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I am a young Bandicoot who loves to draw and wast time and enjoy life with friends and family and just enjoys making friends and don't judge people for who they are i believe every one is made = and every one can like and dislike what they want as long as they are not hurting others in the mean time you don't have to like me but if you don't pleas go away and don't try to put me down cus i will put you right back down i may not be the best speller but i don't need spelling to express how i feel all i need is my right hand a peace of paper and pencil to show exactly what i feel weather its happy sad angry distressed or in pain all i need is paper and pencil and i believe
there are no better artist just more experienced.

ow and im on YouTube check out my videos and… BandaHog
and here is my Facebook page…
My Society6 account…
pleas check it out if you are interested in buying my art work!


I regret not going to work I hate being sick 🤒....
hay guys not feeling so well going to go lay down 
EB Halloween
I know its till pretty early but I really don't care this is my fave Holiday 
and I know it looks a bit off with the background but im still working on fixing my prospective problem
but anyway I hope u like it
I have to leave for work tonight and wont be on tomorrow then I have to go see a friend 
so it will be a while before I am back 
anyway enjoy  


and if u would like to do an art trade with me follow the link…


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hello My name is Emily Bandicoot aka Bandicoot and I am currently 17 my birthday is 4-18-2000
I have been here On DA for 4 years now and have enjoyed it very much! (most the time has ups and downs)
anyway, I am hoping to meet new people and make friends.
I am as nice as I can be (as long as you are nice to me I will be to you).
I love to draw video game characters such as Crash Bandicoot (he is my favorite), Sonic The Hedgehog, Ratchet and Clank, Jack and Daxter, Sly Cooper, and sometimes Spyro the dragon. I also Love to make up my own OC and stories My main OC is here-> emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…
she is heavily based on who I really am (there are differences of cores)

A tiny bit about me I obviously love to draw and hope to one day work for Disney as a storyboard artist/ animator
After I graduate High school I plan on going to school for art and design and work my way to the top and bring my own stories and characters to life someday. I enjoy all kinds of artwork traditional, digital, pottery, extra (as long as the pice does not spread hate)
I have a Cat named cuppura (Pura) who yes I named after Coco Bandicoots tiger (kind of I added the Cup part) she is my baby and I love her lots (even when she is a little monster)
I love all sorts of animals and plan on having a few when I move away XD
I have trouble spelling the reason for this is I have dyslexia( Dyslexia is a specific reading disability due to a defect in the brain's processing of graphic symbols. It is a learning disability that alters the way the brain processes written material. It is typically characterized by difficulties in word recognition, spelling, and decoding.) (meaning I have a hard time with reading witch messes with my spelling... But I have gotten much better since I first joined but sorry if you may have some trouble understanding me)

I love to do Art trades but I do NOT take requests (they are for close friends only)so don't ask me, please
I do colabs and commissions just ask and I will see what we can do (depends on what is going on in life)
digital collabs, AT, and Commissions are possible but take me much more time to do since I have to get up at like 5 to use the computer
so please don't rush me :) art takes time (good art anyway).

If you would like to chat Send me a note and I will try to reply as soon as I can so just send me a note ^^

Here are my AT and commission rules (they are kind of just blended together)
(Read the Rules!)
I do not do any kind of fetish art (feet, vore, extra)
I do not do Sexual work for AT and Commissions (it is just embarrassing to explain to my mom and friends that I am being paid to do so)
I do not do nudity (sally acorn like characters do not count)
I do not do MLP (sorry I just am not a fan and think it is kinda dum my opinion like what u want)
I prefer to draw Crash Bandicoot, Sonic The Hedgehog, Ratchet and Clank, Jack and Daxter, Sly Cooper, Spyro the dragon, furries.
I don't like to draw people but I will (they just won't look good)
If you are going to do an Art trade with me you must ask me and wait for me to accept then send me your OC or what u want me to draw
when doing art trades you have to do the same for me ( If I do full body and background you have to do the same)
Take your time drawing them don't rush it I rather it take 2 weeks and look good than 20 min and look like crap (not saying people can't do good art in that time period just an example)
please keep me updated on your part don't leave me hanging or I will take my part art down and won't put it back up until your part is done
If I post you in a journal reminding you that you own my an Art trade please don't get but hurt I am just simply trying to keep track and so you won't forget to do your part and won't cheat me out (not saying everyone will but it has happened)
(for commissions it is mostly the same but you have to pay me half before I start) or I will not start it.

sketch 200emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.… .… If u want a sketch with a background 250 emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…
colored with no background 300 emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…
colored with background 400 emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…
line art on computer 500 Line Art emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…

colored with no background 600 points emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…
fully colored with background 750 emilybandicoot1234.deviantart.…

Emily Bandicoot (the crazy pinked tailed bandicoot) (BandaHog!)
My BoyFriend :icondonutowl345678:
My best friends :iconstichielover92: :iconnomina999: :iconcottoncandyhurricane: :icongeoterracon:

artist u should check out : :icontatujapa: :iconsassymelvin: :iconshira-hedgie: : :iconproboom: :iconmyly14: :iconphoenixsalover:
NOTE! : any Sonic the Hedgehog artwork Featuring him or any original sonic characters I do not own Sega dose I DO not own
same goes for Crash Bandicoot and any other game or cartoon characters that are from video games or cartoon shows



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