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Inktober 2018 Day 31
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What a journey this year's Inktober challenge has been for me! This is what I imagine the ending of my 'Shadows of Etherea' comic will be. Evelyn, after her many trials and challenges, overcomes all of her inner shadow demons, and the nasty Dread transforms into a beautiful, shimmering white dragon. It is in that moment Evelyn realizes the true nature of herself, and upon this revelation, is finally transported back into the real world to carry on her life with a clearer perspective of herself and her life goals.

This is the story I want to tell when I make this comic. No matter who you are and what you struggle with in your life, you are enough. You're good enough, smart enough, brave enough, strong enough, talented enough, whatever 'enough' you need to be truly happy. You're loved, you are significant and the work you do and things you are passionate about in life do matter. You matter.

I hope you guys enjoyed these 31 illustrations, thank you guys for all the likes, favs, comments, and feedback. Also Happy Halloween! <3

Day 30: Inktober 2018 Day 30 by EmilyCammisa

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