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1/8/19 A New Year, Same Old Goals

Happy new year my lovelies! I honestly miss being able to post art and journal entries more often and really try to engage with you guys more, but it seems I am just working all the time these days; forever in a cycle of making just enough money to pay the bills. I guess that's life! I was able to look back on 2018 and I realized that I hadn't made any new art. I mostly just did studies, sketches, and inktober. I haven't done any detailed, large scale illustrations, so I want to change that for 2019. I work five days a week now; three at Panera, and two doing private art lessons which only leaves me two days a week for personal art (and commissions). That's really rough! I always feel this crushing sense of 'there's not enough time in the day.' 

The only way I can achieve my personal art goals and get commissions done is to actually schedule in time for specific projects, including my 'Shadows of Etherea' comic. Life is a juggle it seems. I can't sacrifice my barista and teaching jobs because I need that income, so it's going to be a hard road to becoming a fulltime artist... it always has been, but that's still my long-term goal. I will do my best to finish more of my fantasy illustrations and fanarts, get at least a chapter of Etherea done, and hopefully by 2020 have enough work to publish my first art book. Time to bust out the calendar and schedule away!

<3 Emily C.

11/25/18 Saratoga Comic Con a Bust?!

Whew! Finally getting to post some of my Saratoga Comic Con photos (on my Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr- check em out!) I saw so many amazing cosplayers and had many visits by my good friends and students who regularly attend my art classes. I cant thank you all enough for your support this weekend, I’m so glad you guys enjoy my art and brought some of it home <3 I even saw a girl with my entire set of Steven Universe pins on her backpack from last year. Best of all, I was visited by Cat Noir, Ladybug, and Peridot; characters from my favorite shows ^,^

Overall, I did okay, but it could’ve been a lot better. I made back all my material expenses and the table, plus a little profit, but as far as Saratoga CC goes, this was actually my worst one so far in terms of sales. Considering how poorly I did at Plattsburgh in August, I was really hoping this time would be better. I’m sure all the snow we got didn’t help. So unfortunately I wasn’t able to bolster my finances as I planned, since I need a new computer (mine is going on 12 years old). I won’t be doing much digital art until I can afford to upgrade my equipment. If you guys want to offer support, I do have a Patreon. $1 a month from a few hundred people can do a lot. Anywho, see you guys at Saratoga CC again in April!

<3 Emily C. 

10/2/18 Inktober Challenge and Updates! (Finally o.o)

Hello my lovelies! I am way overdue for giving you guys and gals some updates. I fell behind on all of my social media and art projects by a whopping three months because I've been working my butt off between Panera, teaching at the college of Saint Rose, teaching every Saturday, and doing the Plattsburgh Comic Con. I also adopted an adorable yet very rambunctious kitten in August. I love her, but she's a hyper handful! Suffice to say, I apologize for spamming you all with three months worth of back logged art and what-have-you, but I wanted to get everything caught up so I can spend the rest of this month focusing solely on the Inktober Challenge. I did take a bit of a break in August after that comic con because I was getting burnt out. I stopped my Sunday Sketches and pretty much went radio silent on all my social media. Heck, I didn't even take much time to browse what other people were posting. This is probably the second time I have been on my PC since July >.>;

Anywho, the Plattsburgh Comic Con was sort of a bust. I broke even and made back the table fee, the gas, the printing costs, and my hotel room money, but I didn't really sell a lot or make any profit which was a bummer. It was very slow and there wasn't as much traffic as the Saratoga Con. I did meet some really cool artists though, including some industry professionals. I got to pick their brains and learn a lot of great stuff that I will be applying from here on out at conventions. I don't know that I want to do the Plattsburgh con again. I think for now I will just stick to Saratoga and maybe look into the Albany one too. At least those are closer to home.

In other news, my Saint Rose classes in July were a huge success. I had around 60 students and all my classes were pretty much full. From some of those kids I gained students for my Saturday classes, and each week I seem to have a crew of regulars, and occasionally I see some new faces. The freelance teaching business has been slow to grow, but it's definitely gaining some traction.

Right now I just want to get through Inktober, work on creating my own comic (for real this time, I'm actually going for it!) Then I have to prep for the Saratoga Comic Con in November. I always have so much on my plate, so if I fall behind again, I hope you guys understand and don't abandon me ;.; Thanks for reading! 

<3 Emily C. 

7/23/18 Comic Con Prep + White Diamond Ahhhh!

Hello my lovelies! I haven't written any journals since early June because the fact is, I've been so darn busy! I'm in my second week teaching at the College of Saint Rose; it's been intense and exhausting, but also rewarding. I have about 18 kids in all my classes this year, so it was a challenge to teach so many and try to help each one individually, and having to talk loudly for all to hear me for 3-6 hours has wrecked my vocal cords, but I just have to survive 4 more days.... then I have Plattsburgh Comic Con! Ahhh! So after I get home from classes I am working hard on comic con prep. My main project is this poster print of the Diamonds from Steven Universe, and a new pic of Lapis and Peridot if I have time to finish them (fingers crossed). They finally revealed White Diamond at SDCC and I can draw her in! I am sooo excited! Hope you guys like this so far, here's a sneak peek at my WIP! Enjoy!

<3 Emily C. 

6/4/18 Comic Con Prep + Original Artworks in Progress!

Hello my lovelies! I can't believe it's already June, where did the time go? I want to announce a few things. I will be selling my artwork and vintage anime goodies at the Plattsburgh Comic Con August 4th and 5th. My table is already paid for, I just have to whip up some new art and restock my prints, stickers, magnets, etc. I'm so excited as it will be my first time going to Plattsburgh. I believe it's 2 hours away from where I live in Saratoga, so it'll be a wee bit of a drive, but worth it I'm sure. I'll have to reserve a motel or hotel room for that Saturday night. I also have my table reserved for the next Saratoga Comic Con coming up November 17th and 18th, so any of you guys in my neck of the woods, be sure to check out my table! Also July is creeping up on me and I have to get ready to teach at the College of Saint Rose. I always get such a great bunch of kids every year and I hope they get a lot out of my classes.

In the meantime, I am working on a new fantasy piece of this gorgeous mermaid you see here. My kiddos in Fantasy Illustration class helped design her and we named her Vatae after the first letter of our names (Virginia, Adriana, Tiffany, Avery, and Emily). I plan to make prints that will be for sale, and my students get a copy for free 'cause they're awesome enough to attend my classes. I got these fantastic Japanese watercolors called Gansai Tambi that I'm using to paint this, and they are really amazing. I have been painting this piece live on Instagram, so be sure to check it out. The videos only last 24 hours on Instagram, so you can replay it for a little bit before it vanishes. I will be doing some more painting on this today, probably around 6pm EST. I'm so excited to show you guys the final painting! Here's a little preview WIP:

I hope you guys enjoy this new batch of Sunday sketches I just posted. I know today is Monday but I technically did post them on Sunday to my Instagram and Tumblr accounts, I just wasn't able to get onto my PC yesterday to properly post to DA. I went fishing and got a nice sunburn all over my face lol. Worth it! Have a great day guys!

<3 Emily C. 
5/28/18 Happy Mermay!

Hello my lovelies! My apologies for not being around much (as usual), I've been busy catching up on spring cleaning and sorting out important things I need to get done in terms of irl responsibilities and my art goals. Every Saturday I've been teaching art classes, at least twice a month I also do dreamcatcher workshops, then for a good 26+ hours a week I'm working at Panera. Suffice to say, my schedule can be rather hectic these days. I have four small commissions I need to get done as well as some larger projects, so I will be a bit slow to post new stuff. However, I am trying to enact a "Sketchy Sunday" thing where every Sunday I post stuff from my sketchbook to my Instagram and Tumblr accounts. This mermaid is one such post, so go check it out! I'm posting the sketches here as well, but they are in my scraps folder ('cause they're not very good, tbh- they're not supposed to be good, they're just sketches lol). This is my small way to try and be consistently posting artwork to social media and give you guys a nitty gritty behind-the-scenes look at the rough sketch process and how I come up with ideas that may or may not become finished pieces of art down the road.

It's really rough being consistent! I do post stuff every month, but to build a solid following I need weekly, or even daily posts people can look forward to. I want to do weekly Youtube videos of my art making process, create a coloring book to sell, make a fantasy art book, do "Fanart Fridays," "Tutorial Tuesdays," and also have at least one finished fantasy piece or fanart done each month on top of the "Sketchy Sundays," but I know myself too well. Trying to tackle all of those things will be biting off way more than I can chew. I need to start small and gradually build up to those goals. I tend to overwhelm myself with too many things to do all at once, then I lose my focus, procrastinate and waste valuable time by stressing myself out. I'm trying to break things up into manageable chunks so I can be more productive and focus on one task at a time. I'm sure many of you can relate to this!

My current art goals are doing some more fanarts for Comic Cons I'll be attending in August and November (at least one picture a month), getting a few original fantasy pieces done (again, one a month seems reasonable), and maintaining the Sunday Sketches so I can continue to improve my drawing skills. I've also been brainstorming this year's Inktober series and will try to get a jump on that early in September. So much to do! Must maintain focus and discipline!

Also I want to send an apology to all my irl and online friends. I know I have not kept in touch much this year (or last year, or the year before that). I'm really trying to focus on my career goals and actually get somewhere with my art, so I have pretty much tossed socialization to the wayside. I've barely even seen my own family members over much of 2017 into 2018. I got that 30s mid-life crisis thing going on where I want to get myself into a cozy middle-class situation before I am too old to work anymore, ya know? Just know I still love you all, and if you text or call me, I will respond! That's all for now guys. Peace out!

<3 Emily C. 

Here's a chibi Jaci sketch I doodled in my friend's birthday card x3

Here's my first batch of "Sketchy Sunday" sketches! These are my Faeren (Fairies + Siren). Enjoy!

4/9/18 Saratoga Comic Con Success!

I had a very lucrative weekend at Saratoga Comic Con, and I earned $1,016 total in sales of my art and vintage anime goods, a bit more than my 1k goal! I am so happy and extremely grateful to everyone who purchased my artwork and my old anime goods. You guys and gals are really the best and let this be proof that you absolutely can make a living as an artist!!!

<3 Emily C.

3/27/18 Saratoga Comic Con Prep!

April 7th and 8th is quickly approaching and I have been busily working to make new prints, button pins, stickers and magnets. I've made a real effort this year to do some fanart to things I personally love (hence the new Lapis/Peridot pic!) I have more stuff coming along and I am so excited to get it posted up. I also want to announce that I am post-poning all commission work until after the convention. I have several projects lined up already. If you guys want any commissions or custom dreamcatchers, it will have to wait until then. I don't have much more to say, so I'll get back to the drawing board- literally! Cya!

Also I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Goin' up on mah wall :D

Here's a sneak peek at the new stickers/magnets/button pins I am working on for comic con :3 We are the Crystal Gems!

<3 Emily C.

2/12/18 Taking a Risk, Hoping to Gain

Here's a random picture of me with a duck on my head! Got your attention? Good!

Hello my lovelies! So far my expedition into teaching art classes and doing dreamcatcher workshops has been rocky in these slow winter months, with empty workshops and no sign-ups most weeks due to blizzards and ice-storms, which means little to no extra income. I even did a vendor event and only made $5 which didn't cover the $20 I paid for my table space... I haven't had any students sign up for my fantasy illustration class either, mainly because the schedule for the class is Monday evenings 4-7 and that's a bad time for school aged kids. I decided to take a drastic and risky action and tell my bosses at Panera that I will no longer be working there on Saturdays, which is their busiest day of the week when I would be most needed. Luckily they didn't give me any fuss about it, much to my surprise. I'll be teaching art classes back-to-back on Saturdays starting in March, and hopefully I'll have decent turn-outs. On Saturdays kids are off from school and have Sundays off too, so a three hour drawing class won't cut into their homework time or dinner time. Also Saturdays are when all the local conventions and fairs happen, so I can participate in those without having to pull teeth at Panera to have a weekend off. I see this decision as a win-win, but I'm still worried about how much extra income I will be making from teaching. Good news is I got my brochures from Vistaprint, and they look amazing! I can start putting those out to help drum up interest in my classes. I have absolute faith that once spring and summer come I'll have plenty of freelance teaching business, and finances won't be as much of a worry.

The only other major item on my plate right now is preparing for the Saratoga Comic Con coming up April 7-8th. It's already February and I haven't had time to work on any fanart or finish any personal illustrations. The anxiety is definitely building up. It's difficult having only one or two days off a week, working 30 hours at Panera Wednesday through Saturday and doing workshops on Sundays, etc. I worry I am stretching myself too thin sometimes. At least when I go back to working only three days a week at Panera I'll have more time to make artwork, but March is still a few weeks away so I need to get a jump on my comic con prep now.

Anywho, that's all I have for now in terms of updates. I dunno if anyone even reads my journals here except my close friends. I see my daily page-views are like 8 to 15 a day which is pretty abysmal. I feel like DA is a dead platform and now Instagram is the new big thing, though even on there I have a tiny following and most people un-follow me within the same day as they follow me? I dunno why! Perhaps DA is no longer viable to gain a loyal following, but I do it anyway out of habit I suppose. I've been on DA for 13 years now, and I always live in my fantasy delusion that someday I will become a popular artist on here and have thousands of watchers like Loish or Sakimichan... Hey, I can still dream! As for Tumblr, it’s even worse than DA for me and my artwork. I post stuff there with a million relevant tags and I get 0 likes on 99% of my content, no asks or comments, nothing. Does anyone even see what I post on Tumblr??? I only get porn blogs following me which I’m constantly blocking. Very annoying :T Anyway, enough ranting lol If anyone is reading this, feel free to leave a comment so I at least know you're there!

<3 Emily C.

1/14/18 Art Classes and Dreamcatcher Workshops Galore!

Hello my lovelies! A lot has been going on since I last posted a journal here in November. Unfortunately, I haven't had any time to really focus on social media. My art career is actually progressing rapidly since the Shirt Factory open houses in November and December. I met some great people who have given me the opportunity to teach classes at a few different venues all year long, so now I have the potential to really get my name out there and make a lot of extra income. My ultimate goal, of course, is to someday be able to quit my job at Panera and just do art related jobs 100%. Having all of these teaching opportunities can allow me to finally do that while also continuing to create my own body of work and build up to publishing an art book, do more artist alley selling at conventions, etc.

I am very excited to announce that I begin teaching my very first 'Fantasy Illustration Class' this Monday, 4-7PM at ADK Creative Works (1433 Saratoga Road, South Glens Falls, NY). This will be a class I teach from here on out every Monday evening. It costs $40 per person to attend a three hour session where I will teach in great detail my entire process from start to finish on traditional fantasy illustration work. I provide all of the supplies, from watercolors, fine line inking pens, prismacolor pencils, alcohol markers, bristol paper, etc. For anyone who wants a more in-depth learning experience, I'm also offering a 5-week course for $200, which is 15 hours of illustrating practice and really learning to master the mediums.

In addition to offering this fantasy illustration class, I will also be offering private, one-on-one art lessons on Sundays from 12-6PM for $120 a session which I will be doing at the Other Worlds Gallery, up in the Shirt Factory (Suite 119, 71 Lawrence Street, Glens Falls, NY). The focus of these lessons will be on the fundamentals of illustration: composition, anatomy, proportion, perspective, color, and how to use the mediums to their fullest potential. Once again I will be providing all of the materials, but I will encourage my students to purchase anything they feel fits them. No two artists are alike when it comes to favorite mediums, and I certainly encourage trying out many different materials.

