded Wolf

"Name's Shari! And let's just say I get around quite Easily!" Shari said simply

"Well Shari..." begun Hyena before glaring and extending her cybernetic claws with razor sharp blades, "Give Us ONE Good Reason Why we Shouldn't KILL YOU Right here And NOW!"

But Shari showed no emotion to the threat

"You Could...But then you'd loose an opportunity for official Employment!" shrugged Shari

The PACK all raised brows at that, glanced at each other for a second, then they all burst out laughing as if it were a joke.

"YOU Wannah Hire US?!" laughed Wolf

"HA! That's Rich!" laughed Hyena

"As much as we Like Jokes..." Jackal laughed a bit before he and the rest of the PACK calmed down, "We're Serious when it comes to work!"

"And I'm Also being serious!" said Shari

"The PACK Doesn't Follow just ANYBODY Little Girl!" said Jackal

"Yeah! We only work for the Biggest Top Guys! With CASH! And LOTS of It! What would someone like you Wannah Hire US For?! Is the Owner of your local accessory store No Longer letting you use the Five Finger Discount and Ya Want us ta Take him Out and get More Jewelry for Yourself?!" laughed Hyena pointing at all of Shari's Necklaces

"Funny, But Not what I had in mind!" began Shari, "I Actually work for Night Stone Unlimited! Ever Heard of it? And I'm actually Here on behalf of my Employer, Who was Intrigued by your recent Activity and would be interested in having your services Under his Employment there!"

The Pack glanced each other again with raised brows, they've heard of Night Stone Unlimited, but didn't really know much about it, except that 2 of it's founders are rarely seen, and one of them is never seen at all.

"And just Who there is your Employer?" asked Jackal with a raised brow

"One of the very Founder's Himself! And he's very eager to Meet you in Person!" said Shari

  With that said, the PACK with Shari boarded their Hoover Craft and took off towards Night Stone Unlimited's Main Building, and Once there they parked on a spot on top of the building that was apparently reserved for them. After that, Shari led the Pack through the Building and down a hall.

"If this Thailog Guy's so eager to meet and employ us, then Why did'nt he Come himself to do so?!" Wolf asked suspiciously

"Same reason why he has a reputation for Not being seen by Anyone, except for me that is! He's....Different! On the Outside if you know what I mean! So he thought it would be best if he sent me first!" said Shari

"Well as long as the Job's good and the Pay's Big, We Won't Care if he's Different!" said Hyena as she was glancing around the Hall

"How different are we talking?" asked Jackal curiously

"Well...You'll see!" said Shari

Soon the group reached the end of the hall, where there was a large doorway with 2 closed doors. Shari then pressed a button on an intercom that was beside the doors.

"Thailog, I'm Back and the PACK's here with me!" said Shari

"Excellent Shari!" a voice all too familiar to the PACK chuckled, "Do let them in!"

"Is that WHO I think it is?!" growled Wolf to the others

"Goliath Doesn't Laugh like that! Or EVER!" said Hyena

   The doors then automatically opened and Shari entered first with the PACK cautiously following behind her. Once they all entered, the doors closed behind them. The room was a typical office, only somewhat darker themed, and there were no windows and the lights were dimmed but anyone could still see in the office. And siting in a rather large office chair in front of a desk was a silhouette of a certain Gargoyle the Pack knew well, that was until he turned around and the group saw the different coloring and the armor.

"So This is the Famous Group of Mercenaries and Former Television Star known as The PACK!" Claimed Thailog as he stood up

" GOLIATH?!" demanded Wolf as he let out a growl and was almost ready to charge, until Jackal gripped his shoulder

"Hold On a minute Hair Ball!... I Don't Think That's Goliath!" said Jackal

"It's Still a GARGOYLE Non the Less Brother!" said Hyena

Thailog just chuckled amusingly at the groups reactions

"Yes, I'm NOT Goliath! I Am Thailog, Goliath's Clone Actually!" begun Thailog, " And I'm also in charge of Night Stone Unlimited! And I'd very much like to have your services Under My employment! Are you interested?"

Hyena just burst out laughing again.

"First the Emo Girl, Now a Goliath Look-A-Like Gargoyle wants ta Hire Us?! HA! What's Next?!" laughed Hyena

"And just WHY Would WE work With a GARGOYLE?!" demanded Wolf with a growl, "Especially One Who's a Clone of Goliath!"

"I can give you 3 plenty of good reasons! But the Main reason being that we Actually Share an Enemy in Common! I TOO Despise Goliath with a Passion! And I HATE His Clan Too!" said Thailog

This caught the PACK's attention, and they all smirked evilly

"Well why didn't you say so?" said Jackal in a friendly matter, " Anyone who Hates Goliath and His Clan is a Friend of The PACK's!"

"Hmph, Except for those Quarrymen Guys!" muttered Wolf

"Yes, I heard and understand that Castaway turned down your Applications!" said Thailog

"You Got That Right!" scoffed Hyena as she crossed her arms and snarled viciously, " Jeopardize HIS and the Club's Reputation He Says! Make WIMPY Members Ask Too Many Questions He Says! HA, Can't tell ya How I'd Like ta Show Him what They should Really be Afraid of!"

