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It's that time again!
Well, actually I totally forgot to do a journal update last year, oops.

So, where can I keep up with you?
I actually keep a blog off DA, if anyone is interested- The Ivy Forest!
It's mostly filled with posts about my two favorite hobbies- knitting and nail polish! I am really terrible at blogging though, so updates are sporadic, though definitely happen more often then this journal ;)

Anything else going on in your exciting life?
I turned 30 in January, woooo! =__=;;
Other then that, just been having fun going to burns, hanging out with my friends, and working at my awesome job.
Oh, we also adopted a super adorable kitty, Poe! She's super fluffy and so fun :heart:

If you want to find me...
Feel free to check out any of the other social sites I frequent:
Ravelry | Facebook
Pintrest | Tumblr
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I'm Back... Again!
I am really terrible at keeping up with websites sometimes. I took a break from DA for a while, not really a conscious choice, it just sort of... happened. You know how it is? Maybe you do. Well, I'm here again, so I guess we'll see how long it's last!

So, What Have I Been Doing?
In my last entry, I mentioned that my husband and I were trying to purchase a house... IT HAPPENED!!! Yeah! We have our own home now, so that of course has been sucking up a lot of our time, working on things around here, fixing this or that. We're really happy here, this is the perfect sort of house for us :heart:

Otherwise, since we've moved I've been working on more textile works, like sewing and knitting. Does my life sound exciting right now? Well, we do party a lot on the weekends. Honestly I just haven't felt too inspired to work on my computer ^^ But, today I fired up good ol' Apophysis, and have been working on some new things.

One More Thing!!!
I finally went and deleted all the deviations from my old account, pyokola-digital, today. I've had that account for several years, and really it was just time to change over to this one permanently, so soon you'll be seeing re-uploads of various works- pixel art, sewing, knitting, etc.

I hope your summer is starting well!


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Summer Time

Tue May 18, 2010, 9:09 AM
Some Like It Hot
So you could say that summer is pretty much here in Georgia, though the temperature keeps jumping all over the place... It'll rain and cool off for a bit, but once the sun comes out, it feels like you might melt or suffocate if you stay outside too long. I'm not sure if I enjoy humid or dry heat better.

I typically enjoy summer but I do stay indoors a lot, so that helps :P My friends and I are planning on going to the beach later in July, to go play in the ocean and celebrate a birthday. Our original plans were to go to Destin, since a friend's parents own a beach house there, but due to the oil spill we'll be heading towards the Atlantic instead.

Moving On Up
In other exciting pre-summer news, my husband and I are buying a house right now, or we hope to, if everything goes smoothly. Trying to get any word from our loan person is like pulling teeth, while herding cats, but way more difficult then both combined. Other then that I guess things are going fine otherwise. Fingers crossed!

We're both really excited about this. We are both creative, crafty types and having a house to spread out in will really help. Right now we live in a two bedroom apt/condo/quadplex, but it feels like there is no room for us to do anything, since if we do it ends up in a big mess all over, which just bogs us down more. So, this place we're trying to buy, has a huge 2 car garage, with an over-head workshop, perfect for working on big projects, and an extra room I can use for sewing <3 Uwah, I can't wait~

I started this account originally just to showcase my fractal art, because my other account was just so full of random stuff, and I had wanted a place where I could send people to check out my fractal work without having to dig through a whole bunch of pixel works and crafty stuff. Since I've actually finished my website, I have that to send people to, so I'm thinking I might start posting my other kinds of work to this account now as well.

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