I will also be doing dreamcatcher workshops more frequently since now I have three venues to teach this class at, which are Creative Chameleon (Shirt Factory), ADK Creative Works, and Wicks from the Sticks. Right now I have one scheduled for January 28th at ADK Creative Works 1:30-3:30PM, and one scheduled at Wicks from the Sticks candle and craft shop (Suite K, 264 Warren Street, Glens Falls, NY) for February 4th, 12-5PM. I have increased the prices of the dreamcatchers slightly due to popular demand and so I can afford to replenish my materials, all of which I provide for this workshop. The prices are as follows: Small (1" diameter) for $10, Medium (3.5” diameter) for $16, or Large (5.5” diameter) for $20. Also available beyond the base materials are various charms, natural stone beads, and shells ranging from $0.10 to $3 each.

I also recently discovered a studio right in my home town not even five minutes from my apartment called C.R.E.A.T.E. Community Studios (480-B Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY), and I am in the process of seeing if I can also teach and do workshops there, so fingers crossed!

Finally, the last item on the menu here is my preparations for the next Saratoga Comic Con coming up April 7th and 8th. For Christmas, my awesome man Aioue got me a sweet photo backdrop frame that I can use to hang my prints in a very professional manner. I'm really excited to set up my table display this year and hopefully do as well as I did in November. In the meantime, I have to really crank out some high quality fanarts since I was listening to people who bought my art at the last convention. I know what you guys want, and I will do my best to give it to you, so look out for some Steven Universe, Bob's Burgers, and Miraculous Ladybug fanarts between now and April. I also want to send a huge thank you to Aioue for his work on my new website. It's not up yet for you all to see, but it's incredible so far and I can't wait to show you guys his amazing web design work. Thank you so much, my love <3 xoxo!

That's all of the updates for now, woo! I have a lot going on with my art these days, and I'm super excited!

<3 Emily C.

11/28/17 Shirt Factory Open House + Holiday Commissions

Hello my lovelies! The Shirt Factory Open House went well, it was awesome to see so many crafty vendors too. I sold some prints, made connections, and I have two anime portrait commissions to work on (potentially three) :) If anyone is interested in having one of these done before Christmas, please get in on it now because I will be booked up fast! E-mail me at, send me a photo of a person/pet and payment via PayPal (up front, in full if it's a project under $100- over $100 is a 50% non-refundable deposit first, then the rest of your payment after the project is completed). The price I charge is $30 for digital black and white 8 x 10, $60 for color per person/pet. Projects are completed within 1-2 weeks depending on how many I have in queue. I can't stress enough how much these make fantastic gifts, because they are unique! You can't go to Walmart and buy someone a personalized portrait. I look forward to working for you guys and gals!

Snowglobe portrait commissions are back! I really loved doing these last year! Please note these are small 2D mixed media drawings on paper and not actual snow globes lol I know it's silly I have to say that, but I did have one client last year who thought they would be receiving a physical snow globe with the artwork inside of it... Although you can buy empty snow globes at A.C. Moore and put the artwork inside of them if that's something you want to do :)

These cost $25, they are about 5 x 5 inches in actual size but I can print them larger as 8 x 10. I can draw any character, original or fanart, or even stylize real people. They also make fantastic magnets, stickers, and button pins. If you want to commission me for one of these email me at Payment must be in full, up front, and turnaround time is 1-2 weeks depending on how many I have in queue. The sooner you commission me, the more likely you are to get it before Christmas, so please do not delay!

11/14/17 Saratoga Comic Con was a Total Success!

Hello my lovelies! This past weekend at the Saratoga Comic Con has been a total blast. It was my second time ever going to a convention, only this time I was an art vendor and not just a normal con goer. This was definitely a good experience for me, and since I only live 5 minutes away from the Saratoga City Center, it was super easy for me to get my stuff there and set up. I shared my table with Debbie and Cie, who run a studio called the Creative Chameleon in the Shirt Factory (an old building up in Glens Falls NY full of artsy shops and galleries). This meant that I only had to pay 1/3 of the table cost which was $60, not bad for a comic con! Since I already had a bunch of prints and things made for my gallery space in the Shirt Factory, I was already mostly prepared for selling my work. I did manage to get my Tempest fanart done and printed, as well as a few Inktober prints. I also decided to sell a lot of my old anime merchandise, and let me tell you guys... it sold like hot cakes lol I ended up making a whopping $748 from this convention, which covered my table, the ink and materials I spent making my prints, stickers, magnets, etc. This landfall of cash paid me back every expense I have had and left me with some profit, so I am absolutely thrilled! I'm definitely going to do Saratoga Comic Con again in the spring, I believe the next one is coming up in April. I'll be sharing a table again with some awesome Shirt Factory peeps.

The best part of all of this was connecting with all the fellow geeks and nerds out there who love all the things I do. I also had quite a few of my original art prints and merchandise sell, and people were giving me lots of praise for what I do. That really meant a lot to me, because so often I've poured my heart and soul into my work and I post it up all over the net and get a small handful of favorites or likes, and maybe a rare comment or two, but nothing more. I get to feeling like the crickets are chirping and I'm putting my art up in an empty room with no one to view it, and that feeling really sucks after so many years of trying to improve and make better artwork. Add to the fact that I've tried for years to sell my art online, and aside from commissions, hardly anyone has ever purchased any of my original art. No one wants to work hard for nothing and feel unappreciated. At least at the comic con I finally felt like all those years of hard work were paying off. I do have an audience, people do care and enjoy what I do, and I'm not going to stop doing what I do or be discouraged. I have April's convention to look forward to, and plenty of motivation to make more art :)

I hope some of the people who met me at the convention follow me here on DA, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. I try to make myself as accessible as possible online and it's crucial that I build up a large, loyal following if I ever hope to ditch my day job at Panera someday and become a full-time artist. I need people to buy my artwork and help support what I do. I have a Patreon set up as well with 0 patrons. If any of you guys who watch me care enough to want me to succeed, please consider becoming a patron, commissioning me, or buying prints and merchandise of my artwork. I am always just an email away and happy to handle any of your art needs: 

Thank you guys for reading (those of you who do read my journals/blogs, you know who you are ;P) I hope to see you guys again in April at the Saratoga Comic Con! :)

Here's some photos from the convention, and yes, a totally shameless photo of me rolling in my hard earned dough lol

10/30/17 Saratoga Comic Con Prep + Tempest Fanart

Hello my lovelies! Just a quick update here. Saratoga Comic Con is coming up the weekend of November 11-12th at the Saratoga City Center on Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY. I will be selling my art and jewelry there both days, so if anyone is in the area please stop by and see me! I am working on a fanart of Tempest Shadow from the MLP movie which will be available for sale at the convention as a print. Most of what I will be selling is my original artwork, but I know having fanart is a good idea, so I figure I will do one I am actually inspired to do lol I can't tell you guys how many times I've listened to her song "Open Up Your Eyes." If you guys enjoy My Little Pony, definitely go see the movie, it's pretty great :D Aside from that, my final Inktober drawing is ready to go for tomorrow and I wish you all a happy Halloween in advance!

-Emily C.

9/15/17 Button Pin Maker!

I’m super excited that my button pin press arrived! Usually this gadget runs $465.00, but a good friend of mine linked me to a sale I couldn’t pass up. I got this whole shebang for $128.00, it comes with 1,000 button pin parts. This will be super useful for selling at conventions. Speaking of conventions, I will be at Chase Con November 11-12th in the artists alley. I’m teaming up with Cie and Debbie who run the Creative Chameleon Studio in the Shirt Factory. More info will come as the convention draws closer, until then I’ll be prepping art and merch to sell :)

8/28/17 Changing my Online Image - The Big Purge

Hello my lovelies! It's been nearly two months since I posted a journal entry here, and I apologize that art and jewelry submissions have been sparse. It's just been a difficult summer since I've been working a lot at Panera to save money to buy a car, I taught my art classes at Saint Rose, I've gotten my gallery space up and running, took a trip to MN to visit friends, etc. Suffice to say, I've had no time or energy to finish any of my big art projects (which drives me crazy!) I know consistency is key to building a following, and I'm always losing watchers. When I started this DA page over 12 years ago I wanted to post up anything and everything I've ever made to showcase the fact I'm a "jack-of-all-trades." When people come to my page they probably have no clue what it is I actually do, because there's everything from photos of my fish to commission work I am really not all that proud of, to random crafts like my Monster High doll customs, then there's my jewelry and finally, my actual bread and butter, fantasy illustration.

Along with re-branding my entire online image by making all my websites and blogs be listed under my name so people can find me easier (no more Otaku1811/OtakuEC!), I know I also need to do a massive clean-up. I need to remove all the stuff that is not pertinent to the image I want to portray of myself as an artist today, which means all those fish photos, cat photos, monster high dolls, and crappy old commissions I did in the days of poverty and desperation have to go. I want people who follow me to know what they are getting and not continuously have people un-watch me en-mass every time I post one of my random things here. From now on I will keep my "randomness" to my Tumblr blog ( for those of you who may want to follow me there). I've always posted a lot of random things to my Tumblr anyway like photos of my Halloween and Christmas decorations, my MH doll collections, as well as all my other stuff that I do post here. I think that will be a good trade-off to having a more clean, concise DeviantArt page. For any of you who favorited all my random stuff, thank you! I am glad you've enjoyed it, but now it's time for it to go.

My gallery will only have a few folders that will pertain to my best art. I am thinking of creating an entirely new DA page just for my jewelry and dreamcatchers, which will of course be linked here so people who watch me can easily find it and watch me there if the jewelry is the thing they enjoy most from me. I will be keeping my art commissions folder, however I'll be removing any of the low quality stuff or work that I feel no longer represents me when it comes to freelancing. I made a firm decision two years ago that I no longer want to do graphic design work (business cards, logos, brochures, and text-based stuff). I really didn't enjoy graphic design, I found it tedious and soul-sucking. I'd much rather do portraits and character designs, so all of those things will be scrapped except the sorts of things I still wish to promote.

As for what's to come once these renovations are done, I have a huge to-do list of projects that need finishing. November 11-12th I will be at the Artist's Alley at Chase Con in Saratoga Springs (more details will come as the event gets closer). I need to make a lot of fanart to help draw people in and make sales, as well as promote my original fantasy artwork and jewelry. I need to finish my Maya the Mermaid piece and my Faun Shaman since I need to continually produce higher quality art on par with my Sela Fairy piece. I've been learning how to use Clip Studio Paint Pro and my willingness to do digital art is slowly increasing since it's not as much of a struggle as Photoshop is. I would like to do the Inktober challenge again this year, but unfortunately I think I will have to pass in lieu of convention prep. Maybe next year!

Anywho, that's all the updates for now. Thank you guys who stick with me for not abandoning me. Life is a meandering path and people change over time. I'm 31 now and I've changed a lot since I joined this site. My art has improved a lot and finally taken a clearer direction, so it's time for me to embrace who I am and what I love to do now.

Much love,
Emily Cammisa 

7/10/17 My Other Worlds Gallery Studio Space and Exhibit

Hello my lovelies! I have some very exciting news to share~ I am officially a part of the Other Worlds gallery with my very own space to create my art and jewelry as well as promote it and hopefully sell it! Many thanks to David E Francis, the gallery owner, for giving me this awesome opportunity. l'd also like to give a huge thanks to Jane Starr Weils for helping me get setup and giving me helpful advice on how to get my art business going.

From here on out I will be in my little studio every Sunday from 12 to 5pm except on Circle Sundays or during any special events like conventions, etc. I will try to pop in on Mondays or Tuesdays as well. I'll post announcements about when I'm there, so anyone who wants to visit me is welcome to come in and see what's happening.

Where is this fantastical gallery, you wonder?

Other Worlds is in suite 119 of the Shirt Factory, 71 Lawrence Street in Glens Falls, NY.

What's for sale, you ask?

Why, everything in the gallery! Check out all the amazing artwork in there, from fantasy to steampunk. There's so much talent in one space, you'll leave feeling inspired.

What do I have to offer, you ask?

Firstly, those three gorgeous framed prints are for sale (prices to be determined). I also have over 50 fine art prints available for sale, made on high quality glossy photo paper in protective plastic sleeves for $14 each. If you buy two prints you can get a coloring page free. There are 30 matte coloring prints available for only $6 each, so test your coloring skills with my detailed linearts! There will be fine art stickers and magnets for $3 each (coming soon, much printing will be done!)

On days I am there I will also have my handmade jewelry on display for sale. Everything you see on my Etsy shop will be there for you to see, touch, try on, and maybe even buy~ What's in my Etsy shop? Check it out here:

I'll see you (local) guys in the gallery!

6/26/17 Two Out of Three Ready to Go

I have my print of Sela and Avinash framed and ready for my July gallery exhibit at the Other World’s gallery in the Shirt Factory, Glens Falls, NY. I just need my third piece, which was going to be my faun shaman, but I’m a very slow digital painter so he’s a long way from being done. I don’t think I can get that piece done in time for a July show, but I asked the gallery owner to pick another piece I have done or something I can do traditionally that’s faster like my new mermaid piece or my faun smoking a peace pipe. Either way, I hope my work will be well-received. It’s exciting to finally have my artwork in a fantasy themed gallery where it belongs. I hope I’ll finally attract my target audience, maybe even gain some new clients or sell a piece or three. I have faith!

I’ve also been making jewelry again, I can’t stay away from beading for long. I know I have to focus on illustration, but gosh darn-it I love beading and making dream catchers, and learning new things like this tree of life. So much fun! Anywho, that’s the update for now. Once I know the date of the gallery show I will post it. Take care for now guys!

-Emily C.

6/23/17 My Red Bubble Print Revealed!…

5/29/17 Happy Mermay! Have a WIP :)

5/10/17 One of Two Gallery Exhibit Pieces Nearly Done!

With a July gallery show coming up and only two months left to finish this piece and my faun shaman, I am feeling the pressure big time. This is my first leap back into digital art for a few months now, at least three, maybe four since I’ve been doing mostly traditional work. I was agonizing over her wings and the composition overall, so I added in her hand and decided she'd be holding flowers and I gotta say it was worth the risk and the many changes this picture underwent since it's inception. All I need to do now is tighten up the wings and then I am going to hand paint each flower different colors and make them a bit more detailed from the brushes I used in Clip Studio Paint since they only came in 3 colors and they are a bit pixelated (maybe because I didn't use the vector setting, whoops...)

I do believe this will officially become the best digital painting I have ever made thus far, considering I worked on it on and off over the course of several months and I honestly have no clue how many hours I poured into this. I just knew I wasn't going to be impatient and bum rush it, it has to be the best work I am currently capable of making. Hope you guys like it so far, I can't wait to post the finished piece :D It will be available for sale as prints too if anyone would like to put this pretty fairy lady up on their walls ^<^

5/8/17 I Went to Saratoga Comic Con!

I had the best day ever! Today was my very first foray into the convention world; Saratoga Comic Con, which was literally just down the block from where I live. I got to take a photo with Deadpool. Life is grand lol I posted all the photos I took onto my Facebook page if anyone is curious to see alll the amazing cosplays and things. Check it out here.

4/3/17 Time for Some Updates!

Hello my lovelies! I know I have been spamming character sheets out the wazoo lately for Hell and Elysium (and I already lost three watchers, darn lol); I just got the bug up my butt to finally finish that project. I only have about 5 more I need to do and then it's completely done, and I finally counted just how many characters jenastar and I have created... it comes to 160! That's nuts!!! I'm just so happy to have finally finished at least one project for Hell and Elysium. I know I took a three year hiatus and for a while I lost all interest and motivation in Hell and Elysium since the roleplay went kaput. Jenastar and I have been talking about revamping it, writing it all completely new as an actual co-op novel and not a roleplay. I wasn't ready to ditch the roleplay and start all over with a reboot back then, but I am ready now. I am also hellbent on making this Helysium artbook a reality, and this nifty little drawing you see here is one of many illustrations that will be in it. I will be scanning the lineart properly after I am finished posting the last few character sheets and then I have a few new dreamcatchers I made as well as some resin jewelry. Yeah, I know, I do too many different things and my DA page is all over the place >.> Hey, I get bored doing just one type of art! Call me a jack of all trades and a master of none, hehe. 

