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and... next glass of... mouse

By Emielcia
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my little mice again :-)
no, they didn't sit... they ran all the time ;-)

check my another mouse photos :-)
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Jan 28, 2006, 12:30:58 PM
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Cmac13 General Artist
Hi :wave:

I’ve featured this image in my latest journal warm blooded [link]

If that is NOT okay let me know and I’ll remove the image immediately

Many thanks =Cmac13
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Broken tan? I have a few tans (black, champagne and 'poor' agouti) and a pied dove tan, and a banded black tan - both of whom have broken tan belly markings. I love tan, can you tell? *grin*
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loving those glasses of mouses
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beautiful photograph.
excellent lighting and nicely timed.
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love the photographs :)
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adorable! my friend and i are hoping to get some mice this weekend!
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OMG!! I used to have a cow-mouse(Really, the vet said she looked like a cow, in a cute way), I have a photo of her in my gallery, and the weird thing is, she looks almost identicle to one of your mice in this photo!!(the one that is not sitting in the glass)
It's creepy... maybe they're twins:)
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Gorgeous mice!! (They are Broken Black Tans btw! lol). They really are gorgeous!! I will need to try get some new arty pictures of my lot!!!
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superfizzHobbyist Digital Artist
aww they're adorable...My mum won't let me get mice, she hates anything like rats or mice. :cry:
What are their names?
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magdalenasworld Photographer
another wonderful photo!

i have never seen mice that color here in canada -they are wonderful !
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I used to keep pet mice too...they're so cute...
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that's awesome!

Do you just set them up and then start clicking and hope for something good?
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i love your work
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I know it's been said plenty of times but this and your other mouse photos are gorgeous!! I had two mice a while back, lovely creatures. One used to sit in my pocket and go everywhere with me, the other was allowed free reign of the front room because she'd always come back and sit with us! It was difficult to choose just one of your photos to favourite, they're all great. :)
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those are the cutest mice i've ever seen, i personally perfer rats though :p
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stijnProfessional Photographer
their such funny creatures :D
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Make sure to get three servings of cuteness every day.
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You have cow-mice? ^^ Sorry.

I have two at my place, two males. One is greyish brown (and named Ashes), and the other is black with a cream-coloured belly (he's called Soot).

I WUB MICIES!! *hugs and cuddles and kisses* So stupid... ^___^
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EmielciaHobbyist Photographer
yep :-)
cow-mice :D

tri-coloured cow mice :D
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I have owned several mice in the past and two just like yours... I named them both Oreo ^^; how origional. The are just so cute I have to :+fav: it. Awsome job
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I'm hooked on your mice. They are wonderful. And this is coming from someone who doesn't like mice.
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i had a little mouse like yours, but my cats ate him :|
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my face is melting off

they are adorable............................... :heart: :heart:
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witchlady750Professional Photographer
such an adorable shot. you got them at the right moment! i wish i could have pets :(
anyways, i was wondering if i may use this photograph as a reference for a sketch assignment i have in an art class? i just need to print a small copy of it, draw it in my sketch book, and then ... throw it away? i'll credit you. i just wanted to ask your permission ;)
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