"Very Understandable My dear! But if you all accept my Offer, along with Ridding yourselves Of Goliath and his Clan, I can also promise you a chance for a revenge Plot against the Quarrymen in the future! Besides, I can also Guarantee much More Fun and benefits than What you would get from them!" said Thailog

"Keep Talking!..." said Jackal

"Yeah, What kind of work do you have in mind? And How much for Pay are we Talking here?" asked Hyena

"Well, Here at Night Stone Unlimited, Obviously there are some things that I personally can't do myself, and my assistant, Shari, here can do so much already!" begun Thailog while placing his taloned hand on Shari's shoulder, " Plus I secretly do acquire some special work which involves Theft, Sabotaging, some blood being drawn whether it's for Genetic Experiments or Simply to dispose of anyone who's Causing us trouble! Just about the kind of work Mercenaries such as yourselves are well familiar with! And for your wage..., While the amount is not as much as Xanatos Pay's his Highest Ranking Employee's, Not YET that is, I do Promise You However that it is Still Much HIGHER Than what he Paid you the last time you were Under his Employment as well as Cybernetics, and it's even Much more than what I happen to know Castaway himself makes! And also as part of your Benefits, Since I do have Means and Access, I can guarantee and supply You 3 Repairs and Upgrades, whether it's Cybernetic Or Genetic! And for such, I even have the Very Same Doctor who performed your Upgrades to begin with under my Employment here, So You'll also be working with Familiar faces here!"

The group all grinned nastily at what the clone here was offering them.

"Oh Now You're Starting ta Speak our Language!"said Hyena with a wicked laugh

"Hmm..., Welp as long as we get ta finish Off Goliath, I got No Problem with Any of that!" said Wolf with a satisfied growl

"Since we All agree that it's a perfect deal...We'll Take it!"said Jackal

 After that, Thailog got out the Night Stone Unlimited Employee contract, and the PACK all eagerly signed it. Though as they did, Wolf's senses picked up something somewhat familiar near him, and when he looked down, he saw a Gargoyle that also resembled another Gargoyle The PACK knew Well but with much different features. Brentwood was just staring up at them with a somewhat sinister looking curious expression, catching almost all of the PACK's Attention!

"What in Blazes is That?!" Wolf asked growlingly

"I'm Guessing That it's a Clone of Lexington, Is'nt It?!" said Jackal

"Ick, You didn't clone ALL Of Them Did You?" asked Hyena in Disgust

"I Did, But Unfortunately Brentwood here is The ONLY one of the Lot who saw things MY Way!" explained Thailog

"It's a Long Story!" said Shari

"Now Do behave yourself Brentwood! These 3 are our New Special Employee's!" Thailog Commanded the small clone

"Yes Master Thailog!..." replied Brentwood as he backed away abit from the group and sat panting and wagging his tail like a dog

"Is he supposed to be a Clone of the Webbed-Winged Rat or the Dog?!" said Hyena

The rest of the Pack just shrugged and continued to sign the Contract, trying to ignore the second clone.

"By the Way, The Wolf Man does bring up a Good point!" said Jackal

"Yeah, we know we got other fun jobs here, but When are we Gonnah take out Goliath and the Rest of the Gargoyles?! And How?!" Hyena asked eagerly

Thailog just chuckled darkly

" Oh I promise you that You'll all get MORE Than One chances against them if the 1st one doesn't bring us any luck! And though you'll have my Full Permission to Kill Them there is just 1 critical demand I do have before Any of you do, I Want ALL Of the Blood from EACH Gargoyle in the Clan completely Drained and Brought to ME! Goliath's Especially!!!" said Thailog

This demand did repulse the PACK a little.

"Don't get us Wrong Big Guy! The idea of Literally Juicing those miserable Lizards is a Great way to treat them! Especially by these 2 clowns!" begun Wolf gesturing towards Jackal and Hyena, " But is there a reason why you actually wannah KEEP Their Blood?!"

"Yes! For Genetic reasons for myself I assure you! You see.." Thailog begun to explain, " Since I am Goliath's Clone, and while I too achieve the benefits of Stone Sleep, Sadly I do acquire  a Blood transfusion occasionally, due to how the process of cloning is STILL Not so Perfected! And the amount of blood a Gargoyle's Body contains is just enough to last me a Life time! And the Blood of ALL of Goliath and his Clan altogether could even be enough to Last FOREVER!"

As the Pack all then began to understand, their grins got even nastier than before.

"Well... If Having all of the Gargoyles Blood is THAT important!..." said Jackal

"We'll Make sure ta SQUEEZE Every Last DROP Outtah Them First!" claimed Hyena with a loud evil laugh

"I figured that would make you 3 happy! And as a Bonus, Not Only will you be able to Take out Goliath and the Gargoyles, and Later the Quarrymen, but Our other Targets will Include Night Stone Unlimited's Competitors! And among them is Non Other Than Xanatos!..." concluded Thailog before he let out an evil laugh of his own

"I never thought I'd say this, but I think I just found a Gargoyle I actually Like!" said Wolf to the Cyborg twins who nodded in agreement, before looking at Brentwood in disgust again, "and Make that officially the ONLY One!"

"Well This should be an interesting Story!!!.." said Shari to herself

Well Here's a One Shot fic with My Favorite 'Gargoyles' Villains, The PACK, getting hired at Night Stone Unlimited by my other Favorite Villain from the same Show, Thailog! And I Hope All of you Gargoyles Fans who especially Love Thailog Enjoy it

And It's all based on a Fan Theory I have on Who I think the PACK would work for next and Why! 

UPDATE: I Decided to Put Brentwood in the story too!

DISCLAIMER: I Don't Own ANYTHING in this Fic!The PACK, Thailog, Shari, and EVERYTHING else in the World of 'Gargoyles' Belongs to Disney and Greg Weisman
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