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  During the whole morning after the break out and the abduction, while Wolf and Jackal were busy doing who knows what, Hyena kept the tied up Emma with her. Hyena took Emma into her old room in the hoover craft, and in there Hyena was trying some of her old makeup on Emma.

"Oh I Tell ya Honey, You Should try This Look More Often! You'd Get even MORE attention!" Hyena laughed a bit as she put on the last bit of mascara on Erin

By the time Hyena was done, Emma had a Grundge-like makeup look with black eyeliner and mascara but with greyish lavender eye shadow smeared all over her eye lids and blood red lipstick on her lips. Of course Emma struggled a bit the very minute whatever Hyena was using was away from her so she would'nt take her eye out.

"And If I had all of my old clothes here I'd Put them on ya too! But I got rid of them After Jackal and I Upgraded ourselves!" said Hyena with a careless shrug, "But hey, what I got on 'ere's ALL I'll ever Need!"

"I'm Not A Doll you know Hyena!" said Emma

"Oh I know that! You're BETTER!" said Hyena, "You Talk and I don't Have ta Pull a Stupid String Or Push a Stupid Button! And Unlike Other Stupid Dolls, you Make CORRECT Realistic Sounds! I Like That!"

Hyena then extended her pointer claw with a razor sharp blade and an evil smug smirk, instantly frightening Emma.

"And When I give you a scratch... you Bleed!" begun Hyena before giving Emma a very small nick on what access she had on Emma's upper arm, causing Emma to yelp a bit at the stinging pain from the tiny cut, " I like that Too!"

Hyena then opened a small compartment on her wrist where a digital clock was, like a watch.

"Well, Your lunch should be done and ready about now! So Lets head over there!" said Hyena as she grabbed the back of Emma's chair and dragged her out of the room, which was very easy since the chair Emma was tied up in was an office chair with wheels

  Next, Hyena took Emma into the small kitchen/pantry the hoover craft had, once in there Hyena let go of Emma and walked over to a microwave, in which something was done. Hyena simply took the microwavable plate out and got out a spoon to stir it's contents up a bit.

"Hope Ya Don't mind Microwave Mac & Cheese Honey! Though Jackal is the best Cook outtah all of us, We mostly do Take Out! So all I can really do is microwave dinners!" said Hyena as she then got a plate and poured the contents onto it

Hyena then placed the plate on an already set up small foldable table, then moved Emma closer to it, grabbed a spoon, and was ready to feed Emma like a baby.

"Now Open up!" demanded Hyena tauntingly

"If you just Untie my arms, I can eat it myself!" Emma said

"Yeah, But based on How much You Squirm around, the very minute I untie you, you'll probably panic and try ta Run away from me!" said Hyena

"No I won't! We're who knows How many feet above ground and I don't even know where we're at right now, so I couldn't possibly be able to escape!" Emma tried to reason

"True! But Worse Case Scenario, Wolf Would probably Find you before Jackal And I do and EAT You Up! And we want you Alive! And Let me tell ya something Honey, I say that ta VERY Few people!" said Hyena as she again scooped a spoonful of food, " Besides, after All that hard work you did at bringing me all of my meals in prison, serving Your's to you for once like this is the Least I can do!"

Hyena laughed as she began to feed Emma, shoving the spoon with mac & cheese into her mouth repeatedly until every bit was gone. Once Emma was fed, Hyena filled a cup with water and poured it  into Emma's mouth to help her drink it up. Then before Hyena could do anything else, Jackal came in.

"Oh Sister, I'm about to discuss our plans for tonight, and I need You present along with Wolf!" said Jackal

"Be right there Brother! just gottah put our guest 'ere somewhere where Wolf won't get a hold of 'er!" said Hyena

"Just put her in My room! I'll take over watching her when our meeting is over!" said Jackal with an evil smirk

 With that said, Hyena again grabbed the back of Emma's chair and dragged out and down a corridor. Emma was beginning to feel afraid now, and not just because she was being taken to Jackal's room.

"W-What Are you and your brother going to do to me?" Emma stuttered

"Relax Honey, Like I said, we got Plans lat'a tonight! So We're gonnah Let ya Go before we do so! And again, we need ta let you live! You'll find out Why, soon enough!" said Hyena

Once Hyena reached a door, she pressed a button and the automatic door slid open, and Hyena dragged Emma right in to the middle of the room.