I also have a commission I need to work on due at the end of this month, it's just a simple pet portrait of a cute cat and a dog. I'll be posting that as well, so look forward to it. Aside from all of that I still need to get that faun shaman colored and finish that fairy for my gallery exhibit in July. I want to get back to coloring a lot of my digital linearts, especially Helysium ones for my artbook. It's going to take a lot of focus, time, and energy, but I know I can do it even if it's slow progress. I gotta get over my fears of digital art and just dive in. I will admit though, I enjoy working with traditional mediums far more than I do digital, and overall I tend to like my traditional work more than my digital work (aside from my digital linearts, those are pretty solid). I also want to finish my Hell and Elysium adoptables, I drew a whole bunch and they need to be colored and hopefully sold. I definitely have a lot on my plate, but it's all good stuff. I'm really happy that I am no longer taking on tons of commissions and I am really just focusing on doing the artwork I want to do. It makes a huge difference and I am so much happier for it. I hope you guys are enjoying my newer works made with copics, watercolors, and prismacolor pencils. If any of you ever have any questions about techniques or anything at all, don't be afraid to talk to me! I love you guys <3

-Emily C. 

2/7/17 What's New?

Hello my lovelies! Once again I vanished a bit over the past month with only a few posts of some dream catchers I made and a logo design I did for Panera. Rest assured, I have been working on some original artwork, but I am trying very hard to slow myself down and take my time on these because they will be displayed in an actual art gallery in July. Yes, I will finally have my work up on some walls in nice frames where people can see it among similar artwork.... The 'Other World's' Gallery owner, a phenomenal master pastel artist by the name of Dave Francis, took a look at my portfolio and he liked my work enough to give me this incredible opportunity. One of the pieces he wants to display is my pencil bust drawing of my naga character Avinash, and the other two are a fairy I've been working on and my faun shaman. I'm so thrilled! I've also had the opportunity to teach a class on how to make dream catchers at this studio called the Creative Chameleon and they want me to go back there February 22nd from 12-5 since it was a huge success the first time around. If any of you are up in the Glens Falls area of upstate, NY, feel free to come to the Shirt Factory and check out the Creative Chameleon! I definitely feel like I've made huge leaps in getting myself out there and stepping away from the computer. I've tried to promote my work online for so many years with no real results, so I think promoting what I do in the real world is a good step for me.

Here's a few little pics of me teaching from my last workshop. It was a blast, I met some awesome people and made a little money to boot.

These are the two pieces I am slowly working on, trying to push myself to the very limits of my ability with digital painting. I know I am capable of high quality digital painting, even if I feel a lack of confidence in myself. I have to break through my own anxieties and just get into the creative flow zone. Sometimes I get frustrated and I always have this nagging feeling that I don't really know what I am doing, but I have plenty of intuition from years of working in this medium, so I know I will succeed at this. My biggest problem is procrastination and getting started, making time to work on art and give it my complete focus, shutting off all distractions. This is the main reason I haven't posted any art in such a long time, I have huge gaps where I don't get anything done and all it does is plague me to no end. I'm full of excuses... the apartment is messy and needs cleaning, I'm tired from work at Panera, I have a million things to do... Well, all of that is fine and dandy, but all I really end up doing on my days off is laying around watching Netflix and being entirely unproductive. I'm trying to set up a schedule for myself now to work on art for at least one hour everyday, but so far I haven't had the discipline to follow it. It's rough, but I must break through this procrastination if I ever want to make it as an artist. Anywho, that's the update for now. Thank you guys for sticking with me through all my ups and downs, and also thank you to all you new folks that recently devwatched me. It means a lot to know people enjoy my artwork!

-Emily C.
12/30/16 Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting much art lately. Christmas was all-consuming and it took every spare day I had to write out all the cards and letters, make my santa snowglobe artwork into refrigerator magnets to put in all the cards, wrap gifts, etc. I'm pretty worn out, but at least everyone had a good time, myself included. I got to make lasagna with my dad and watch old movies and exchange gifts with my friends. Aioue, my beloved bf, got me these incredible murloc slippers that make the mrglrgrrgl sounds when I walk, hehe. Anywho, I hope you all had a great Christmas or Chanukah or whatever you may celebrate. I will be trying to get myself back on track with art-making in the new year since my calendar is not jam packed with stuff now. I will be teaching a workshop on how to make dream catchers on January 15th at the Shirt Factory in South Glens Falls, NY so if any of you are in the area, come on down the Creative Chameleon from 2 to 7! I also met with the owner of the "Other World's" gallery in that same building and he seems interested in my work. The gallery is mainly focused on fantasy and steampunk artwork, so I think my work would fit right in. It might really help me gain some recognition or sell some pieces if I have my art up in a gallery, so fingers crossed! That's all for now~

12/21/16 LAST CHANCE Snow Globe Portrait Commissions $25!

Only 4 more days until Christmas! I am willing to take on one or two more Snowglobe portraits that I guarantee will be done before Christmas day! These make fantastic one-of-a kind, handmade gifts, so much more special than buying generic things from a big box store. Give your loved ones a custom gift made with true heart :heart:

Snowglobe Portrait Commission 2 by EmilyCammisa Snowglobe Portrait Commission 1 by EmilyCammisa

Here’s how to order:

These portraits are $25.00 USD each per person or pet, extra figures will cost more (i.e. a couples portrait will be $50).

Step 1- E-mail me at

Step 2- Include in your e-mail reference images/descriptions of your original character. I will also do fanart of canon characters from any genre, any style (except realism). I'll also draw real people or pets in my own style. You will receive a high resolution file of your final artwork via e-mail that you are free to print and keep or give as a gift. Please note that these are created with traditional mediums only: Prismacolor pencils, copic markers, watercolors, and acrylic paint. Originals are on 6x8 paper, but modifications can be made (multiple characters, larger size, extra detail). Be aware the price will increase with these modifications. 

Step 3- If you wish to be mailed the original drawing an additional fee will be charged for shipping. Please be aware that you may not receive the original artwork on time for Christmas unless you pay for expedited shipping (even then, there's no guarantee it will arrive on time depending on where you live!)

Step 4- I accept payment via cash (in person only), check, money order, and PayPal. Payment must be made up front in-full before I begin any work. For PayPal, I will invoice you and send you the artwork upon receipt of full payment.

Step 5- Enjoy your beautiful, custom artwork and thank you so much for your patronage!

To see more of my artwork please check out my gallery!

Thank you and happy holidays!

Here are more samples:

Snowglobe Portrait Sample 1 by EmilyCammisa Snowglobe Portrait Sample 2 by EmilyCammisa Snowglobe Portrait Sample 3 by EmilyCammisa Snowglobe Portrait Sample 4 by EmilyCammisa Snowglobe Portrait Sample 5 by EmilyCammisa Snowglobe Portrait Sample 6 by EmilyCammisa

Snow Globe Portrait Commissions are Here!

Hello my lovelies! I am so excited to present my snow globe portrait gig! I’ve been working on these samples for days and they are finally done and ready just in time for December ^-^ I will be doing 12 $25.00 portraits (Get it? 12/25 har har). If there is a high demand for these, I would of course be open to doing MORE than 12, but I can’t guarantee they would all be done before Christmas. This is a first come, first serve creative service, so the sooner you place an order, the sooner you’ll receive the artwork. Don’t wait until the last minute!

Here’s how to order:

Step 1- E-mail me at

Step 2- Include in your e-mail reference images/descriptions of your original character. I will also do fanart of canon characters from any genre, any style (except realism). You will receive a high resolution file of your final artwork via e-mail that you are free to print and keep or give as a gift. Please note that these are created with traditional mediums only: Prismacolor pencils, copic markers, watercolors, and acrylic paint. Originals are on 6x8 paper, but modifications can be made (multiple characters, larger size, extra detail). Be aware the price will increase with these modifications. 

Step 3- If you wish to be mailed the original drawing an additional fee will be charged for shipping.

Step 4- I accept payment via cash (in person only), check, money order, and PayPal. Payment must be made up front in-full before I begin any work. For PayPal, I will invoice you and send you the artwork upon receipt of full payment.

Step 5- Enjoy your beautiful, custom artwork and thank you so much for your patronage!

To see more of my artwork please check out my gallery!

Thank you and happy holidays!


11/1/16 Inktober Challenge Completed!

10/25/16 Inktober is Almost Over!

Inktober 2016 Final Week Sneak Peek by EmilyCammisa

Here's the pictures in progress for Inktober 26-29, the 30th is going to be Scrat from Ice Age and Ghoulia from Monster High, but I have yet to sketch those since I literally just came up with the ideas lol Almost at the end of the 2016 Inktober challenge!

10/18/16 Making Daily Art-Making a Habitual Practice

Hello my lovelies! I'm really happy to be doing this year's Inktober challenge. I feel like it was a really important step in getting me back on track with making art. I tend to get overwhelmed by thinking of all the artwork I should be making and I put way too much pressure on myself. I also have a bad habit of comparing my art to others who are way more advanced than I am and it ends up making me feel awful about my work. For months I just spiraled into a terrible slump, but the Inktober challenge has forced me to get some discipline and draw every single day regardless of how I feel. When October ends I want to continue on in this way making art every single day. I will give myself challenges or themes to work with so I have a clear goal. I want to make a few different series: one will be of the four seasons, one is of fairies crossed with sirens (Faeren), a series of Steven Universe fanarts, and then a series of works pertaining to the zodiac signs and gemstones. I also want to do "Fanart Fridays" where every Friday I post up a fanart pertaining to something I enjoy. There's also a lot of linearts I've made in the past that I want to color so I can improve on digital coloring. I know that all seems like a lot to do, but this will be spread out over the course of the year. I may not post up a new piece of art every single day, but I will always be working on something and there will definitely be new art each week, consistently.

Now for my next announcement: Today I will be livestreaming progress on a few different Inktober sketches. If any of you are interested in seeing my work process and what all goes into those little drawings, tune in to my Livestream channel today 10/18/16 at 4:00PM ESTright here You'll also get a sneak peak of new drawings to come before anyone else. Hope to see some of you guys there!

-Emily C.

7/24/16 I'm Not a Workaholic, I Just Work a Lot

Hello my lovelies! It's been a good two months since I last posted a journal. I wish I could post once a month like I used to, but I've found myself working more than ever between freelancing, my new job at Panera Bread, and also my two week summer teaching job at the College of Saint Rose. Alas, at least the summer teaching job is over, so now I am back down to two jobs and I do have a commission I am working on at the moment. Suffice to say, I'm pretty tired and I'm thinking in October around Halloween I'll take a vacation... I really need one!

That all said, once I finish up my current commission load I am going to get right back on track with making my own artwork, building up a portfolio I can be proud of, doing fanart Fridays, making Youtube videos of tutorials and the like.... all those things I had been planning to do to become more successful as an artist. Luckily with my Panera job it's only three consecutive days a week and most of the time I am off Sunday through Wednesday, so I have four days to accomplish things each week. Consistency is key! I have been doing sketches and practicing, I also have a few new pieces to post when I have the time, so there will be life on this site, I promise. Anywho, I don't have much else to say right now other than keep your eyes peeled, good stuff will be coming!

-Emily C.
5/15/16 Time For Change

Hello my lovelies! I have been mostly absent from the internet most of the year as I've undergone major changes in my life. Just to recap and add onto my last life update I posted in January: I moved into a new apartment, I have a boyfriend Aioue who moved in with me who I adore, I had a call center job and was making good money, I lost 118 pounds so far, and even got a new used car to replace my rusty old van. However, just this past Tuesday I received a phone call telling me I was fired from my job and as of right now I am unemployed for the first time in over 4.5 years which is pretty scary. In case you're all wondering, I was let got for only being a part-time employee and because I need to take two weeks off in July to teach art classes at the College of Saint Rose. Suffice to say, I don't want to go back to the days of living off of $250 a month by begging for commissions. This little predicament is pushing me back out of my comfort zone and making me take a good hard look at what I want to achieve in my life. Sure, going to a call center and getting a regular paycheck was nice while it lasted, but was I accomplishing any of my creative goals? Not really. Hell, you guys have barely seen me, let alone new art or jewelry.

Well, it's time for me to focus on what really matters again. You may have noticed I finally changed my DA name to my real name. I've been slowly trying to eradicate the Otaku name I've used on the internet since I was 12. I'm almost 30 now and my life no longer revolves around anime and video games; it's time for me to look the part of the professional that I am. In time I will be cleaning up my DA page and I plan to utilize my YouTube channel to help drive more interest to my work. I will still be doing freelance work as well, but I'm no longer doing graphic design work and I will be far more picky about what sort of commissions I take on. Mainly I want to keep creating my own works and turn them into prints or merchandise I can sell.

What is the key to success? Consistency and persistence. Both of which I have lacked and now I need to get focused. How do people on YouTube make it big? They post videos every week. Webcomic artists? New page every week/month. Livestreamers? Stream consistently. Artists? Post new work consistently. I've always had lofty goals, but I never followed through and now it's time I changed that. Aioue will be helping me create a new website and I hope to tie all of my social media outlets together into a nice, tidy network so people can find me easily and follow me in various places. Hopefully in time with hard work and consistency I'll have a large enough following that sales will be consistent, I can monetize my videos, and I'll have a comfortable income doing what I love. That sure would beat a minimum wage job, wouldn't it?

-Emily C.

1/28/16 Mini Life Update and Ramblings

Hello my lovelies! I finally made time today to post up those watercolor/copic paintings properly. It feels so good to put up new artwork that is all original and not commissioned. I'm really enjoying playing with traditional mediums again, it's honestly way better for me than digital coloring. Sure, I do want to get good at digital painting someday, but it's a huge pain in the butt with all the zooming in and cleaning up pixels. With paint there's none of that nonsense. Of course there's also no Undo button either, but when I make mistakes I try my best to roll with it and make them look intentional.

I'm starting to settle into my new job nicely, getting the hang of handling various customers over the phone. The hours are a bit long for me since I am not keen on being at any job for 9 hours in a day, but I have enough days off to make up for it. I'm finally making a decent wage where I can make my art guilt-free and not worry about wrangling up commissions. I've been slowly decorating and furnishing my new apartment, and soon I need to buy another used car since my van is on its way out with rust. At least now I know I can handle it all without bankrupting myself. Let's not forget tax return season is coming, woot!

Aside from all of that I have been trying to decide if I should go back to writing and actually create a story. I had a good long run doing roleplays with many creative people, especially jenastar. Hell and Elysium was definitely one of the most amazing stories I've ever had the pleasure of co-creating, along with a story called 'Legend of the Lotus Flower' I did with the8themperor. I miss having characters to draw that I love and know so well. Drawing random fantasy creatures is fun and all, but drawing my boys Jianyu or Kalim or any other myriad of characters from RPs I did was truly fulfilling. I need a story, but getting started is always the hardest part. I have not written a story solo since my days writing cheesy InuYasha fanfics. It'd be a fun, yet daunting, challenge for me to write a completely original story all on my own, but I think I can do it if I just make the time to sit down and do it.

Some of you may have noticed I created a club called 'Shadows of Etheria,' and also I've been re-designing characters from my comic 'Gem Souls' that I had made way back in 7th grade. Last but not least, there's the Helysium club and blogs that have been left dormant. Part of me wants to do stuff for all three things, yet I know it'd be taking on way too much. Should I redo Gem Souls? Should I write my Shadows of Etheria story? Or should I create my own Helysium spin-off story? I honestly don't know. I need to be careful not to overwhelm myself and just go slow. Right now making fantasy illustrations is a good start to getting my creativity back, so I gotta be glad for that. I'm just going to go a day at a time, keep making art and trying to improve. We'll see what happens. As usual, thanks for reading!

-Emily C.

1/15/16 Art Galore!

