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Jaci and Yuma by Lara Yokoshima (Lineart) by EmilyCammisa Jaci and Yuma by Lara Yokoshima (Lineart) by EmilyCammisa
LaraYokoshima- "Commission requested by EmilyCammisa, both are original characters owned by EmilyCammisa and jenastar. They look very sweet being with each other, I wanna cuddle too!"

Colored Version: Jaci and Yuma by Lara Yokoshima by EmilyCammisa

Lara gave me permission to post this to DA so I can put it in the Hell and Elysium fanclub and share it with all of you! Lara you did such a fantastic job on this! They look so tender and loving together, I just love the way Yuma is gently caressing Jaci’s cute little faun ear >w< Ahhh~ I can’t wait to show this to jenastar, she adores Lara's style and seeing our beloved characters will really make her happy ^^ I love how Lara paid so much attention to all the little details too, like their jewelry and accessories. Gorgeous work! Thank you so much!

You guys should totally commission Lara, she does great work; all reasonably priced and she did this very fast too! I am in awe of her talent ^^ Here are some links you guys should check out, but beware as there is NSFW art (18+): Lara's Y! Gallery:… Aphrodisiac Blog: and her Tumblr:

Also check out my art of Jaci!
Jaci of the Sewati Tribe by EmilyCammisa Chibi Jaci Sculpture (Painted) by EmilyCammisa Chibi Jaci Sculpture 360 View (Painted) by EmilyCammisa

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Warning: This story is yaoi (male/male) and contains mature content for ages 18+ only.

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