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This account: still old.
Wow, this account is old.
Hey I'm still alive.  Starting up my senior year of university, finished two summers of internship, don't know what's in store for the future but I'm building myself an awesome foundation.  Huzzah!
does it have to be from far away
when you love me til you're bones
do we always have to hide away
in a road bin full of stones?

[at work, at work, work]
life's taken over, ha.  i guess I'll submit whatever i work on at the end of every semester, eh?  seems to be the plan.

PRINT of Waterwind online!

Perhaps it's time for a new entry.  (<3 erik)

may i be weaved in your hair
split ends of the earths
comtesse in august
my dog was lost but now he's found

in no particular order.

fate links thee to me for ever and a day
dear sir(s) or madam(s),

lollapalooza was amazing.


dear sir(s) or madam(s),

I am an alumna!   ALUMNA!   Bye-bye, high school..


dear sir(s) or madam(s),

Actually constants was rejected, unbeknownst to me. :(

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Graphic Arts Submissions - Creativity and the printability of the item. Applicants must document the process through which they created their submission.

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You must be majoring in printing, graphic arts or photography.  If you are a senior in college, the scholarship may be used for graduate school or existing school loans.  There is a limit of one entry per person.  To apply, click here, print and fill out the form, and send it enclosed with your entry to:

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dear sir(s) or madam(s),

Woo.. I just found out that my short story "Constants" is going to be published in the school literary magazine, Orb.  This makes me muy happy.


dear sir(s) or madam(s),

Yey... I am now a staff reviewer for dapress  ^^~

We should have a :bigband: emote.  ;-;  :aww:

dear sir(s) or madam(s),

I am an artist.

I am a musician.

I am a writer.

The essay may not be the most thrilling of reads, but I will try my best to inspire myself... through the inspiration of others.

I rock.

dear sir(s) or madam(s),

I R 17.




dear sir(s) or madam(s),

Just to let you know I'm back from my trip.


dear sir(s) or madam(s),

...Figured I'd change my journal since it doesn't make sense anymore.

dear sir(s) or madam(s),

about my icon.. the colors and symbols belong to UPS, i'm just making fun of it.

so don't sue me :P

dear sir(s) or madam(s),