Hello my lovelies! I have some more life updates to divulge along with some exciting new art that I'll be posting to my DA page as soon as I have time to take some decent photos and get them posted (probably will post stuff up tomorrow). I have finally left my job with Holbrook Heating, so I am no longer standing around Home Depot trying to solicit people to sign up for HVAC services all day. Looking back on the past 4 years doing that job, it's a wonder I kept it up for so long. It was miserable and incredibly stressful more often than not. I've learned a valuable lesson from this: Avoid sales jobs! 

Now I am working for New Country Toyota as a customer service rep in a call center. I sit at a nice desk in an office surrounded by lovely people who treat me with respect and kindness. Today was only my third day and already this job is proving to be so much better than working at HD. I can actually make enough money to thrive now and not just scrape by. I think my constant struggle and stress over finances all these years was a huge part of why I didn't make a lot of personal art. My brain always told me 'this is not making you any money, you don't have time to pursue this.' As a result, when I did make art most of it was commissioned stuff I did out of sheer necessity. Now I feel like I don't have to make art for money, I can just enjoy drawing for fun. Granted, I am still doing art commissions on the side. That's something I'd never give up on completely, but now I am only doing illustrative work, no more graphic design. Things are finally starting to go my way, and it's a damn good feeling.

This year I hope to have enough of my own artwork to finally craft an image of who I want to be, how I want to be perceived as an artist. I want people to get to know my work, and hopefully enjoy what I do. Maybe if I get lucky I'll grow enough of a following that I can invest in turning my art into prints and merchandise to sell at conventions or art fairs. That's something I have always wanted to do, and ultimately I want to be able to live solely off my art. While the call center job is decent, it's not something I can see myself doing the rest of my life. Art is my true calling. 

Anywho, thanks for reading. Hope you are all having a great new year so far, I know I am O<O/

-Emily C.

12/31/15 Happy New Year Everyone!

A lot of big changes are around the corner for 2016. Since my hours working for Holbrook Heating were slashed to a paltry 8 a week I have had to go hunting for another job. I found a customer service job working for Town and Country Toyota and I have a job interview this coming Tuesday. I hope the job will be decent; the pay is $11.50 an hour to start and I will be able to sit down at a desk rather than stand on an unforgiving concrete floor all day. I am hoping to phase out my job at Home Depot since the company I've worked for over the past four years is taking a nose dive. In the meantime, I am taking it easy after the hectic holidays and just trying to form a plan of action in regards to my art.

For 2016 I will be revamping my entire image as an artist online. My website, DA, Tumblr and elsewhere will be undergoing major changes. The first big change is that I will no longer be taking on any graphic design types of art commissions, this includes business cards, logos, mascots, brochures, flyers, or anything text-based. Any graphic design work I will be doing will be solely for myself to advertise and market my own work. From now on I am focusing on being a fantasy illustration artist, doing work I'm truly passionate about. This leads into the second big change; I will do my best to produce quality artwork for myself above all else, not just commission work. I have a severe lack of personal work to show since 90% of my gallery is commission pieces. This needs to change. I may end up creating a whole new DA page that will focus on my own fantasy work, but leave this page here to continue posting a wide variety of things. 

Lastly, I have revamped my Patreon page. I had set one up a while back but hadn't finalized it. Now it is ready to roll and if I can get people to support me financially in my artistic endeavors, I can accomplish so much more than I have in the past several years. If anyone is curious to see what the perks are for donating to me each month, please check out my Patreon page here. Donations start as low as $1 a month and it's no joke when people say that age old phrase "every little bit helps." 

With that all said, I am wishing you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. Peace!

-Emily C. 

12/16/15 Super Late Life Update

Hey guys, it’s been since April since I’ve posted a journal on the goings-on in my life. Those of you who follow me likely noticed a severe lack of art and writing, or much of anything at all going on with my DA, tumblr, or any other place I frequent. It’s about 9 months later, give or take, and I am finally settled enough to let you all know what’s doing in case anyone is curious.

Since my gastric bypass surgery on April 7th I’ve lost about 95 pounds, I went from 330 to 235. I been stuck at a plateau for a while, but I know the weight will still keep going down since I can’t abuse food the way I used to. I have no regrets about the surgery, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my health. I’ve already shed 4 sizes and I feel pretty amazing, though I still need to lose another 95 pounds to reach my goal weight. I will do it in good time.

As for art, I’ve been doing commissions here and there and on very rare occasion I do some of my own stuff. I’m trying to get back into making original artwork that I enjoy and redefining myself as a freelance artist. I used to try and be a jack of all trades, and you may notice my website, DA, and tumblr are all a mess of every single little thing I make, be it good or bad. I need to focus on one thing and get really good at it rather than keep doing a bunch of things and not be particularly good at any of them. For instance, I enjoy doing fantasy character illustrations more than anything. My linearts and anatomy are pretty solid, but I need to get better at coloring both in digital and traditional mediums, I also need to work on more dynamic poses, facial expressions and backgrounds if I ever want to be a solid fantasy illustration artist. All of this takes a lot of time and practice, so I ‘m trying to just go back to sketching and generating ideas. It’s not easy when my creativity and passion wax and wane like a candle that keeps getting snuffed out.

I’ve had some really huge changes in my life in these past 9 months. Aioue, who I’ve mentioned many times in journals, was an online friend of mine who I met on DeviantArt 10 years ago and a bestie over the past three years. He’s now living with me and we’re sort of a couple and sort of just roommates at the same time; it’s rather ambiguous and confusing at the moment, but nevertheless, I am no longer all alone. We’ve also moved into a new apartment that has a bedroom and a living room which is a step up from my studio apartment. It’s been chaotic and stressful since I’ve learned I have hoarded way too much stuff and I’ve had to let go of a lot to make this place livable, but so far it’s pretty decent.

As usual I struggle with finances. My van is super rusty and has a lot of problems, it likely won’t pass inspection next month. I’ve had a lot of troubles with my job with Holbrook Heating always cutting my hours and brow beating me to get more leads, but Aioue has a job and will eventually start helping me out with the bills. I’ve never had that sort of support before, so I hope it will make my life a little easier. I’m still pushing for art commissions even though I want to focus more on my own work, because yet again my hours were hacked down to 8 a week and I cannot live on that. I always have that sad feeling that I am getting nowhere even though I have come so far.

I have to try and see the bigger picture and not see all the things I am lacking in the moment. Sure I have a crappy job, a car that is on the verge of death, hardly any money to do anything with but survive, but at the same time I am almost 100 pounds lighter and I have a male companion and a newer, better apartment. I need to see the bright side and not be so stressed out, but that’s easier said than done. I want to do work I love and get somewhere with my art, yet I rarely make time to do my own art. I haven’t improved much and it upsets me. Hopefully I can just shove aside all these thoughts and just pull out a sketchbook and make stuff, because ultimately that should be all that matters.

Anywho, for anyone who made it this far, thanks for reading.

4/19/15 Health Update- Post-Op

Hi all! Just wanna let you know I am doing great, I been walking a mile every day for the past 5 days, I am down 17 pounds since my surgery on Tuesday the 7th, and 37 pounds total since I started my journey. I was 330 and I am now 293. I lose about 1-2 pounds a day so far. I am still on a mostly liquid diet with a few teaspoons of liquidy mashed potatoes. Gonna try a tsp of lowfat cottage cheese sometime today. The hardest part is definitely drinking 64 oz of fluids every day; most days I get to about 58 oz and I feel like I am drowning lol I gotta keep pushing the fluids and just sip all day long. Aside from that I feel great, my incisions are just about closed and all the gruesome bruises are fading away to nothing. I thank god there were no complications of any sort and that everything went by the book. Also thank all of you who have been so supportive, love you guys!

4/9/15 Back from Surgery

Hi all! I am home from the hospital as of yesterday, I wanna thank all of you who visited me when I was at the hospital. Pete and Penney stayed with me, Penney is still here getting ready for work and I am glad to know I am not alone. I am doing very well, the surgery went without any complications. Day 1 was rough, I had a lot of abdominal pain but day 2 I was able to walk more and shower, and the pain was significantly less. Day 3 is today, and I am making sure I drink drink drink fluids and walk walk walk lol I feel okay, and fart a lot lol Everything is working as it should ^_^ I am excited for my future self, va va voom! ^<^ God bless!

4/5/15 Gastric Bypass Update

Just a heads up to everyone, I received a call Friday morning from the Bariatric center and the surgeon reviewed my case. I lost 22 pounds, so he gave me a new surgery date. I am on day 2 of my clear liquid diet and Tuesday morning of this coming week I will be going in for gastric bypass surgery. I will be in Saratoga hospital a minimum of two days. Anyone local is welcome to drop in for a visit, though I have no idea if I will be conscious or cohesive, might not be very talkative either lol Either way, it's finally going to happen and I hope it goes well without any problems. Wish me luck!

3/3/15 Gastric Bypass

Hey everyone, I know I have not been very active the past few months. There has not been a lot of art making and all the things I usually do. I've taken a step back and been focusing more on my health than anything as I prepare for the big day which is right around the corner. March 9th, this coming Monday, I will be going for full gastric bypass surgery so I can finally shed away 28 years worth of pounds that I had been amassing since I was a kindergartener. I am so ready for this, I wish I was on that table right now. I would have thought I'd feel fear and trepidation, but the only thing I can see in my mind's eye is a much smaller, healthier, more confident me. I want to know what is hiding beneath all the fat. I am going to shed away years of abuse, depression, grief, and eating out of loneliness. I feel like a caterpillar about to go into a cocoon only to metamorph into a beautiful butterfly.

With that all said, I also need to be realistic and know that there is a very small risk I could have complications or even die, even though the risk is .1%. I don't have a written will, but I suppose this can be my will right here. In the event I don't make it (god forbid), I want my closest friends to have all of my material things- it's mostly toys, anime stuff, comics and videogames. I don't own anything of super great value, but hey... I think my stuff is pretty great lol. The friends who can divvy up my goods (you guys can fight it out on who gets what) are Jessica and Janelyn WIlliams, Penney Guiles, David Lanni, Mike Mohnach, Mike Sleigher, Rebecca Smith, Thalia DeJesus, Veronica Jenkins, and Fawn Senece. My nieces and nephews can have the family heirlooms, things that belonged to my mom and grandparents. Those things are extremely special, which also include all of my original artwork, jewelry, sculpture, etc.- but please make sure I am cremated or buried with my Boppy (y'all know what my Boppy is, my beloved baby blanket that I cannot live or die without). Also I would like to have my ashes dumped in the ocean so I can be with the fish and sharks, but if not it's okay to bury me-- under a tree would be nice. You guys can have my money too, whatever little there is- use it for funeral expenses. I guess that covers it... oh and someone has to take care of my fish! Maybe Penney? Anyway I had to get that morbid bit out of the way.... Hope I didn't ruin anyone's day there lol.

In the very likely event I do survive this surgery and I come out of it okay, I am very excited to go to my best friend Thalia's wedding on August 29th this year, and who knows what size dress I'll be wearing! I look forward to surprising people who've only known the heavy me. I look forward to slipping into those pretty goal clothes I saved since I was 15. I look forward to looking down and being able to see my feet without a huge belly in the way. I cannot wait!!! I am never going back, I will follow the diet to the letter and no longer walk the line of pre-diabetis, high cancer risk, heart disease, etc. I am too damn young for all of that.

Lastly, I wanna let you all know I love you guys and thanks for being my friends. Wish me luck on Monday!

Update: My surgery has been postponed because I did not lose enough weight beforehand. I'll be going back for a weigh-in and re-evaluation April 2nd, so between now and then I have to step up my game big time. It's a bit of a let down, but at the same time I know the surgeon needs my liver to shrink to make the operating conditions ideal and he wants me to prove to him that I am really serious about this, and that I won't deviate and risk overeating after surgery. Wish me luck, time to get very strict.

12/24/14 OtakuDzNs Etsy shop re-open for business!

I have finally gotten all of my various art gigs and jewelry for sale up on Etsy, ready to go! Don’t let these pretties sit around and collect dust, order some nice handmade jewelry today ^<^ Your patronage would help me greatly with various medical expenses (I need special orthotic arch supports for my flat feet- insurance does not cover these things! Oh and I am going to be having gastric bypass surgery in April, so I’ll be out of work, therefore no income for a month post-op. Plus down the road I may need body contouring surgery to remove loose skin; also not covered by insurance :T So every sale I make is a huge help!) Merry Christmas everyone!

Visit my Etsy shop: OtakuDzNs!

Anime Sketch Commissions- OPEN for business!


So how many of you guys and gals are also on Tumblr? If you like, you can follow me there too. I occasionally post rants about freelancing and the struggles of being an artist, but also triumphs and fun stuff. I post my art there as well :D Go check out my Tumblr!

11/24/14 One Year Style Challenge Modification

Hello my lovelies! Some of you may have noticed I did not submit a one year style challenge picture this week after having something up every week for the past 15 weeks dutifully. It's not that I was sick or didn't have enough time to make something, but I've been struggling with the whole challenge because it has not really been that challenging for me stylistically-speaking. I spoke to Aioue who was the one who came up with the challenge and I let him know that having only one week for each image makes it nearly impossible for me to produce more complicated designs. Every week I have three days where I work at home depot, I've had a slew of doctor/dentist appointments because I have an abscessed tooth, a viral infection in my throat/nose, and I am going to be getting full on gastric bypass surgery March 9th. On top of all of that I had five art commissions I was trying to get done because my clients always come first over anything else. Now I am down to just two projects with a possible new one on the way, and it has been so stressful to find the time and energy to produce anything beyond simple styles each week. I was never able to get ahead and produce two or three in one week to buy me time for larger projects.

So the solution is simple, the style challenge is now going monthly. This means that it will take me more than a year to have 52 pieces, BUT it will give me the time I need to still juggle all the aspects of life and make time to do more challenging, complex pieces that will actually improve my art abilities and teach me something. Now I can finally finish that Joe Quesada piece and not push it aside to whip up something fast just to avoid failing the challenge. That is a huge burden off my shoulders. I'm excited now to take this challenge to a whole new level and start learning how to digitally paint better and replicate more complicated styles to show myself I can do it. My final bit for now is that the Joe Quesada style Kalim will be up between now and the last day of November. I will announce when I am livestreaming progress on it since that is a piece I am really into and really excited about. Thank you guys for sticking with me on this journey, see ya soon!

Update 12/1/14: So I pretty much ended up having no time at all this week to work on this, yet again. I had to work a full 6 day week between the Garden and Home Depot, and my only day off was Thanksgiving day, and of course I was out with friends lol I am going to be working on JQ Kalim this week for sure along with a horse portrait commission. Today, however, is a day full of errands, bill-paying, chores, and social obligations so... bleh lol I will announce my Livestream session sometime on Tuesday. Look forward to it!

10/26/14 To My Estranged Brother, R.I.P.

Something quite horrible happened recently. I got home from work Sunday night at 6:30ish on October 26, 2014 and saw a message on my answering machine from my brother's fiance Jen. I had completely cut off contact with my brother, Jen, and my father 6 years ago when my mom died because they are toxic people who have done horrible, unforgivable things to me and my mom when she was still living and after she passed away. I knew if Jen was calling me it meant someone died, be it a person or animal, because we have no contact otherwise. I was expecting her to tell me my dad died since he smokes like a stack, he's overweight, and has high blood pressure. Nope, not him. My brother is dead. Apparently he decided to use his belt to hang himself in his basement and his 12 and 13 year old sons found him dead. He has 7 kids... I can't even imagine what his sons must be going through right now. I pray they won't be screwed up for life after thus. That's an image you can never wash away. It figures my brother would go in such a horrific way where his kids could see it. I always said karma would come back to get him, Jen, and my dad, but I never expected this. Now Jen is a single mother of 7 and my dad lost his only son. My brother was only 32.

