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Eragon: character sheet by lorellashray Eragon: character sheet :iconlorellashray:lorellashray 1,464 361
those 'maybe' letters : kageyama tobio
His eyes narrowed at her direction, watching her from his comfortable seat. She was smiling brightly at Tsukishima with a mini blush on her face. Kageyama tapped on his wooden desk quietly, small scowl present on his face.
Why did she never smile at him like that?
Kageyama snapped back into reality and quickly turned back to Hinata who was talking in front of him. The setter only half-listened to him and his mind wandered back to [Name]. It wasn't like Kageyama and [Name] weren't friends but even he could tell things were different when it came to her and Tsukishima.
After a couple of more glances, Kageyama froze completely. He saw [Name] slip a white letter to the blond shyly. The taller male only raised a brow and accepted the sheet of paper, sliding into the pocket of his pants.
Okay, Kageyama knew he wasn't that experienced in love but even he knew what that piece of paper was.
"Love letter…" He whispered quietly.
"Eh? Are you gonna give one?!" Hinata asked eagerly.
:iconshitsuji-san:shitsuji-san 146 19
The Bus Ride (Kageyama x Reader)
As the assistant manager of the Karasuno volleyball team it was your job to help out Kiyoko and make sure that everything ran smoothly. Recently Takeda had offered the idea that the team hold a clinic for younger kids to get more  students into volleyball at a young age. You thought this was a great idea, and easily found an elementary school that was willing to participate. The only problem was that the school happened to be two hours away by bus.
This is how you found you and the team making their way onto the bus, getting ready to go.
“Ha! I won’t be the shortest!” Nishinoya boasted, puffing his chest proudly.
Others were excited to teach the clinic as well, especially Sugawara.
“Great job putting this together, (f/n)!”
“It’s not a problem” you said a bit sheepishly. You were still pretty new to the team, so you were honored by their compliments, no matter how small.
“…I hope they like me” the gentle giant, Asahi
:iconcornbread-queen:cornbread-queen 348 45
[fall out] sugawara koushi.

both reader and suga is 22 in the fic!
happy (early) birthday, celestialtrashprince!
i have a school holiday because of chinese new year,
and i didn't want to forget, so here's your birthday present,
really, really early! i hope you like it, thanks for being
so nice and caring about me and everyone in the
"Again!?" You roar, throwing whatever you could hold towards Oikawa. "You went out with another girl again!?"
"Was it a mistake, Oikawa?"
"It was-"
"Cheating isn't a mistake!" You growl. "You chose to go with her- and this isn't the first time, either. Cheating is never a mistake, and never will be. Fuck off, Oikawa. We're over."
They fought again. Sugawara thinks as you enter the university classroom.
You're a puffy eyed, red nosed, sloppy haired mess, and you're still drying your eyes, and it hurt him.
You were so beautiful.
:iconreadyaimfireaway:readyaimfireaway 272 53
Soulmates AU [4/?] || Sugawara Koushi x Reader
The dream was the same every time, without fail.  It was night; the sky was cloudless and every star seemed to twinkle and wink at you.  The moonlight filtered down, casting everything in a pretty, blueish glow.  The flowers bowed their heads as you walked past, making your way to the large white gazebo in the middle.  The wind breezed past, cool and casual, causing tiny waves on the lake beyond the gazebo to roll back and forth across the surface.  Everything was beautiful.
    And the best part?
    Standing in the middle was the gazebo, waiting for you, was your soulmate.
    “Koushi!” you called out, bounding up the the few steps that surrounded the gazebo to meet him.  He reached out, wrapping his arms around you in the tender embrace you earned for day and night.  He lifted you off the ground, spinning you in circles by your waist.
    “I thought you weren’t comi
:iconemawrites:emawrites 137 19
moonlight |sugawara x reader| soulmate!au
you're showered by the glow of the m o o n l i g h t
It was a bit of a lonely night for Sugawara, for he tended to find solace in solitary nights not unlike those. His skin was cool: the heat of the day died down as the moon made it way across the night sky littered with stray clouds. His back, tired from long days and night, slouched against an old, wooden bench, beaten up by the hands of the wind and rain. Cascading over his silver head were rivulets delicately embellished with tiny jade-coloured leaves. There wasn't anything he could have wanted to change about the garden he sat in every so often. It was beautiful. And it just so happened that lingering in his moonlit garden was (Name).
He didn't want to see her. Not then, not ever again, because it hurt, a little bit, when he remembered that that girl was the one for him, the only one he'd ever come to love. He loved her so much; his heart had already been pledged to her. Why should he feel so miserable? Wasn't love a
:iconpaintmepastelblue:paintmepastelblue 115 34
Sugawara x Reader: Maybe
Sugawara Kōshi x Reader
Warning: brief self-harm
Soulmate AU: the initials of your soulmate are tattooed on your wrist. The first time you make physical contact with your soulmate, their whole name replaces the initials.

One day, whether you are 14,
or 65,
you will stumble upon someone who will start a fire in you that cannot die.

The second hand on the clock ticked as students eagerly awaited for class to end and to receive their marked tests. The sheets landed in your hands and a euphoric grin grew on your face. The mark displayed your effort being rewarded.
You turned to make eye contact with Sugawara, who was still patiently waiting for his results. The paper fluttered on his desk and he flipped through the pages with a pensive face. His lips curled upwards and the setter's gaze met yours as the two of you silently congratulated each other with smiles and thumbs up. The ball rang and you rushed over towards him.
"I aced it! I didn't make any mistakes l
:iconlovinglilac:LovingLilac 115 44
Painful Marks: Act II (Sugawara x Reader)
Hey! I know I haven't updated anything since forever, but I finally found time to finish writing this in between school, homework, volleyball, and drawing ><
Anyways, here's part two for the soulmate AU collaboration with the one and only, wonderful :iconKibbles518:!!!

Remember that I'm always up for comments and constructive criticism!

    It had almost been a week since your mark had appeared, and you couldn’t help but wonder what the words inked below your skin were supposed to mean.
    ‘What are you doing here? Leave. Now.’
    Had you offended them somehow? Where were you that you had to leave? Thoughts of how you could possibly encounter your soulmate constantly plagued your head, so much that trying to pay attention to lessons in class took a toll on your busy mind.
:iconthe-tomatoboss:the-TomatoBoss 51 15
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