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little boy

Just some sketches I've made at school, today, for a little animation. I think some positions are quite good, so, I like them^^
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I like them also. Children are hard to do, for me anyway.

Can I use them as pose references???
Will draw them at traditional at first and then in digital just to avoid tracing.
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These are really expressive! Also, they sort of remind me of my brother (twenty years ago, but still)
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he's almost bald like caillou! cute :]
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this is really quite good. wow i guess you're a new talent here in DA :D
cool :) i love your unique style :) i'll keep u in my watch, dont wanna lose u!
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thanks you so much #^____^#
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Waaaaa je veux le même ^_____^ trop mimi la tite bêbête!!!
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sympa... quel enchaînement est ce que tu feras ??? (dans quel ordre, quoi ?)
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je ne vais pas faire un enchainement d'après ces positions^^ c'éteient juste des croquis pour me le mettre en main, et cerner un peu son caractère. Mais je vais juste le faire marcher^^
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Il est meugnonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!! ^^
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oui, je l'ai voulu tout mimi tout calme^^
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Tu as réussi là je pense. ^^
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