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How it All Began
  It was around the latest time in the afternoon in Manhattan, and at this time the self appointed "Gargoyles" defense attorney, Jeana Hark, arrived at the Court house for her first act to make defending the misunderstood beings a little easier, Filing a notion for all cases against Gargoyles to be judged by the Judge and NO Jury. On the grounds that the Gargoyles would never gt a fair trial from a jury. Being a few minutes early, Jeana sat and waited on the bench outside of the assigned courtroom in the building. As she waited, and after overhearing a couple of people passing by making plans to go out in Times Square after work, Jeana began to have a flashback on the very event she was present for that convinced her to appoint herself in this task.
Back in January
  Madness and Chaos! That's how one could describe what was happening in Times Square right now. The night had started out as any other night in Times Square when all of a sudden there came 1 the
:iconemilydfan:EmilyDfan 9 13
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

And for those of you from the Toons Patrol Fans Board on proboards, Yes It's Me, Disneyplease! or Disneyp!

I am a sketcher, a Painter, a self taught Costume Maker, and a Fan fiction Writer, and a HUGE Disney fan

So far that is, I have bigger dreams and goals

I've been Familiar of this site For a LONG Time, But Im very Happy to Finally be joining it! Now Just Try to be Patient with me, not only Am I still New to How this site works, But I am abit slow and Lacking of knowledge technology too, so it'll take a little while for me to put some art up

And another thing about myself that everyone should know, I have a small case of Autism, it's mild, but I do have some emotional things that I think come from it, But I AM trying to work on it and I am better than I was years ago, So All I ask from Everyone is for your patience and Support!

I am also the Boss and Admin for 2 fansites

For Disney Fans:

and for Gargoyles Fans:


Please do Join if you're Interested! I know you fellow fans are out there and I can't run them alone!

and I Hope you all do like what it is I do put up here
Well I managed to Escape the PACK Twins and will Take a Break from them, for a Little While that is!Giggle 

So for Now I'm going to start putting up the progresses that I got for my Current Cosplay Costumes, and I got 2 or 3 pieces of Disney Fan Art On the Way, and one of them is a Character Crossover that I think as a Gargoyles Fan I'm Due to draw! And some more Drawings of my OC's will be Coming Soon as well as My depictions of Places in my Disney Fanfictions!

And For Anyone who's Read My Disney Fic 'Chronicles of a Disney Knight, I have an Update I'd like to Announce for the Main OC Stella Asteria, I decided to Make the Definite one last Physical change to her that I think goes best with the Star theme in her Family, Changed her Hair color to a dark Chocolate Brown color, and it goes much better with the Midnight blue eyes I gave her months ago!

And yes, Pics of My Stella and her family and her friends will be Coming soon at Last along with the Next Chapter! :D 
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Hello! :)
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SuperSupper111 Featured By Owner May 25, 2018
Hi! Are you currently taking requests at this time? I had a Disney/Gargoyles related idea involving Maleficent, but I figured it would be best to ask first just to make sure you're ok with them.
EmilyDfan Featured By Owner May 25, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Well I'm not Quite Ready To Take Requests Just Yet! However When I Am Ready I WILL Announce It! ;)  Although in the Meantime I Am Very Open To Suggestions and Ideas! 
SuperSupper111 Featured By Owner May 25, 2018
Awesome! :D Sorry about the late reply. :( I'm a little worried that my idea might be a bit too weird, but here's what I was thinking of for a suggestion! :D I was wondering what you'd think of a funny idea involving Maleficent… and Demona… but with a twist! In the picture, Demona is wearing Maleficent's robe. I thought it would be funny if the reason why Maleficent and Demona always seem to wear the same outfits is because it's the only outfits they own, but since Demona is wearing Maleficent's robe, Maleficent doesn't have anything else to wear except an outfit that looks a bit like this… . Maleficent's version of the outfit is the colour pink, with a purple corset. Her bloomers are pink too and they have red hearts printed on them. I also thought it would be funny if Demona was smiling and happy with the situation, while Maleficent was annoyed with the situation.
EmilyDfan Featured By Owner May 26, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
That's totally Ok! ;)

And I don't know about the outfit thing, But I WILL Think Of Something to do Of Maleficent And Demona! I Promise!

After All, In ALL Of my Disney Fanfictiions, Thailog Is Maleficents Second in Command or The Knave of the Disney Villains, I even Drew it Out, so it would be Totally Fair to draw something out of Maleficent Interacting with Demona!
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