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Alt-z: Rude

Several people have told me I should start drawing these again. I dunno. Is anything I do funny enough? :F

This method is a bit faster than I use to do. Pretty much zero cleanup except for really bad spots, simple cel shading, two-tone background. I actually think it looks pretty cool, you?

Anyway, my various WoW characters. Abby is the most hideous thing I've ever played, but she's growing on me.

Warcraft belongs to Blizzard.
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KaelStormborn's avatar
Oh my god! SO... true XD
worthless-liar's avatar
I LOVE your warcraft comics! Keep doin em!!
LilLadyXtraordinaire's avatar
wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooohooooo WORGEN FTW!
I finally understand why my worgen has that weird ass face...
and every single other female worgen....
emily-lorange's avatar
Worgen females would be so awesome if they'd seriously just fix the face. I'd even forgive the Barbie doll proportions if they got better faces :(
Edeebear's avatar
LOL the snarl bugs me something fierce. :P But yeah i find my worgen female aweful in the fact that she dances like lady gaga and laughs like a chicken >.<

Comic's brilliant. Keep it up :D
corruptedred's avatar
LOL My thoughts exactly. When I made my worgen I could not stop bitching to my fiance on how hardcore they jipped us on the females. The males and everything about them (emotes, animations) are amazing though. But I'm with you. Saurow has grown on me, but I avoid turning her sideways and making her talk with her "i've been smoking for 80 years" voice. ROFL Great comic nonetheless. <3
PickleWeasel's avatar
*giggles* Melikes. Abby's face is great, and the others' expressions work so well.
DeanieBean's avatar
The amount of quests you have to do to get out of the Worgen starting area has to be the worst 'quest chain' I've ever done.
Ever. Why can't I just LEAVE that boring, poorly lit place, with the depressing piano in the background whenever I damn well please?! Some of the quests near the end are pretty decent, though. Like the one where you have to listen to Lady Sylvanas' plans. And the one where you get on a Night Elf war machine and kill Horde.
Night Elves making war machines = a giant rolling purple brooch.

And I wish they kept the ManBearPig mount Worgens were going to have. :(

Oh, and I adore your humor. You'd make me extremely happy if you kept doing these. <3
BaikoBits's avatar
Hehehe, I think it's cute. :P
TCPolecat7's avatar
My gawd, so THAT'S why my worgen is always snarling!!

- Polecat
purpleweeble's avatar
They just didn't get female Worgens right. The males are badass though
I love this comic! It litterly made me laugh out loud :D

I'm going to play cataclysm myself tonight, so I wanted to ask: What do you think of the starting zone? And despite the snarl you mentioned, what do you think of their model? Do you still like playing her? :)
GalaxyGoddess's avatar
Lol I think it's funny, though the other two looks like one is sitting ont he other's shoulder o.0;

anyway, I hate that you have to pick the both faces at the same time. the faces I liked in wolf had terrible faces as humans or visey versa.

the worgen kiddies are adorable :)
GentlemanFox1991's avatar
lol this is a funny comic.
Furrama's avatar
Oh so THAT's why they look like that.

Still looks better than the Tauren female's face from the side view.
Ekohime's avatar
Yay pretty worgen girl <3

Hehe yeah, my own lil worgen is growing on me as well. Kinda a fresh sight after playing 8 level 80 draenei characters, one of each class except warrior, got two of those <_< >_> *quickly hides*
ode2sokka's avatar
:XD: Aren't the female Worgen awful? I'm not getting Cata. anytime in the forseeable future, but I've seen screen shots. Love how you draw them, though, and I love the NElf :XD: .
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