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Jeana And Matt

By EmilyDfan

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After thinking it over, I’v Decided to Pair my Gargoyles OC, Jeana Hark, with Detective Matt Bluestone!

They’re both obviously Pro-Gargoyle and use their professions to prove that point! And Matt also makes himself Jeana’s Body Guard whenever she goes to court!

And even when she reveals herself to be The Angel Defender, he accepts it and keeps it secret!

DISCLAIMER: Jeana Hark belongs to ME! Matt Bluestone belongs to Disney And Greg Weisman!
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Awwwwwww. It's nice to see someone shipped with Matt.
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No doubt about it. This is beautiful, especially with Jeana and Matt kissing.

Idea for fan comic with my ego, Alonso and Xandra.

One day, a bored Xandra wishes she could explore the town but not as a goddess. Using his magic, Alonso changes her usual outfit to the following: white polo short sleeved shirt, blue jeans which go down to her feet, and black flats. She no longer has her headband on. Her long hair is shown at the same length as Ariel and Emily's. Alonso pulls out a mirror to show Xandra her new clothes.
Xandra: I look gorgeous. Allow me to show you my gratitude. (puckers up to kiss Alonso)
Alonso: (thinking) I'm gonna enjoy this kiss. (kisses Xandra back)
He and Xandra then walk to Emily, Mickey, Donald, (wearing a red bow tie), Goofy, Jose, Panchito, April, May, and June, and Ari to show them Xandra's new look. They show great admiration at this. Alonso then asks Xandra if they can go out together and she says "Yes".
They then do the following: walk around town, do some shopping for new clothes, grab a pizza, and later at night, look at the stars at a field far from the city. Xandra is seen barefoot as she took off her flats for a while. Alonso massages her feet and says this has been a great date. Xandra then pulls him closer to her. She smiles seductively.
Xandra: Come here, handsome.
They kiss. Before they head home, Alonso changes to his sorcerer outfit and creates a star portal to take them back to the manor.

(Sorry, thought the you-know-what would be the icing on the cake.)
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Thanks! :D

And Sounds Great! :)
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Glad you like it. Just one more thing before I forget.

Alonso and Xandra fly to a nearby lake at the forest. Alonso lets Xandra change first. She says "No peeking." while smiling. When Xandra comes out, she is seen wearing a white two-piece swimsuit she bought. Alonso tells Xandra she's gorgeous and hugs him. He then changes in his red swim trunks. Xandra dips her foot in the water, says "Ooh, nice.", and jumps in. She then emerges out of the water, flips her hair, and sighs. Alonso swims up to Xandra and kisses her. They swim up until nightfall.

Have it take place before they look at the stars. Make it so Xandra emerges out of the water like Mulan did when she was bathing. (…. Scene is at 0:19)

Thanks again.
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Are theae your ocs?
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Jeana Is!

Matt's From the Show 'Gargoyles'!
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They look so sweet 😊👍

Kinda reminds me of Ida and Arthur 😁

Anyway, how ya doin today?
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And I’m Fine! ^_^
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No Problem =)

Good, glad to hear your doin well

Emily, i just found out something hilarious about this art piece =)
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MY Parent's Name are Jeana & Matthew (but most people call my dad Matt)

How Crazy & Ironic is that?
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WOW!!!! That Is a Funny Coincidence! :)
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I know right =D

ANyway, how ya doin Today?

What do you have planned next to show in your gallery?

Are my requests and ideas coming soon?
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