I didn't have a good relationship with my brother, he used to abuse me physically and verbally when I was a child. He was nasty to me most of my life and never attempted to get to know me, and when my mom died he didn't help pay for the funeral bill and he also got away with 40k from my grandpa's house that sold, giving me nothing. I was on the verge of homelessness, I had no help from him or Jen, and instead he came over to take a window AC and the deep fryer rather than helping me move since I was kicked out of my apartment by HUD housing. Suffice to say, I had little love for him pretty much all of my life because he was a very selfish person.

The news of him committing suicide was shocking to me. Part of me is relieved he is gone forever, but at the same time I feel so bad for my nieces and nephews. I am still maintaining my cut-ties policy and I told my dad and Jen I am not going to have anything to do with them despite this. I will go to the funeral and pay my respects, and I am here for the kids if they need to talk.. I just don't want anything to do with Jen or my dad since they are both very manipulative people. They were not there for me, so I will not be there for them. What goes around comes around.

My brother chose to do bad things and screw up his life. My dad had a large hand in that since he beat him terribly and abused him when he was very small, but even so my brother chose to hang out with bad crowds, smoke, drink, drug, sleep around, and drop out of school. Life was just a party for him until he ended up with Jen and had kids. My brother never got the help he really needed for his depression or his self-destructive ways. I personally believe he was stuck in a loveless relationship with a woman who stripped him of all of his friendships and any joys he ever did have in life. I pray his soul moves on and he's not left behind haunting his family as a ghost. It was a selfish and awful way to go, but someone as depressed as him saw no other way out. I said a prayer for his soul and I did cry a bit, but more for his kids. It's always the innocent ones left behind that have to suffer the most and I feel sorry for all of them.

10/17/14 Week 12 Style Challenge progress- Livestream ON 9-11PM EST

Update: Working on colors and shading!

*11pm hath come, have to go to bed for work tomorrow. Will resume work on this tomorrow 7pm-midnight :3

10/1/14 Art Commission Overhaul

Hello my lovelies! You may notice that I have (once again for the millionth time) changed my art commission page. I no longer have two links for personal and commercial commissions, and no longer is my commission page a massive wall-o-text contract full of stuff that people likely never bothered reading anyway. I have paired it down and simplified it tremendously, which is a lot less stress for me, and a lot easier for you guys who may want to commission me. The only thing I haven't yet completed is my samples and price list catalog which will be very straight forward; you see an image and a price listed next to it--simple! I also updated my resume, my portfolio, and my website (wooo progress!)

If you're wondering why I am doing all of this, I am gearing up to push my freelance art business to a whole new level. It's going to be streamlined in ways it has never been before based on everything I have learned these past four years since I started doing this professionally. I am really excited to see how it goes once I start getting commissions. Hopefully my new process will end my struggles with giving people estimates. Too many times I have underestimated how much time a project will take and it's never fun having to tell someone I went over-budget. I've lost out on a lot of money because it would be bad business to jack up my price and charge someone more after I already quoted them a lower price. I am hoping to cover my buns and make sure all of my clients are happy and my pricing is super clear from now on. If you ever wondered why I mark down my labor time on literally every single piece I submit, it's because I have been documenting and timing myself over the years so I know what to charge for every sort of art I create. 

Anywho, that all said, my only concern is of course competing with other artists working in my niche at my skill level (or above) since I know the DA art economy is crap. Yep, I said it. People who charge $5-$20 for a fully rendered, gorgeous illustration are a problem for me and any other artist who has rent and bills to pay and needs to make a living wage. I won't relent and lower my hourly rate, as I feel I've worked hard to get to this point and my art is valuable. I do fear that no one will commission me because they will still feel my prices are too high. I guess it all boils down to people who truly value my art will pay my price, if not they can go elsewhere. I also know that when I advertise my buns off, even for cheap $10 gigs, I get next to no takers. Hopefully after I whip up this gorgeous price sample catalog, all of that will change. I am also going to try advertising on YouTube as well to drum up interest. This won't be easy, but I am determined to be successful at freelancing and break free of the 'starving artist' syndrome I have had for far too long.

The above image is a fanart of Wobbly Headed Bob that I made for my dad a few years ago, since he enjoys Jhonen Vasquez' comic 'Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.' He is the very image of how I feel with my financial struggles and difficulties in freelancing xD I don't wanna be Bob forever. It's time to make a change!

9/25/14 Week 9 Style Challenge WIP- Livestreaming Inking Process!

Hello my lovelies! I am working on the week 9 style challenge pic of Kalim, this week I picked Joe Quesada, who does absolutely phenomenal and mind blowingly detailed work for Marvel comics. My friend NeoyoshiAETH is the one who showed me his work since I am not really well versed in American comic artists. He was a huge inspiration to my friend and I am a little nervous to tackle his style, but so far the past 7 weeks most of the styles I have done have been really simple. It's time I step up my game a bit, but if it so happens that I cannot finish this particular picture for this week, I am going to fall back and do the Gravity Falls style because that cartoon is flippin' hilarious x3 Either way, I will do my very best on this and I will make sure I have a picture done for each week so I don't fail the challenge! *triesnottogettoostressedout* O<O

Update: Okay I put in 4 hours, have to get to bed for work tomorrow… I think iw ill have to do a Gravity Falls one cause I don’t think I can get this done for this week, I need a lot of time on this XD


9/9/14 Work, work, and more work!

Hello my lovelies, I just want to let you guys know that I will be Livestreaming the week 6 style challenge tonight at 8PM EST. I will be doing Kalim in the MLP Equestria Girls style. Next week will be Adventure Time style :3 I do have two small art commissions I have to plow through today as well, and I have a job interview at Spirit Halloween in less than an hour, so I have to work extra hard to keep up with my style challenge now. I had to apply for a 3rd job because I am not getting enough art commissions to help with my financial situation, most they do is keep my gas tank filled at this point. As for my Home Depot job, I am just barely making enough to live and I need $402 to fix my van (actually more like $800 because some mice chewed up wires in the engine too >>). The Halloween store was a fun place to work and it's only for the next seven weeks, so I should be able to make the money to fix my van, which would be a huge load off my shoulders. I'll probably be exhausted and stressed out for the next seven weeks working 40+ hours between Spirit and Home Depot, and having to do art... but hey, that's life lol That all said, if anyone has been thinking about commissioning me, hold off on me until November, okay? XD Thanks~

8/30/14 The One Year Style Challenge - Week 4 Complete!

I am running late on this since I ended up getting a lot anime portrait commissions this week (and I did procrastinate a bit roleplaying in WoW... what can I say, I needed some ME time... plus my birthday was this week lol). Anywho, this is last minute and all, but I vow to get it done before midnight on Monday, otherwise I fail the challenge. I will not accept failure OMO! So come join me in Livestream and help keep me focused!!! Today I am coloring ---> Watch Livestream Channel

8/4/14 The One Year Style Challenge

Hello my lovelies! It has been a while since I last posted a journal. I've been out and about in the world exploring nature with a good friend, swimming, going to the county fair, seeing a circus show, and enjoying my summer when I am not working at Home Depot. I haven't had much in the way of art commissions in the past few months, which is not too great for my meager finances, but it does free me up a lot of time to pursue other things. I've gotten back into roleplaying which is quite enjoyable (when people actually post >.>). I also have gotten to catch up on loads of tv shows, cartoons, anime, and some gaming here and there. It all makes me feel like a terribly lazy person when there is just so much work to do to market my artwork, and even more work to be done to improve my art and push it forward.

I enjoy my escapist hobbies so very much, but a problem of having so many hobbies and living alone means balancing my free time can be incredibly difficult. Sometimes it can take me a whole day of procrastinating just to do a sink full of dishes, while other days I plow through a to-do list like nobody's business. I seem to be up and down in so many areas of my life; my weight, my emotions, my work ethic... I have short bursts of motivation and everything is going great, then it grinds to a miserable halt and I find myself in a cesspool of stress. A large part of my stresses are either financial or of the existential crisis variety. I have a lot of self-doubt. I am often abusing myself by thinking 'my artwork is not good enough,' 'I can't compete with other artists,' 'I'll never succeed in this career,' and 'I will always be stuck right where I am.' After a while these thoughts wear me down to the point where I am so depressed I lose my creativity altogether.

This time, however, things are a little different. I still feel my creative mojo and I am embarking on a new journey. I've been doing a lot of basics lately like going back to focused studies, sketching, and experimenting. I've really enjoyed my digital painting practices too. Today I talked to two of my closest friends and both of them agreed my style is stagnant, outdated, or "dull." While I don't agree with everything they said to me in their critiques of my work, I do agree that change is vital for my growth as an artist. Both of them suggested I practice copying other artist's styles so I can break free of doing the same thing over and over, and learn some new techniques in the process. For a while now I have vacillated between leaving anime style behind and just meshing it with western influences, but I think if I take the leap and dare to do styles that I would never think of doing, I may just stumble on something new that I enjoy. This of course doesn't mean I am going to completely abandon everything I have done up until this point. I am still really enamored with proper proportions in human anatomy, but I think my characters definitely need to have more lively facial expressions or interesting poses. Down the road I also need to tackle backgrounds and perspective, but for now I will focus on making my characters more dynamic.

Starting this week I will embark on this journey of growth and learning. Every week I will draw one of my original characters in a different style, trying my best to match the style and technique to the artist I am referencing as much as possible. I will do this every week for the next 52 weeks in whatever capacity I can, and hopefully at the end of it all I will be a better artist for it. This week I'll be starting very simple with the 1930's "rubber hose" animation style. Lucky for me that style is in black and white, so I don't have to worry about color just yet lol Of course I will post all of these up here. In fact, I'll go make a One Year Style Challenge folder so you guys can keep up with me as I progress. Wish me luck!

Update: A few folks messaged me with concern that this means I am going to scrap my current style and try to invent a new one entirely, forsaking everything I have done up to this point in my art career. Here is my answer to this to ease your worries:

I agree with my friends in that I need to try new things for the sake of learning from them. I need to practice a lot and learn, but I also have a particular style I have been striving for through the years. I will take whatever I learn, but I will still draw how I want to draw without letting people influence my work to the point of losing my identity as an artist. My main goal here is not to completely change my style, but to enhance it by stepping outside of my comfort zone and experimenting. This is something I have been striving for all along and you can see it in the progression of my work how it’s gone from this to this. I still have a long way to go, and even when I reach the place I want to be at, I will still never be 100% satisfied because there’s always room for improvement in art. I know people are concerned that I am taking things to heart and going to suddenly stop doing what I do the way I do it, but that isn’t the case so don’t worry lol

6/10/14 Digital Painting Practice

I wanna get better at coloring so now I am finally getting my butt in gear and doing practice, 'cause practice is the only way I can ever get good at anything. I have a long way to go, but I am definitely learning ^^

6/2/14 Livestream Session Starting 4:00 Pm EST!

Hi all! I am determined to get this commission done, even if it's just the lineart for today. I invite you all to come watch my Livestream, I will be starting 4pm EST, between now and then I need to cook up something for dinner and do some chores. Can't work on an empty stomach xD Hope to see you guys there! Normally when I livestream no one shows up, maybe I don't give enough notice or people are just at work/school >>; I dunno, either way I like recording my work so I know exactly how much time it takes to do (which helps with pricing). If you can come, great! If not, no biggy. Cya at 4! Livestream channel-…

Otaku's Mega To-Do List:


I have so much to do, my head can spin, so it helps me be productive and stay on track whenever I write out an actual to-do list so I cross off what has been done as I go. Nothing feels better than scratching off every last item on the list! Here goes!

1. Do the damn dishes, Jesus have you SEEN that mountain of crap? (They pile up so fast! 0^0)

2. Defrost chopmeat for chili, or be doomed to eat another crappy frozen burrito, or a crappy frozen chicken patty. Bish, get to some home cookin’!

3. Put the new fishies in the big tank, they have proven a clean bill of health and are ready to go into their new home! Try not to stress ‘em out too much during the process O3O Bloop~

4. Photoshop pics of all the new jewelry you made and post dat shit. Gotta show the world!

5.Livestream the Chrono commission, you NEED to get this done so you can take on more commissions and make that green stuff. DO IT! *shakes self*

6. Make the chibi lemon cake kiriban pic for Hiro, it’s the only other art project you need to do after Chrono! DO IT!

7. Create bust portrait bases, front, and 3/4 views which will be used for OC bust portrait commissions. En lieu of that, make samples for a bust commission catalog with prices, then post dat shit all over! Need to make the green, tired of being broke!

8. Work on an art commission catalog that covers the full range of all that I do best, buy some more colored ink, and print, print, print!

9. Make an art commission menu to post all over the net with picture samples and price ranges. WORK IT GIRL!

10. Get your ass out there and hand out those anime portrait flyers and your shiny brochures. Also research Skidmore’s class schedules and get out to sell that jewelry! MARKET BISH!

I think that’s enough for now lol I already feel good and overwhelmed. I’ll be striking out each thing as I complete it. I love the smell of progress!

Anime Sketch Commissions- OPEN for business!

To my dear watchers, please consider sharing this or commissioning me for a sketch. I’ve been in dire financial straits for months now with very few art commissions to sustain me. I desperately need the income, so please help!

Sketch Commission List

1. Liz-66 *Payment received 7/1/14 - DONE!*

2. silentline26 *Payment received 6/14/14 - DONE!*

I am OPEN to do many more of these, as many as 20 a month. Please e-mail me your reference pic(s) and send $10.60 my PayPal to be added to the list. My e-mail is (for both).

5/3/14 Only 1 Watch Away From 1k!

I made this little doodle in advance since I am on the cusp of having 1,000 devwatchers! That's crazy to think that many people enjoy my artwork enough to follow me here. I am really humbled and grateful to you all. It's been a long journey to get this far, 9 whole years on this site. I've gotten so much better over the years and I still have a long way to go, and I am happy to have you all with me to see my work continue to improve! Thank you all so much!

Update: Congrats to jenastar for un-watching me and then re-watching me so she can be my 1,000th devwatcher XD Now I owe her a kiriban art on top of a birthday pic lol You sly thing you o<o

5/1/14 Making Art for Me Time

Come join me as I make a new fanart of my blood elf rogue, Amalthara :D I am trying to push myself through an art slump, fight through depression and feeling like my art is not good enough. I just want to get into the zen groove of doing something I enjoy doing, and making this for me. I got some peaceful music going and I think I will work on refining the lineart, then continue practicing greyscale painting. Feel free to join me :3…

Update: Lineart done! O3O

4/29/14 Help me reach my lifelong goals!

I just created a Patreon account, it’s basically a site where people can donate money and become patrons of their favorite artists/musicians etc. The goal is to get lots of people contributing $, it can be as little as $1 a month. It all adds up and helps creative people (like myself) continue making artwork. When contribution goals are met, the artist will do something nice for their patrons as a way of showing thanks. Some of my milestone perks include Livestream sketch requests, new fantasy illustrations, and 20x30 posters of my artwork. I urge you all to have a look at my page and consider becoming patrons of my art :) If you can't contribute, no worries! There is no obligation to do anything, but I will ask for you to at least spread the word and tell everyone you know. Share my link to Patreon, show people my artwork, let them know about me and what I do. That alone is a HUGE help! Thank you all!

