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Ouch!  I've been caught, I'm 10 years old and I made this account 5 years before I was even born.  Not the 19 years old I claimed to have previously.  I'm a genius and I do the impossible!

Seriously... People who try and accuse me of being 14 or whatever age they think I am... I have an account thats 15 years old.  Even if thats not good enough I made my first Wikipedia edit in 2002. I had to been at least old enough to use a computer to make a single edit so... About 8 years old minium then.  So I'm at least 24 by now even if you DON'T believe I'm 34 years old.  ¬_¬

There is a picture of me at college also in the early 2000s, as a young adult so... Well... Whatever you want to thing of my age, its backed up on this account in several ways to say as an adult.  Adults are the most immature age group and fight wars over silly things such as 1 inch of grass because it means their country is 1 inch bigger...  No really.  At least children and teenagers are expected to be like that.  I've seen adults fight because they didn't like the way someone looked at them. ¬_¬

Also not many 10 year olds make long... drawn out... posts and comments on the net... Or actually enjoy in-depth discussions on subjects or completely "Nerding out".  I may not be the most mature 34 you've met, but give me my dues, I at least attempt to be mature first.  People who jump at me over issues act far more immature trying to prove a point.  

I am not omnipotent, I just know what I know also. It comes from being on the net for years, having nothing better to do then read things... And if anyone wants to pick fault for me parroting some things from a wiki, just take note... I wrote the information I'm parroting and I added them after reading, researching and trying to please people who are usually ungrateful I took time out of my day to do so, don't believe whatever it written because its a wiki, or don't care.  Whatever.  At this point I miss actually doing art because it would mean I have something to write here for once then the pain-in-the-butt experiences I'm having on DA with teenagers who seem to have a chip on their shoulder.


Oct 16, 2018
5:43 pm
Oct 10, 2018
9:28 pm
Oct 10, 2018
8:16 am
Sep 29, 2018
8:22 am
Sep 23, 2018
8:07 am


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Hey I'm here to apologize for the disagreement we had.

I do admit I was acting a little bit entitled back there.

But I have some advice for you. If you talk negative about something out of the blue, all it does is bring people and fans down.

I don't think you're a bad person and I apologize if somewhere along the lines it seemed we were arguing. I'm really not mad at all.
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SiwySzczur Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2017
Nice gallery:)
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You've got some serious talent! Great photography!
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Angel, is it you? :?
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You art is so amazing. 
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The really awkward moment when I finally figure out who you are XDDDD
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Thank you for the fav.  I would also like to invite you to my photography page-
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Oh I know it's fake :) it was cheap I was bored and had 50 bucks it only cost like 5 so I got it but thanks 4 telling me :)
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Thank you for the watch! ^^
Gerwick Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011

I first noticed your work on the TRMK forums where it was mentioned that you seem to have stopped doing art. It sounds like you are going through a rough time, but you will ultimately be more regretful that you gave up something you enjoy due to one patch of bad circumstances if you give up now.

You are your own person, regardless of what your parents do or how they act, you can still draw if that is what you enjoy doing, and you can still find a job and continue on with life if that is what you need to do to survive. I'd suggest doing both and let your parents work out their own issues.

Get better soon, and keep at it.
kha0t1x Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2009   Interface Designer
Heyhey, sis. Don't let the drawing go, keep trying. Find more inspiration and you'll be right back on track. I know it ain't easy, but never give up. I like your drawings and photos btw :D
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Merry Christmas :santajark:!
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Just like to say nicely done on the animal photos. They are really nicely done.
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thx for the :+fav: :D
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