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Tea time

Do you take sugar in your tea?


Do you prefer coffee to tea?
See "Coffee break" [link]
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Cudowne *-*
Czy mogę je wykorzystać do zrobienia nagłówka na blogu? Oczywiście dodam widoczny credit. C;
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Jak napiszesz kto jest autorem foty, i nie bedziesz rozpowszechniac tego naglowka to tak.
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This is a very nice and well-thought photo!
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You have been featured in my news:[link]:smooch:
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Hi. I’ve featured you in my news “ImaginaTEAon” [link] . I hope you like it. :w00t:
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Nooo sugar. ;)

Very nice shot, btw. :)
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You've been featured in my journal. [link] :)

I like the sugar cubes in the background here, they add a touch to the shot. Very nice. :)

It'll be hot tea with cold milk and two spoons of honey for me, please. :D
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great picture. really nice.
i never drink coffee. always drink tea.. no sugar. (:
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Featured in my journal! :wave:
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Hallo :thanks:
I've featured you in "always time for tea..." collection news :w00t: [link]
Many greetings :wave:
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This beautiful deviation has been featured here:

Congrats! :aww:
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A little.

However, nice, nice shot :boing:, :+fav:ed.
make-a-wish-bu's avatar
no way! terrible! I'd like to taste the tea not the sugar lol
btw I don't like sweet drinks at all ;)
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I love how you portrayed it... and two sugars, just like I love!
This is just how tea should be.
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I've never seen tea look so dark and mysterious!
Lovely :)
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look like coffee..i think tea can`t sweet. sweet tea is occidental drinking method?
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I featured this here:[link]
It's a great shot.
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haha :D te kostki wyglądają jakby obgadywały kubek herbaty :D
Emielcia's avatar
hehe, ciekawe spojrzenie :-)
nigdy nie pomyślałam tak o tych kostkach :-)
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nie ma to jak personifikacja ^^v
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hm...... reaaaaaalllllly niiice!!

i loove such studio pics!!

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