Click here to become my Patron! <3

Here, have a bad Selfie O3O

Came home from work and mail man delivered this to me, a gift from my wonderful friend Jessica aka Empy-O aka Empy O3O I love it!!! *prances about gayly in her rainbows* P.S. The mirror makes me look slenderer than I actually am. Thank you so much pookiewookiesmoogiebear! OWO *glomps*

4/2/14 Tragedy Struck

Hey all, it's been a few weeks since my last journal entry. Some awful things have happened, stunting my progress on commissions big time. I'm still sick and after multiple calls to my doctor he finally had me do a stool sample to see what the heck is wrong, ever since I ate at Applebees 4 weeks ago my digestive system has been destroyed. Maybe I got a serious viral/bacterial bug or a parasite. Either way, they will know once they test the samples. Despite feeling icky, about two weeks ago I decided to go to Petsmart and buy some new fish since my 20 year old pleco passed away a few months ago and my 13 year old blackskirt tetra, Tiny, was all alone after his entire school died of old age. I just thought it would be nice to have some new life in the tank since it was sad I lost my finny friends who I had been with over half of my life. I had purchased a new baby pleco I named Arthas, three new blackskirt tetras, and two beautiful rosy barbs. I thought they all looked very healthy and had inspected their tankmates at the shop, seeing they had no visible signs of parasites or disease. I decided not to put them in a quarantine tank and just acclimated them to the main tank. That was my first huge mistake. Four days later the new blackskirt tetras, who I named Teeny, Eency, and Weency, all had ich; a very contagious parasite that literally sucks the life out of your fish.

My second mistake was using an out of date ich medication, then realizing it was expired and doing too big of a water change and not being careful about the new water being just the right temperature. The sudden change in temp and the old, toxic meds stressed out all the fish and made the ich go wild. The next day all of my babies were completely covered in parasitic cysts. To make matters even worse, I tried raising the temperature to 83 degrees, using aquarium salt, and putting in a new ich medication which is what almost every fish disease site recommends. By then the fish's immune systems were shot, and the higher temps (which speed up the lifecycle of the parasite) caused some very bad bacteria to flourish and infect my fish. Before I even knew what was happening, my babies started dying off rapidly. They came down with a terrible disease called Hemorrhagic Septicemia, it attacks their gills and circulatory system, making them bleed and eventually destroying their hearts and organs. Over the course of three days, all of the fish were dead except the two rosy barbs. I am completely devastated this all happened, and I feel horrible for having made so many mistakes in my panic to treat the fish rather than take my time to really research what to do. I have had those fish for 13 years, they were part of my family and these past few days I've struggled to motivate myself to do anything because I am still in shock.

The only ray of sunshine in this entire fiasco is that the two rosy barbs, who I have decided to name Wanu and Paku (after Liwanu and Pakuna) are still doing fine. They seemed to be completely immune to the ich and nothing has taken hold of them this entire time. Right now I have them both in a hospital tank with Coppersafe and Maracyn 2 to completely destroy any remaining ich or bad bacteria. They're both eating well and I have great faith they will survive all of this. They are both little miracles and a poignant reminder of how even such tiny little creatures can be incredibly resilient and strong, and that even with so much death and tragedy, life will always find a way. All I have left to say if that I pray for my fish who died to rest in peace, they will be returned to the earth as soon as the ground thaws. One of my friends is going to let me bury them all in her garden and I will plant flowers over their grave. I miss them all dearly. R.I.P. Lumpy, Jumpy, Thelma, Louiso, Don, Juan, Teeny, Tiny, Eency, Weency, and Arthas. I'm sorry for causing all of this ;__;     

2/13/14 Ready to Roll!

Alas! My back pain is steadily going away. I bought a $20 posturepedic lumbar cushion and the lady (whose apartment I cleaned) got me a new chair, which both seem to be helping immensely. This is right on time too since I now have 4 art commissions and I need to be able to sit here for hours upon hours to do them without being in agony. *rolls up sleeves* Time to get to work!

2/5/14 What have I gotten myself into?

My back finally feels a lot better (still not 100% though), but I have found myself piled on with more work than I've ever had, and it's not even a kind of work I like to do... For the past week and a half I have been cleaning and organizing a lady's apartment, and so far I've dumped 60 hours of my life into it and I am still not done. I was working at my receptionist job and she came in and asked me: "Are you good at organizing and do you like cats?" to which I answered yes. She is a college professor, a reiki healer, and a grief counselor with a PH D... so of course I thought perhaps she could be the one to finally give me the counseling and therapy I need to overcome my depression from losing my mom and all the other traumatic things I've been through. I agreed to help her and she agreed we'd do a barter; I clean her house and care for her cats while she is away, and she gives me free counseling, an ergonomic computer chair, and buys me a nice dinner. Sounds good right? She even gave me a $100 bill the day we met, along with a key to her apartment. I thought it was odd she'd instantly trust me and be so generous right off the bat when she literally just met me, but lucky for her I am a very honest, hard-working person. I whipped her apartment into amazing shape and turned her cluttered, nonsensical chaos into a highly organized, functional space. The only thing left is sorting out massive amounts of paperwork and documents (most of which, I guarantee, can be tossed).

The drawback to all of this is I have not had any time for myself, art commissions, or any pursuits that lead to making money. I am the brokest I have ever been after paying for my van and my bills, and I've yet to receive anything out of this barter (aside from the $100) since this lady is always traveling/working. I almost just wish I was paid for all this cleaning, at least then I wouldn't have to be so poor xD I really hope this all pays off, I don't like wasting my time and it's been very uncomfortable for me digging through a total stranger's personal belongings hour after hour. I still don't know a thing about this woman aside from her name and her professions and it is really off-putting. Perhaps I am too nice and I say yes too easily, I really hope I'm not being used >.> More than likely everything will work out fine, I'll have a good chair for my back and all the therapy I could have ever asked for to help me with my depression, but until all of that happens I am still skeptical.

Anywho, today it's snowing a lot and I am taking a day off from cleaning this lady's house, so to celebrate this free-time I am working on getting as many Hell and Elysium character sheets done as possible. jenastar and I have been doing a lot of RPing and we've made so many characters, my head can spin lol I do love them all though, they are our babies after all! So you all can look forward to that. I do have two art commissions I need to work on, but today I really need some unwind time before I go nuts. With home depot and this apartment thing I been working 63 hours a week x.x I am not the kinda person that can work that much without burning out >.> There ya have it, life update complete.    

1/22/14 My Back is Killing me!

So my latest dilemma is that my computer chair is no longer supporting my back, and everytime I sit in it, it's only a matter of minutes before I am in agony. I have two art commissions I need to do, and I have been unable to do them because I can't sit at my desk without being in a lot of pain. For the past two weeks I'm either in bed, on a huge ball, working out at the gym, or standing... my back seems to feel okay doing anything BUT sitting... it's crazy, but I guess chair posture really does matter, and I am so guilty of hunching forward. I suppose I only have myself to blame since I live at the computer and sit here for many, many hours every single day, year after year. Either way, I'm a bit beside myself about not being able to work on commissions, especially since I am super broke after dumping $1,000 into a van so I have a car to get to work. Blahhh, why spine? Why must you hurt me so? e.e I need to make moneeeeeyyy arghhhhh..... *done ranting*

R.I.P. My Beloved Pleco 20 years old - Born August 27, 1993- Died January 15, 2014

My pleco just passed away suddenly. Yesterday he was fine and today I noticed his belly was round and bloated, and he began thrashing around the tank in discomfort before finally settling into his favorite cave under the driftwood to die. I went to buy epsom salt and set up a hospital tank, but when I took pleco out and put him in it I noticed he was limp in my hand and his gills were no longer moving. This all happened so suddenly I can only figure that his kidneys failed and he died of old age. I’m crying my eyes out because I love this fish, I’ve taken care of him for 16 years and I love him like family. Pleco was always special to me, I never knew a fish in an aquarium could live so long. I am so glad I got to celebrate his 20th birthday and share that event with you guys back in August. He’ll be eating zucchini up in fish heaven now ;.; Goodbye my old friend, I will miss you!

1/14/14 Life Updates and Livestream!

Hey all! I know you haven’t heard much from me, and art submissions have been few and far between and I typically only post commissioned work, nothing original. I’ve been going through a serious bout of soul-crushing depression ever since I got back from Minnesota at the end of October, and it’s killed my creative spirit. Most days I just lay around watching Netflix or I cry and feel immensely sad. I know I’ve had a rough life; I lost my mom to cancer and I lost all my beloved pets, I live alone and I get lonely with no human contact or friends to visit. I struggle with my weight, always teetering on 300 pounds, and after a while all of these factors combined eat away at me since I have no one to really talk to and no outlet for my inner pain.

Unfortunately, this happens to me every year and it’s unpredictable when it will strike, but I try my best to fight it. My old 1994 Buick finally bit the dust and now I am carless, so getting to work is very pricey since the taxis are charging me $8-10 a trip. The entire bottom frame was rusted so bad the engine was literally about to fall through the bottom of the car. If I was in it when that happened, that would have been the end of me. Luckily my mechanic has a 1999 Plymouth Voyager van he’s selling me for $1,300. I paid off half already and I hope to have it this week, so I pray to God my car nightmare will finally be over. If anything was making me depressed, it was having a P.O.S. car that broke down all the time and kept wiping me out financially over and over again. Maybe now this newer used car will last me a few years and not empty my wallet in costly repair bills. I would love to finally be able to save up some $ and not have to constantly worry about driving a death machine to work every week. Fingers crossed.

Things are getting better for me and I have two very fun commissions by two of my best clients who come back to me over and over, Robyn and NarutoLestat. I think working on these projects will help me get my creative spark back, and I would like to Livestream my progress on both projects. You are all more than welcome (and encouraged) to come join me and watch. It always makes working that much more enjoyable ^3^ I will start streaming at 11:00 AM EST USA time, so less than a half hour from now. The stream will be on going, on and off all day until I get these commissions done or my back is killing me to the point where I have to call it quits until tomorrow. We’ll see what happens!

12/25/13 Warm Holiday Wishes

I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or whatever holiday you celebrate, and may you all have a great New Year as well! Have a picture of my cute little tree to put you in the spirit :) <3 OtakuEC

12/3/13 Holy cow! New watchers!

Wow, I am amazed by how many new devwatchers I got today from posting Lara's art XD So as usual, whenever I commission Lara and get permission to post her artwork on my DA (because she no longer uses DA), I get a lot of watchers and I worry that you folks watched me because you think my art is as phenomenal as Lara Yokoshima's. Well, I think my work is pretty good in its own right, but I do hope all you new watchers did take a look at my gallery and have seen my work too~ ^^ I'm so happy to have you all here following what I do. I know I haven't posted much art lately, but I am planning to open up an OC bust portrait commission, maybe 5 slots. Keep your eyes peeled! <3 OtakuEC

11/2/13 - Home, sweet home...?

Hello all, I am back from my little two week vacation in MN. It was a truly delightful break from work, commissions, and my stressful everyday struggle to make money. I just watched movies, played games, ate tons of good food, and spent every moment with my best friends jenastar and her awesome sister Empy-O. The only con of all this was I gained a boat load of weight and totally wrecked my body by eating like a pig, but I will get that all under control soon enough. It was a really nice experience overall to see new places and do things with people who I have known online for five years. Being with the two of them felt so incredibly natural, as if we'd known each other our entire lives and had been talking face-to-face all these years rather than through our computers. We went to the Mall of America a few times, and my favorite part of that was going to the Sea Life aquarium. I have a lot of pics and video clips from it chock full of gorgeous sharks and a plethora of other salt and freshwater fish.

A large part of me wouldn't mind moving out to MN so I can be closer to my friends and maybe even work at Sea Life. I might like being a tour guide or just work in the gift shop. There has to be something I could do; I would just love to be there all the time. It was also nice to be around Jenastar and Empy because it felt like I had a family again. I wasn't all alone in my tiny apartment; I was actually there with them, sharing meals, laughing, and having the joy of their company. Coming back home was a bit depressing since this place has never truly felt like home to me, not 100%. This little box I live in was because my mom died and Housing saw fit to move me, causing me to lose my pets, my gardens, and all of the little things that gave me happiness. Now all I have is my computer to connect me to the world, and it gets tiresome living this way. I grow weary of being isolated and alone all the time with only a glowing screen.

I know I need a change, so I am going to try harder to sell off most of my stuff. If I am ever going to move anywhere better, I need to lighten my load a lot. So once again, you all can help me out by taking some of this load off my hands. I will be selling most of my things on eBay. Thus far I have sold most of my yaoi manga and that entire lot of Naruto cards. I will be listing up a lot more stuff, but little by little. Here's a link to my eBay if you all wanna bookmark it and check it from time-to-time to see what I am selling. ATM I have nothing listed aside from prints and some Halloween things I couldn't sell off before I left on my trip. I just got home and I need to get to work on posting more things for sale, so do check back. I will also post what I have for sale on my otakustuff4sale tumblr. Anywho, now that I am back I have a lot of work to do, art to finish, things to accomplish. I guess I'll hop to it! <3 OtakuEC

10/16/13 Bon Voyage!

Going to MN, see you guys in 2 weeks! <3 OtakuEC

10/10/13 Look what I found on Google images!

Artwork by a Skidmore classmate Katrina Zulakis. I found this on Google search when I randomly decided to see what pops up when I type in my name. I totally forgot this girl drew my portrait! She drew a bunch of us for a class project, though none of us got to keep our portraits nor did she send us pics. I don't even remember what year this was or what this girl even looked like @.@ How awesome though, she did a great job! XD

Also just so you guys know, I am leaving for my trip to Minnesota on the 16th and I won't be back until the 28th. I will be chillin' with jenastar and Empy-O 3@ So there won't be anything being posted up and I am not taking on any art commissions until I get back. <3 OtakuEC

9/27/13 So... Whatcha been doin'? O>O

It has been what feels like AGES since I posted any art, or more specifically, since I posted any art that is not commissioned, but purely for my own enjoyment. Ever since mid-June until now I have been literally swamped in art commissions (which is NOT a bad thing, I need the money!), but I just wanted to let you all know why I haven't been as active and why most of what I have submitted is just commission stuff. I have a few new ones to post up, one of which took me 50 hours to do and consumed my life for nearly the entire month of September. I just have to do a few minor things to it and then I will post it up sometime this week.

Unfortunately, almost all of the money I made from that commission is GONE already because my car decided, right on time, it needed to have a major $750 break down. My car has been my biggest necessary evil since I wound up on my own after my mom passed away. Every year it has literally eaten almost all the money I toiled so hard for and in the 5 years I have owned it, it has cost me over $5,000 in repairs and maintenance, not even counting the price of gas and insurance I pay monthly. Bear in mind, I make less than $7,000 a year (though it may be a bit more with art commissions) and I only bring in a little over $400 a month from my Home Depot job. I am in no financial position to be fixing up and rebuilding a classic car. I have finally decided that I am going to draw the line and stop fixing it. The next time it breaks down, that is the end of me having a car. It will be the beginning of me walking around with a wheeled cart to carry my groceries, taking buses that dump me inconveniently far away from my Home Depot job, walking over a mile in all kinds of weather with my work gear, having to wait 2 hours to get home after work, and doling out $8 a trip for over-priced taxis.

In the end, despite the massive inconvenience, I'd probably be saving more money in the long-run, and maybe losing more weight since I'll be doing a lot more walking. Despite how hard I tried to raise money for a newer used car with my 'Art for Car' campaign on Indiegogo, my YouTube plea for help, my free charity cars account with over 1,300 votes... all was for naught. My 20 year old Buick ate all of the money I made just so I could keep it running and have a way to get to work, appointments, etc. My constant struggle to make enough money to survive while also having such an old vehicle has been miserable and I am ready for a major change. It will be nice to actually get to keep the money I earn from commissions and save up for my long-term goals rather than always lose it all at the drop of a hat when the car starts spewing gasoline or stalling mid-drive. I am done with this chapter of my life.

