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Blood for Blood

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Commission for :iconfanfictionaxis: for an older Nosedive that corresponds to her fictions. This didn't quite go the way I expected. The only real specs I was given were the choker and the sword, beyond that I was told that Nosedive joins a group similar (at least as old) as the Brotherhood that is rather secluded, and have a different style of dress. So I thought something close to her character Lola would be in order.

I dunno, overall it's pretty cool :3

Art belongs to me
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He even finished his college years.
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My favorite duck.
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That is a handsome Nosedive. :3
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You make Dive look DAMN FINE X3
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Nosedive Fanart! Rare to see and always makes me happy! :D
Raawks. As always.
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only thing I can say: rawr.
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I don't know how you do it but here I was thinking that Dive coudn't get any hansomer...*suddenly looses focus and drools*

Your hazardous to my mental status you know. xD *wants to run away with him*

In my fanfictions Dive becomes a professional Motorbike racer...dispite Wildwing's warnings of course. ^_^
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*spits soda*
Nosedive is--but there he's--but then he's like---you drew him AWESOME! :XD:

......oh dangit, I need to get more pepsi >.<;
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Wow - how on eath have you been able to make Nosedive even hotter!
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Nosedive lovers unite!!!!!
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Your work is always a pleasure to see. The colors and poses are beautiful and you bring them to life like nothing I've ever seen. :heart:
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Oh Dive is a bit of a badass in my stories. You actually see him kill as a kid in the story Kokaya in my Hall of Mirrors stories and he kills a Saurian Prince with poison, later on he uses daggers and the sword that is on his hip.

You make him look awesome.
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Could you link me to your fics?
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Most of the stories are not up but some of the first and second seasons are up:
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Oh very cool. This is what Dive kinda looks when he's older in my fanfictions too. But u make him look more badass
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I love it! You did an excellent job bringing out a magnificent elder Nosedive!

And is it sad that when I saw 'blood for blood' my mind went right to WoW/Tempest Keep....*Needs to stop playing so much WoW*
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I know the bill belongs there, but without it this man would like completely bad ass. love the style.
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