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  Sometime later by evening, Emma's eyes fluttered open and she began to wake up, then weakly glanced around a little as she began to remember what had happened to her. Emma was still in Jackal's bed, and she was still naked but at least she was covered by the caressing sheets, and much to her relief at the moment Jackal didn't seem to be anywhere in the room, so she just laid back down to rest a little longer. Then came the by now haunting sound of mechanical foot steps.

"Time to Wake up My Pet!" said Jackal, who had the shoulder and chest armor piece back on

Jackal pulled back the sheets, and before Emma could do anything to conceal herself, Jackal scooped her up into his arms bridal style, although the way he was holding her concealed her a bit.

" It's almost 7, and we got to get you all cleaned up!" said Jackal

 Then Jackal began to carry Emma into his own personal bathroom and over to a filled luxurious tub that looked and was functioning like a Jacuzzi hot tub, and he just lowered and set Emma right into it without getting her head wet. Not being prepared for it, Emma nearly jolted at the sudden touch of the hot bubbling water and wanted to sit up in it, but she wanted to keep herself concealed, and the water and the bubbles were doing just that, so she just stayed down in the water, trying to ignore the almost burning heat of it. Jackal then settled down right behind Emma since she was right against the front edge of the tub, reached into the water to take one of her arms in one hand, and a sponge full of soap in the other, and he began to scrub her arm from her wrist all the way to her shoulder and neck, and doing the same to her other arm, and he even reached down in the water to scrub her chest. This caused Emma to squirm, which in turn caused her to back up more against Jackal since he was able to get that close behind her.

"I Kn-know some parts of you are still real, b-But Won't your hand Rust in here?" Emma was finally brave enough to ask

"Oh, You're not first to think that! But the actuality is that my dear sister and I have each gotten a Waterproof sealant!" explained Jackal

"Well..You really don't have to clean me like this! I can do it Myself!" Emma tried to reason

"Oh Now I don't Mind! And Since I'm already in the Middle of it I must do it Anyway! Besides, I doubt you can reach your back!" said Jackal as he made Emma lean forward a bit so he could scrub her back

Once Jackal was done scrubbing, he pressed a button by the tub, and the tub stopped bubbling and the water started to drain, and as it was doing so, Jackal then grabbed what looked like a shower head with a hose attached, and made water shoot out of it and he used it to gently rinse all the suds off of Emma completely. Once that was done and the water was completely drained, Jackal got out a large towel and wrapped the nearly shivering Emma up in it before scooping her up into his arms again and carried her out of the bathroom and into his room where he sat down on his bed and settled her across his lap. There Jackal began to dry Emma and even messaged her a little. After that, Jackal sat Emma on his bed again before getting up, finally giving Emma a chance to properly conceal herself with the towel wrapped around her body before Jackal to come back with Emma's clothes, confirming what Emma had thought a while ago to her relief. Emma's thoughts were interrupted as Jackal pulled her up onto her feet, wrapped his cybernetic arms around her, held her arm straight just so he could kiss her along her shoulder up to her neck.

"Well as much as this has been a Pleasant time, Hyena and Wolf and I Have to go to Work in a few minutes! Though please Do us a Favor won't you?" began Jackal as he tightened his grip on Emma in one hand and reached for something behind his back with the other, " Do Be a Good Victim And Keep the Police Occupied with your claim!"

Jackal then got out another syringe, this one being filled with a green substance, and he smirked nastily as he pressed the needle into Emma's arm and injected her with the substance. Emma gasped and winced at first, but then she started to feel extremely tired and fell limp into Jackal's arms.

"Nighty Night!...." Emma heard Jackal say before she completely went unconscious

  Sometime later after 7 o'clock at the 23rd precinct, the reconstruction of which was almost complete with the lower levels of the building being back in operation while the upper levels and the clock tower were still being repaired, detective Elisa Maza was making her way outside to head over to the Eyrie Building to inform her friends, the Gargoyles, of the PACK's Recent Escape from prison, only to stop in her tracks when she found someone lying on the front steps of the precinct. That someone was non other than Emma, who was dressed back in her clothes, and was weakly groaning a bit.

"What the..." began Elisa before shouting inside the building, "MATT! MORGAN! Come Quickly!"

Elisa ran over to Emma, crouched down beside her, and searched Emma's pocket which indeed contain her Work ID at Rikers. Her Partner Matt Bluestone, and Officer Morgan joined Elisa's side as she held Emma to warm her a bit since they were out in the cold

"We Gottah Call Rikers and tell them we found the Intern that Jackal and Hyena took Hostage when they and Wolf Escaped!" Said Elisa, who also began to notice the bruises all over Emma's neck and what she could see on Emma's chest along with a small scratch on one arm and 2 puncture wounds on the other and based on how Emma's clothes looked Elisa could tell that Emma had been stripped and re dressed again, " And I think we also better call an ambulance!"

Suddenly from the distance where Times Square was, Elisa, Matt, and Morgan could hear the faint sounds of explosions and the screaming of masses of people starting to get louder.

"Now what in the World's Happening?!" said Morgan

Then Captain Chavez came outside

"There you all are! We're getting Many calls from Time Square, The PACK Are Attacking! All 3 of them!" claimed Chavez

"We got another Problem here too! We just found the intern from Rikers that Jackal and Hyena took Hostage, and I think she needs Medical Attention!" said Elisa

" You and Matt head over to Times Square and bring some enforcements with You! Morgan and I will Make sure she get's taken to the hospital!"

"Travanti and I will join you 2 once we get her in the ambulance!" said Morgan as he scooped Emma up to take her inside the building.

"I'll Take Our Enforcements there! You get your's!" said Matt to Elisa, referring to the Gargoyles

"We'll Try to keep the PACK Occupied t'il you guys come!" said Elisa as she headed over to the Eyrie Building to get the Gargoyles while an ambulance truck came to take Emma to the hospital

Well, here's the final Chapter of this story Folks! And yes, this is where the Pack Finally go Make Chaos in Times Square! 

And Yes, Jackal did what he did to Emma in the last chapter just so he and the rest of the PACK can leave behind an assaulted Hostage to keep the cops busy while they go make Chaos!

DISCLAIMER: I Only own the Hostage Emma, The PACK, Elisa Maza, And other characters and things in the World of 'Gargoyles' Belongs to Disney and Greg Weisman
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