To end all of this on a positive note: Once I finally finish my last 3 commissions I am going to finish coloring my sailor moon fanart, finish rooting my custom Monster High doll's hair and post pictures, post up a new chapter of Hell (and maybe Elysium as well if I have enough pages), start doing some YouTube videos of my struggles learning how to digitally paint and maybe some art tutorials, and in general get back to making art I want to make. I am also going to work on creating a commission catalog with images and fixed prices so people stop shying away when they see my $20/hour rate. I want to try doing the monthly slot thing a lot of other artists do and call out for commissions of things that would actually interest me to draw, because in all honestly, most of the commissions I have gotten bore me to tears ;.; Doing business cards, brochures, logos, and bland illustrations are not terribly fun for me, but I do it to survive. I won't turn down any commission, but I do want to get some that I will at least feel motivated to do. I really hope some of you guys and gals on here will support me on that since I will try to price some of my stuff low enough to cater to you all, but not so low that I go homeless xP Anyway, all of these things are going to take quite a bit of time to do so expect each of these goals to be accomplished in dribs and drabs over the next three months. As always, thanks for reading and hope you all have a super great day! - <3 OtakuEC

9/18/13  Tumblr Debate and My 2 Cents



Really low prices make me less likely to commission an artist.

Me: I'm not an artist. I do commission artists - I spend around $300-600 a month on digital art commissions.

I sometimes find an artist who has really impressive work, or a unique style, or something else that makes me think "I should commission this person.". Then I look at their prices and they are crazily low. As in less than 20 dollars for a colour full body character.

And I don't commission them. Because I can't pay prices that low and feel good about myself for doing it.

I know it takes hours to draw even one character. Plus the time it takes to study the brief, look at the references, communicate with me, etc etc. No way are they making even minimum wage this way, let alone a living wage.

I commission art because it's fun. It's my hobby. If I'm knowingly paying someone slave wages to support my hobby, it isn't fun.

To artists who undercharge: Please reconsider. I've heard many reasons why you decide to do this (see below). But if you price your work like you don't respect it, you won't get clients who will respect you or your work either. You charge peanuts, you get monkeys.

To commissioners who push for these prices: Have some respect. Not just for the artists, but for the other commissioners out there. You're giving us all a bad name. If you can't afford decent prices, don't be mean about it. Save up, or find some other hobby. Or hey, learn to draw.

Comments I get whenever I say the above:

  • "No-one will buy commissions from me at decent prices." - That's a pity. But you realise by underpricing like this you are making your problem worse, by contributing to the "art should be dirt cheap" mindset that seems to exist in dA and other places? (okay mostly dA, that place is a cesspit) Besides, there are other things you can do than keep lowering prices. There's tons of advice in dA:
    'Official' Pricing Your Commissions or Artwork Thread
    Finding Freelance work: pricing and self doubt!

    And other places:
    How to get commissions: A guide
    Getting the Most Out of Commissions
    If none of the above helps you… maybe you need to reconsider if you are at the right stage in your development to be offering commissions. Sorry.
  • "I'm only doing this for fun, I don't care about the money." - Good for you. But there are others that are trying to make a living doing this. Have some consideration for them, yes?
  • "It's the clients pushing my prices down." - Gah. Then your clients are awful people who don't respect you. It's a trap though - you charge low prices, you get cheap clients. There's only one way out of that trap.
  • (Commissioner says) "But I want this drawn and I can't afford higher prices." - I want to live in an exact replica of Wayne Manor, but I can't afford that. So, um, I don't. Simplify your idea, or don't commission it until you can afford to do so without ripping off the artist.
  • (Commissioner says) "By paying less per artist I can support more artists." - No. Just… no. You are not supporting artists, you are exploiting them. Paying less per artists lets you exploit more artists.
  • "Just tip the artist." - I have done that, but it sends the wrong message. Tipping isn't the norm in this game, so when I tip artists assume it's because they did an extra-awesome job, when in fact I'm tipping them because they did their normal-awesome job. Plus if an artist is charging one-third or one-quarter what they should be, do I tip them 300%?

(Image by me. Not an artist, remember? The price list is made up, but based on real lists I've seen recently.)

submitted by -badgermushroom

wow this is actually one of the best things to ever come out of artist's confessions. 

As a freelance artist that depends on my art income to keep a roof over my head and actually survive, the amount of artists competing to get commissions is a difficult sea to wade through, especially when the multitudes of talented artists are charging far less than minimum wage. The overwhelming majority of artists getting commissions through the internet (DA, Tumblr, FA, Y! Gal, etc.) really do need to raise their prices in my humble opinion. If you are one of these artists, whatever your reasons might be for charging so low, make sure you're at least getting minimum wage or more for the area you live in. It is not a crime for a really talented artist to charge between $7.25/hour-$10/hour - $35+/hour (depending on skill level, college education, and demand for your work).

Artists need to break away from single digit prices. You're only hurting yourselves by undervaluing your own time. Would you work at McDonald's and put in an 8 hour shift for only $5? No. Every hour you put into art for commissions is worth more than a few cents or a dollar. Even if you're only making art as a hobby, to make some extra cash, etc. and you don't rely on the money to survive, it doesn't matter. There is an art economy online and a lot of artists who do need that money to live, so you really should care about how all of you are effecting that art economy, whether you are new to commissioning or not. If no one is commissioning you, it's because it is extremely hard to stand out from the crowd in a sea of world-wide competition. You're not the only one vying for clients, and I am not the best at marketing and advertising, but I do know word-of-mouth works and if someone out there really likes your work, they will hire you even if you charge a fair wage. Just keep making art and improving your skill!

So my dear artists, don't sell yourselves short! Don't make outrageously low prices the "norm" on the internet! Too many people in online art communities think these prices are what art should cost and whether you care or not, you're hurting the online art economy for people who really need to make a fair wage, and you're hurting yourselves. Charging anything less than a bare minimum wage is awful. You are ALL worth more than 3rd world sweat-shop wages!

For those of you who commission art, realize art takes a lot of time and time = money. Pay your artists a proper wage or save up until you can afford to. If you do commission someone who is charging extremely low, please tell them their work is worth more, give them a generous tip or pay them what you think their work is worth, and for God's sake PLEASE don't haggle your artist to lower their prices for your convenience or complain they are charging too much!

Lastly, I don't agree with the original poster's notion that boycotting commissions from low-balling artists will solve the problem. Not at all, but there does need to be some very loud horn-blowing to get all of these people to up their prices to- at the VERY least- $7.25/hour or whatever minimum hourly wage is for the area they live in. For those artists that have spent years and years of their lives honing their art skills, and ones with degrees to back it up, starting rates for illustration should be around $15-$20+ per hour. Otaku hath spoken o.q

8/29/13  Otaku's Stuff 4 Sale! Anime, manga, games, toys, and more~

Hello my dear, sweet Watchers. Please check out my stuff 4 sale blog, I will be posting a LOT more stuff. To start, I am selling 10 steamy and gorgeous yaoi graphic novels and a huge collection of Naruto trading and game cards + other goodies. Have a look! :)

===========»»>Otaku's Stuff 4 Sale Blog! ««<===========


You are invited to a birthday party!

Where: My Livestream channel

When: TODAY August 27th, 6:00 pm onward

Why?: My pleco will be turning 20 years old, so let us celebrate his remarkable longevity with a fishy birthday party and live fishcam! There will be cake (for me) and a yummy zucchini for him :D

This is no joke folks, I am really going to have a birthday party for my fish lol It will be funnnn!

UPDATE: For those of you who missed the amazing fish birthday party, here is the livestream footage! Unfortunately pleco was too shy to come out of his cave in the actual ceremony vid, but you can see him in the second fishcam video :)

Ceremony vid:…

Fishcam vid:…



I am going to finish this commission TODAY no matter what it takes! I've been having another serious bout of procrastination for the past two weeks and I cannot afford to let this continue, I have 6 commissions that need to be done. I kept telling myself I would start at 2pm, then the hours slipped away and now it's going on 7pm. O___O I need to focus!!!!!! No Skyrim, no WoW, no Hell and Elysium stuffs, no Supernatural, Dexter, or Free! Swimming anime... No DeviantArt or browsing Tumblr hours on end. I must stop distracting myself >.< I MUST WORK!

Come help me stay focused, if people watch me on Livestream I will have to be held accountable and not shirk off my work a moment longer OMO Watch my Livestream NOW!

Update: I couldn't finish but I am alllmost done! Will resume tomorrow with coloring the Gorn :D

Art Commission Debacle: The Hourly Rate vs Fixed Prices and Is Your Work Too Expensive?

I am sure those of you who know me well know that when it comes to art commissions I am really anal about people who A.) don't respect an artist's time and value their work, wanting to pay them in peanuts, B.) artists who don't understand the value of their work and charge in peanuts, and C.) people who complain I charge too much or outright stiff me after I've done the work. This is a little back and forth between a random person on DA who seemed curious about commissioning me, only to quickly turn me down as soon as they discovered I charge an hourly rate.

Observe this person's reaction after I answer her question on my art commission info:

Anonymous-  When do you think this will be up?

OtakuEC  Oh it's actually 99% done, I just need to post in picture samples with price ranges… but all of the info is current. I charge $20/hour and I come up with an estimate based on how many hours individual projects take me to do. I currently have 7 art commissions that are either in progress or soon to start, but if you have any questions at all let me know!

Anonymous-  Yeah… I NEVER commission artists that charge by the hour! …EVER!

OtakuEC  Well I can understand how you may have anxiety that an artist would be dishonest and charge you an outrageous amount and claim he or she worked 50 hours when they only spent 2. I don't do that, in fact, I Livestream most of my commissions and let people watch me work, so they can see my actual work time. Every artist does it differently, but even the ones who charge flat rates typically go by an hourly wage, making sure they are at least making minimum wage for the time they spend. Time is valuable.

Anonymous-  Yeah… even if you didn't go by hour I still couldn't afford prices like that… very poor and usually only commission if it's cheap or kiriban/requests… it's sad but at least I can get SOME art :/

OtakuEC  Well, that's why you should save up if there's an artist whose work you value and really love. I recently commissioned adrhaze and LaraYokoshima, and I spent a pretty penny between the two of them, yet I feel their prices were fair and the work they did was well worth it. I had to work very hard to make the money to pay them, but it's an even exchange. If you really want good artwork, you gotta work for it too, just like the artists have to work hard to make their money.

Anonymous-  I find it almost insulting that you just said that, it may interest you to know that it is 10 times more hard work to do what I do than it is to simply save up some cash! I wouldn't pay much more than $40 for any piece of art by ANY artist (that means even people like Victoria Francis) unless I had a very specific concept, which I've done once and it didn't work out anything like I wanted : ( I'm currently watching 672 deviants… about half of which are people I want to commission! Forgive me if I don't want to spend a ton more than I could.


Most of the time when people show they are clearly not interested or not willing to commit to a commission, I let them go on their merry way to find their freebies and cheapies elsewhere, but I felt the need to impart something to this girl who seems to believe my work is too expensive. I believe any artwork worth having is valuable. Art is unique to every person and a bit of the artist's soul goes into every piece they make. Not to mention there are various physical and mental challenges that go along with hours at a desk fretting over a piece of art. There's eye strain, hand-cramps, back aches, headaches, long hours of zooming in and out, erasing, redrawing, problem solving, analyzing, perfecting, critiquing… Many people take all that we do for granted and somehow think it's easy or magical. Art doesn't simply pop into existence, it's a labor of love and sometimes a labor of necessity. Art commissions help me pay my rent and bills or save up for various things that I need or want.

My hourly rate is based on the 2013 Graphic Artist's Guild: Pricing and Ethical Guidelines book, which gives all kinds of price ranges for professional artists. The starting wage for illustrators is $15/hour-$20/hour. The super pros charge $75/hour+. I started out at $10/hour in 2010 and I worked my way up as I built my business and honed my skills to where they are now. I feel confident in my abilities. I do work for $10-12/hour for close friends and regulars, but for the most part people hire me at my current rate and they are not disappointed in the work I provide for them.

So to wrap this up, it is not wrong for freelance artists to charge an hourly rate or fixed prices, it all boils down to a simple equation. Time= money. No artist should charge less than minimum wage, and I believe no artist should charge less than $10/hour bare minimum. The problem is, most artists I see online charge waaaay too little for their work or practically give it away for free, so many people seem to have a built-in expectation that all those super gorgeous pictures that took 5-20+ hours to make shouldn't cost more than $5-40… It's really sad and frustrating. If you're an artist looking to make money, don't undercharge and devalue your work and destroy the economy for all other freelancers in your niche. If you're a person commissioning art, please respect and value your artist's time and effort. We work very hard at our craft and we deserve to be paid properly!

Feel free to share your two cents if you are a freelancer or someone who likes to commission art. *sips tea* Ah feels good to rant… w@

Response from ~Liz-66-

I'm not an artist, but I do occasionally buy art, when I can afford it, and I totally agree with everything here. I don't understand this expectation that artists should sell their work cheap. And I certainly don't understand why anyone would devalue the work of an artist they love enough to want to commission! 

You wouldn't go to a budget clothing store and expect to buy designer quality clothing. Yet people expect high quality art for a budget price? As with anything, you get what you pay for. If you want an artist to spend time creating a beautiful piece of art for you, then you pay them for that time. I don't care if you 'can't afford those prices'. Sorry, if you really want the commission, then you save up. You don't expect the artist to sell cheap because you are poor!

I've been saving for my commission of my OC Kanzi for ages! The writer of this post is a friend of mine and I wouldn't dream of asking her to do it 'cheap'. I've watched her art livestreams and trust me, until you have watched any artist work, you have no idea how long it takes to produce high quality art.

Part of the love and pride of your finished art work is knowing that you paid the artist fairly for it.

7/4/13 Life is fulla headaches…

For the past three (going on four) weeks I have had on and off headaches, always in the front of my head and behind my eyes. My doctor has told me I have acute sinusitis and it seems to be triggered during the pollen-filled spring and summer months, so it's likely caused by some undiagnosed allergy. The sinus headaches can range from mild to 'just shoot me now.' My sinuses swell up and my eyeballs are seemingly bulging out of my head, and it certainly feels that way. The pressure on my eyes sucks so bad, when I close them I see weird colors and lights.

If any of you have been wondering why my arting has slowed and I'm not doing as much art lately, it's because my eyes and my head are killing me. Luckily I am on drugs that at least take the pain away for a few hours at a time, but it royally sucks to be a bum and do nothing all day long when there is so much I want to do.

I want to open up pencil bust commission slots to draw people's OCs because I am in dire financial straights this month and I can't find a third job to work in my crappy town, my hours at home depot were cut down to 8 this week and I can't live on that. My bosses have been harassing me and I bet they want me to quit, but I CAN'T even if I wanted to. I was hit with bills for everything under the sun this month and I desperately need to make $500 (round trip tickets for the train) to be able to go to Minnesota in October and I would like to have at least $200 spending money so I am not totally broke when I am out there  Therefore I need about $700… that's a damn pricey trip for me, but I want to finally meet my two best friends (my RP partner Jenastar and her sister Empy). Both of them are really looking forward to meeting me as well, but they can't help me foot the bill on the travel costs. They will be letting me stay in their home for a week and provide me with food, so that is fair enough.

