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Digital Drawing with Colored Pencils & Chalk for background

Reference photograph by JonMann [link] (over 18 only)

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Step1 Contour Outline

Step2 Skin

Step3 Hair

Step4 Details
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okay you've got a solid form yes
however depending on your style you need to observe how eyes really look and how light works and color theory.
the eyes are drawn like you've been told to draw the pictographic representation for eyes instead of drawing an anatomical eye
you've got some basic ideas but they need to be expanded i.e the shading depth of the area under the brow where the eyelid is .. she has no eyelids ,

on the positive you've constructed the iris/pupil relatively correctly in that theres no white above and below , however again its more a pictographic rep than a drawing of an eye anatomically.

its for digital but its usuable for more.
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I looks nice. :la:

Try, maybe, before you go over it darker, making an object off the paper or whatever you happen to be using and make sure both eyes face it.
That's the only thing here that distracts me from the rest of it-The eyes.
It's really nice, otherwise. ^^
I'm not a pro but I guess you should work with shadows a little more
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Thanks; I'm working on a larger project now that has a lot of interesting shadows going go, so hopefully I'll improve through that.