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This had a purpose at one point, but I got really sick last week.

So now it's something stupid and cute.

World of Warcraft belongs to Blizzard.
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Myuutsuu85's avatar
This warms my heart :heart:
Such beautiful scene.
Philhellenike's avatar
cute? definitely, stupid? never. 
KRASUS!!!!!!! rainbow cry 
I know, it's been like seven years but I still cry every time I play through that...
Pewcia's avatar
Too cute
Love theese two
Prongs-of-Three's avatar
Waaaah! Beautiful art but bittersweet.
Yumisara's avatar
Awww this is absolutely adorable. I've always loved Korialstrasz and Alexstrasza, and this just makes me love the couple more. Well done <3
Aydalen's avatar
*Fangirlscream~* Love it!
cyndergirlXP's avatar
nawww lovely picture :love:
Prismaticlysm's avatar
I'm sorry but this made me cry a bit.

I love it :x
Okamitsu's avatar
Is that Korialstrasz? Beautiful job, I can't express it enough.
emily-lorange's avatar
Yes it is!... ok technically it's vael because his was the model I could find' but whatever they're identical :P

Thank you!
LanexCyteri's avatar
awesome pic, lucky Korialstrasz
Yamalie's avatar
Beautiful drawing! I really love it! <3
Yamalie's avatar
you're welcome! =D
MnMage's avatar
Awwwww.....and the pastels in the background give it a nice soft look. Very pretty! Hope you're feeling better!
Threvlin's avatar
D'awww, dragon wuv.
Kata's avatar
Awwww adorable :) I love how you treated the background ^^
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