"Well See Ya Em! And hope ya Enjoy your time with Jackal!" said Hyena, laughing like a maniac as she then closed the door

  Emma just sat in the chair, glanced around the room, which was rather dark. There was a large window, but it's custom blinds were drawn closed, there was also a door in the room which Emma  assumed was Jackal's own personal bathroom and a full sized bed, the sheets of which she noticed were already pulled back, and she distinctively noticed what appeared to be straps which were obviously meant to restrain someone to the bed. Already beginning to fear the worst, Emma began to struggle against the thick cords keeping her tied to the chair like crazy, even though there was no possible way for her to escape. Soon she ended up loosing her balance and she fell onto her side still in the chair, thankfully there was carpeting on the floor that cushioned her fall, so she wasn't seriously hurt. Once Emma recovered from the impact, she went right back to struggling until she was almost out of breath. After what seemed like an hour, Emma's thoughts were interrupted as the door slid open, and in came Jackal with an evil grin.

"Oh My, My dear sister did'nt leave you here like that, did she?!" asked Jackal as he closed the door behind him and approached Emma

Jackal chuckled a bit as he pulled Emma up by the chair and set it right back up. Once he did so, Jackal grasped Emma's chin with his claws and gently tilted her head up so he could get a good look at Emma's face, on one side of which the makeup Hyena applied on her was smudged and there was still some cheese left around Emma's mouth when Hyena was feeding her.

" Hyena really left you a complete mess did'nt she?! I better have a talk with her about that!" said Jackal

Jackal then walked over to the other door, which was indeed his own personal bathroom, and after a minute or 2 he came back out with a wet wash cloth and grasped Emma's chin again and began use the wash cloth to clean off all of the makeup and the food, making Emma squirm a bit at the sudden touch of the boiling hot water in the cloth. Soon Jackal had Emma's face all cleaned up.

"There, now that's much better!" said Jackal as he just tossed the wash cloth aside

Once that was done, Jackal then walked directly behind Emma, gently brushing his claws along her shoulder, causing Emma to tense up.

"Now Just Relax! I'm just going to try you out a bit first! I Might be serious when it comes to work, But Doesn't Mean I can't make time for pleasure! And I'll admit I am a bit selective!..." Jackal shrugged a bit, " If I'm not into it enough, I'll Leave you be and I'll find something else to do with you!..."

With that said, Jackal then extended his pointer claw with a sharp blade again, making Emma freeze in terror, she's come to being afraid of those horrid things, but he only used it just to cut the band that kept her golden brown hair tied in a pony tail. Once her hair was loose and free, Jackal then began to run his claws though Emma's hair, and after a while of stroking her curls Jackal then began to caress Emma's cheek with his cold claws before running them down her neck to whatever he could get of her collar bone. Which lead Jackal to unbutton the top of Emma's blouse, just so he could have a little more access to her chest and shoulders. After using his claws to trace the curves of her collar bone to her shoulders, Jackal then slowly ran his claws down Emma's cleavage. All of this was starting to make Emma so tense that her heart was now beginning to pound hard, and at the same time she was wondering how Jackal could possibly enjoy feeling her when his hands were completely cybernetic.

"Though Hyena Did tell me that you had Crush on me!... And You did state that you thought that I Gave up "Certain Parts" earlier!..." Jackal mused out loud to himself

Soon, Jackal made up his mind on what to do, and he got out his claw blade again to cut the cords that he tied Emma up with, freeing her from the chair, only to scoop her up in his arms, carrying her bridal style.

"So Might as well get on with the Fun!...." said Jackal as he began to Carry Emma over to his bed

Emma was immediately struck with Panic and fear as one of the very things she feared since being brought here in the Hoover craft was about to come true, and to make it even more worse Jackal was now using her claims as an excuse for what he was now about to do. Emma began to struggle in Jackal's arms with all her might, but to no avail.
Well here's part 2 of my Dark Fan Fic! And Yes, This means the NEXT Chapter is going to Have a MATURE Crime take place, but don't worry, not only will there be a warning note, but As I promised I would do, Actions will be TONED Down and a big part Will Cut Off, so there'll be NO Graphic details!

 personally, I Kind'a believe that Jackal is a bit of a Pervert, and based on an Psychology article I found when I was researching traits of Sociopaths, I Might Be Right! According to the Article, and Believe it or Not, Male Sociopaths Actually ENJOY S**! Fact They LOVE It! Because above All things that they Like the Most Besides Themselves and Wealth, Sociopath's Love Having Power and Complete control, and for them S** Gives them Exactly that! One of the  Sad things about it is that When a Sociopath wants to have Physical Pleasure with you, It's Only for SELFISH Reasons, whether it's  part of Greed or  just to Satisfy their own feelings!

DISCLAIMER: I Only Own Emma! The PACK and Everything Else in the World of 'Gargoyles' Belongs to Disney And Greg Weisman !
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:O Uh-oh! Things do NOT look good!
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When You're Dealing with a Devious Sociopath, You got that Right!
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