Also I got bad news that the mural gig I was supposed to be doing this summer was pushed back 6 months or more. That's $500 a month I won't be getting and that seriously destroyed my plans. (That gig coulda got me $4k-6k!) So no newer used car anytime soon and no $ for my trip… Being sick doesn't help, yesterday I was in bed all day, completely incapacitated. How can I make money if I can't even draw without my eyes killing me? >.<

Anyway, that's my rant for the day. If any of you wanna take pity on me and help me out, there is a donate button on my Tumblr's front page ( Go check out my Tumblr!). Even $1 donations are appreciated at this point. Any help at all is much appreciated, now I am going to slink back off to bed cause I feel like crap rolled over twice…

7/4/13 Just having fun dancing to kawaii anime music in SL on two hot bishies. Come join us!…


4/22/13 Hey all! I am currently Livestreaming, trying to draw a pic I have in my head  of Kalim and the spirit of Caine. I want to really challenge myself... backgrounds and digital painting, yikes... lol Come watch me struggle through it!…

4/21/13 Hey guys, so once again I have been slipping up and not making as much art as I should, I even fell behind on the adoptables because I needed a little change of pace. I spend so much of my life doing things on the computer and neglecting other hobbies I have, like making jewelry, console gaming or reading manga, rather than just focusing all my energy on what is online >> So despite the fact I am tired from a very mundane day at the Home Depot, I feel the need to put forth some effort and do something art-wise, even if it's not groundbreaking work. I dug up a really old picture (that I actually like) and all I have to do is shade it then it's done. After that I have a rough pencil sketch of April's special adoptable already made (did it at work har har) so I will get crackin' on that. As long as I get it done before April ends, I keep my word to make a special adoptable for each month, right? >.>; Oh and I should probably take a pic of the necklace I made and post it, it came out really pretty 3@

4/10/13 Not much going on. Ho hum, ho hum. When I think of something interesting to write about I shall. Other than that, I swam 40 laps today which is one mile and 4 laps... so yay o


4/4/13 I had a blast in Livestream tonight, check out my scraps to see the amazing doodles I made :3

100k Pageviews!
3/28/13 OMG guys I am seriously at 100k O____O This is a huge event for me XD For 8 long years I have struggled to become known or at least somewhat popular on DA for my own original art rather than just pop out fanart. Granted, I do have a bunch of fanart, but most of it I made when I was still a young Otaku. Along my journey these past 8 years on DA, I have busted my butt not only to improve my art and be up to snuff with the artists I admire, but to get as many people to see my work as possible. I have posted in so many thumbshare forums, joined hundreds of clubs to spam my art, used the GetWatchers system for hours on end, thanked thousands and thousands of people for favs, and hundreds for devwatches. I had created the club #UnseenArtists in 2005 as a hope that not only could I help other people struggling to get their work seen, but also help myself and build a community to create friendships that would last. To this day I am still friends with some of the original UnA Helpers. I have made so many wonderful friends here on DA and those of you who do always favorite my work or write nice comments, I can't express just how much I appreciate you too. Now I know I should probably make a 100k Kiriban or something, but I think my thank you is just as good lol So sincerely from me to all of you... THANK YOU!  

Re-doing Art Commissions Pages
3/26/13 Hi all, just been trying to spruce up my journal a bit. I'm working on re-doing my art commissions info by dividing the pages up based on personal or commercial projects, this way those of you who want art for personal use don't have to wade through tons of legal jargon or worry about a humongous contract. I'm going to try and come up with ballpark rates for various types of commissions and post image samples too-- however I am still going by my $20/hour rate. Anywho, I've wanted to do this for a long time, so I hope it works out and maybe lands me some commissions. I still desperately need money to save for a better car, so any work I can get would be immensely helpful 3@

Changing My DA Name Again!
3/21/13  So you all have likely noticed I changed my DA name again. I wanted to change it back to Otaku1811, but apparently DA won't let me do that. Otaku-no-Bijutsu was too long and people are too lazy to type it or simply can't remember it, so I knew something short and sweet would be better. OtakuEC is just the word Otaku with my initials EC for Emily Cammisa. This will be my new, permanent name on DA. Just wanted to let you guys know :3

I need a therapeutic writing session, so here we go...
2/24/13 So, not gonna lie, but I have been going through another one of my "no motivation to make art" periods and it's been lasting for months, though I've managed to push through it just enough to get my commissions done. I just have one more to do and I've been procrastinating like crazy, so I really need help staying focused so I can just get it done and then not have to worry about it anymore. I have these terrible art blocks and lack of creativity bouts fairly often, and sometimes it gets so bad I literally don't want to draw or make art at all. Desire= o. Nothing seems to motivate or inspire me, and during these art slumps I wind up playing grotesque amounts of WoW or watching marathons of different shows or movies on Netflix. Strangely enough, this year since things have been going so well for me (having a job to pay the bills, money to fix the car, etc.) I am not depressed and not very stressed out. I feel fairly even, yet I'm not really happy either. I tend to be more creative when I feel happy or excited about what I am doing... I also keep thinking about the art I should be working on and that makes me unhappy. Pretty much that is the only thing making me unhappy... that I WANT to make art, but I DON'T. It's crazy lol

So what have I been doing? I spend hours and hours just sitting at the computer and the days, weeks, and then months slip away and I find I've done nothing productive at all to hone my skill as an artist or try to keep my promises to make that Hell and Elysium webcomic and artbook. I have a crazy amount of linearts piling up that need to be colored, yet no desire or motivation to color them. I've gotten great advice on how to break through this creative block, yet I can't seem to be arsed enough to even try doing crappy doodles each day. Part of the problem is I have an addictive personality and whatever I am currently obsessed with is all I want to do. Right now I just want to play WoW, level up, grind out dailies and work for mounts and achieves. I've also been trying to roleplay in WoW and on rare occasion ~jenastar comes on and we do some posts in Hell (which makes me deliriously happy). But make art? That feels a lot like work...

I always think maybe I am just a lazy person and I wonder why I don't have the drive to work my ass off, makes lots of money and become a super awesome illustration artist. I just don't feel motivated, I make just enough money to survive and I scrape by, so why strive for better? I also feel like most people don't care. I know I shouldn't make art based on what other people think, but let's face it... not many artists pop out amazing work and then lock it in a closet. I want people to view my stuff, follow me and appreciate what I do. I want people to talk to me and get to know me... Yet if I post a pic and don't spam it in 100 clubs on DA I only have a tiny handful of my dearest watchers who ever notice what I submit, and even fewer who ever ask me how I am doing (you guys know who are, love you <3). I know I have a bit of an attention whore inside myself and an artists' ego to boot. That part of me wants to be uber popular and have people commission me for fun character design stuff all the time, or ask me to draw Hell and Elysium stuff. I really want people to love what I do as much as I do, especially the Hell and Elysium stuff because I am super passionate about those stories and the characters. If people cared enough to say "Hey I love so-and-so, draw them more! I will so come watch if you Livestream it!" that would help put my ass in gear (maybe). I tend to work best if it's somehow collaborative or I have people to share the experience with, otherwise I am just by my lonesome grinding away hours and hours making work that not many people will bother to look at. I guess what I am trying to say is that I want people to interact with me more to try and pull me from my shell of solitude. You guys and gals could possibly help light a fire under my butt. If there was actually a demand for me to draw, perhaps it would help me draw more often even when I get into these slumps. My friend Aioue suggested I do Livestreams at least once a week and just do quick sketch requests for people. I think that's a good idea and it could be fun as well. You can't get much more interactive than that, right?

Anywho, thanks for reading my little rant.

Reply from SacredCandybar I know I have a bit of an attention whore inside myself and an artists' ego to boot.

I think it's fair to say that nearly everyone, artist and non-artist alike, have a bit of an "attention whore" in them. Dale Carnegie said we all want positive recognition and a feeling of importance. It's not a bad thing. And appreciation for something that you've put a lot of love and work into certainly isn't unwarranted.

The thing is (and this is either the "bad" part, or the "eh" part, depending on how you want to look at it), getting more exposure is work. Sadly, not many people are going to find your work on their own. You've got to put it somewhere their going to see it (i.e. those clubs you mentioned). There were a couple of pretty popular artists I followed for a while, and I found out that they got their start on The Lion King Fan Art Archive and Neopets, respectively. So right there, they already had a platform from which to launch their art, in an arena where lots of people would see it. Also, in the case of the artist who started on The Lion King site, they were their when the site was fairly new, and there were few people on there. So the chances that their art would be seen was a lot greater, simply because of the smaller group. Once that group grew, most of the established people already knew them, so it kind of spread from there. So there are a lot of factors in being seen in the art world.

I've had (and am having) the same problem as you: staying motivated. I try and draw a little every day, whether I feel like it or not. Usually once I get into it, it becomes easier, and I don't really want to stop. It's kind of like exercise. It's actually getting started that's the hardest part.

Sooooo....sorry for the novel here. I just hope that it'll encourage you a bit. If you like doing art, do it! Don't discount the more public aspect of it, but try to ignore that for a while, and draw what you want, and then the exposure part of it should get a little easier.

My reply: :hug: Thanks so much for the encouragement! It is true, for me starting is the hardest part and usually once I finally get going on it I fall into the groove and it starts to be more doable. I finally finished all of my commissions too, yaaay ^^ Tis a good feeling lol I've been sick for the past 4 days with a bad nose cold and I gotta go to work tomorrow and sunday, bleh. Maybe when I recover and feel more up to speed I will get back to work on my hell and elysium pics and color some linearts. I'm slowly getting burnt out from wow which is a good thing lmao When I get bored with one thing I move on to the next, so I should make that art xD And you are absolutely right about artists becoming popular from finding smaller niche communities. I've only ever had DA and DA is just too huge. I could probably get attention on Y gallery is I actually drew hardcore yaoi, which I will eventually lol I just dunno where I fit in so I post here and on tumblr and that's about all I can do. Empy also said for now I shouldn't worry about other people, I should just focus on making art for me, and you're both right on that. Anywho, gotta get ready for bed... if I can manage to sleep considering I can barely breathe. >.> nini!

ART FOR CAR CAMPAIGN- Commission me so I can get a better car!
1. Brenda Martin- $75 - Asian dragon crucifix tattoo design lineart DONE!
2. Aioue- $20 - Color character portrait of a game character Peacock DONE!
3. Soulfulinsanity- $50 - Simple Lineart of her character Gabriel DONE!
4. Art and Pat Klein- $50 - B+W Portrait of Jesus DONE!
5. Mike Arale- $200 - New tattoo design, yet to be discussed
6. Rebecca Smith and Ant Meyrick- 80€ ($225.77) - Wedding invitation and order of service cards DONE!
7. Cynthia Rug- $5 - Thank you card with cat related artwork DONE!
8. Howie Cohen- $425 - Painting of his cat Georgio DONE!
9. Pastor Peter Berrios- $100 - Simple lineart of a crucifix and payment for video editing job. DONE!
10. Jim Oplinger- $50 - 50 business cards printed on thick card stock DONE!
11. Joan and Dick Weisheit- $300 - My cousins in CT. Mailed them some gifts :3 DONE!
12. Veronica Jenkins- $100 - Designed a shoulder armor bio-hazard tattoo- awaiting feedback DONE!
13. Kathy and Carl Groves- $480 ($117.18 for materials) - Wall mural for their sunroom DONE!
14. Ed Mitzen of Fingerpaint Marketing, Inc.- $1,000 - Digital concept sketches for murals. DONE!

Amount raised so far towards $6,000 goal- $3,080.77

Amount I paid to completely fix my car- $1,400.00

Amount remaining for newer used car- $1,680.77

Thank you all for your contributions! You've all helped me fix my car to keep it running until I can save up enough for a better one, and I am truly grateful to you all! Please check out the Art for Car Gallery!

Please pass this message around!
Coming soon!

How to order: E-mail me at or send me a DA note. In your message please describe your project in detail and attach or link good quality reference images or photos. I typically respond within a day or two and we can discuss the project in greater detail, including cost and deadlines. I will fill out an Artist’s Agreement form and send you a copy so there will be no confusion on prices, deadlines, and what the project entails. For commercial commissions, I will have a more in-depth contract and your signature will be required once we hash out an agreement of terms.

My Process: After we’ve discussed your project in depth, I will begin on the rough sketch phase and show you thumbnail sketches of the project for approval before inking or coloring. All alterations and revisions must be made during the rough sketch phase. Your commission fee includes three sketches; any sketches needed beyond this amount will result in a $100 fee per sketch. For any revisions needed after the inking and coloring phases, I will charge an additional $20 fee for each change made due to added labor time.

Payment policy and pricing: By commissioning me, you agree to pay my rate of $20.00 per hour for labor including any material or shipping costs, as well as PayPal fees (if applicable). Projects up to $100 must be paid up-front in full before I begin working. For projects over $100.00, you must pay a 50% non-refundable installment up-front, and pay the remainder once the artwork is completed within three business days. The final artwork will be watermarked until full payment is received. If you do not pay what you owe, you will not receive the artwork. Should you decide to cancel the project after it has been started, you will be required to pay a kill fee to be determined based on the cost of your project on top of your initial installment fee.

Copyrights:  I retain all copyrights to my artwork and may use any commissioned works for resale, product manufacture, licensing, advertising, and display in galleries, on my social media sites and personal website. If the artwork is of an extremely personal nature and you do not want me to re-use it in the aforementioned ways, I can agree to keep the artwork private. Should you require complete ownership to the copyrights of a commissioned work, I will transfer all of my copyrights to you for a flat fee to be agreed upon in addition to the commission fee.

Payment methods I accept: Cash | Check | Moneyorder | PayPal

This is a place for people who have commissioned me for work to express their opinions of the work I provided. I thank you all, as always, for choosing me to be your artist, and it is my sincere hope to have brought your visions to life and meet your expectations through my art.

:bulletpurple: Simply click "Comment" below to add your testimonial. If you do not have a DeviantArt account you can e-mail me your feedback at and I will post it here for you. Thanks!

:star: Note that some people who I have worked for do not have DeviantArt accounts and therefore were unable to comment here themselves. In those cases I took the testimonials they sent me via e-mail and pasted them here. I know it looks like I am tooting my own horn, but these are actual comments from my clients.

My name is Emily Cammisa and I'm a freelance illustration artist based in Saratoga Springs, NY with a bachelor's degree in fine art from Skidmore College. I've been doing freelance illustration and graphic design commissions since July 2010. Currently my primary focus is traditional and digital fantasy illustration, character designs, and portraiture. I also love to make beaded jewelry with a fantasy vibe to sell in my Etsy shop. I am currently established at the Other Worlds Gallery located at the Shirt Factory, Suite 119, 71 Lawrence Street, Glens Falls, NY. My art is available to purchase as prints, stickers, magnets, and button pins. I also sell my work twice a year at the Saratoga Comic Con in November and April. Aside from freelance work, I also teach various art classes throughout the year and do workshops for crafting dreamcatchers. A few venues I teach at are the College of Saint Rose, ADK Creative Works, C.R.E.A.T.E. Community Studios, Creative Chameleon, and Wicks from the Sticks. 

Tools of the trade

I use both traditional and digital mediums and love to explore what they can do. My favorite traditional mediums are watercolors, graphite, Prisma colored pencils, ink pens such as Sakura Pigma and Stabilo, and alcohol or India based ink markers such as Copic and Faber Castell. For digital art I prefer Adobe Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint Pro. As for my jewelry, I use various glass, acrylic, and wooden beads along with various other natural and man-made materials. I'm particularly fond of using seed beads to do bead weaving on a loom and by hand.

Stylistic inspirations and influences

My style is heavily inspired by many different contemporary illustration artists, Disney, Japanese anime, cartoons, comics and fantasy stories. I enjoy drawing original characters or illustrating scenes from roleplays or stories that I love. I also craft a lot of characters using a virtual reality game called Second Life before I illustrate them. Second Life is a huge inspiration for my work and a great source for reference. My drawings primarily focus on people and animals, so I am passionate about anatomical accuracy. My style leans more toward realism, but I also enjoy abstract and cartoony styles as well.

Long-term artistic goals and aspirations

My long-term goals as an artist are to someday self-publish my own artbooks and coloring books chock full of original digital and traditional illustrations as well as tutorial books on how to draw and color in various mediums. I also want to build up a loyal following to my work via vending at arts and crafts fairs, anime, comic, and game conventions. I dream of someday being able to completely support myself financially by doing the things I love to do most, eliminating the need to work any jobs unrelated to art.

Thank you so much for reading my bio here. If you would like see my artwork, please be sure to check out my website, DeviantArt gallery, Tumblr blog, and Instagram. I update DA, Tumblr, and Instagram often and also make announcements for when I will be Livestreaming my work. If you are interested in commissioning me, feel free to e-mail me at for more info. Thank you and have a lovely day!

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Emily Cammisa