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There is no perfect shoe. It is just not possible for any one store-bought piece of footwear to fit exactly right. Either it is too long, too short, too narrow, too wide, too anything. And this is always true; what infinitesimal room of "doesn't fit" may be undetectable, but it's there. On top of that, everyone's foot is unique... even from its pain. How can a mass-produced, impersonal work of capitalism possibly hope to match the curvatures of any one person's foot?! Even with all the different available sizes, there is a large room for error. And what about the heel of the shoe? Some don't even attempt to hold the actual heel of the foot in the shoe. The object becomes obsolete, and any further arguments from my opponents are voided. And don't forget the comfort factor - I mean, why submit yourself to useless agony just to please the fashion god of the present minute? (The next best thing could show up at any moment! Be prepared!) So, now, what have my adversaries to say? My suggestion would be to install shock-absorbent padding on all floors - even on sidewalks. Then, we can all just go barefoot, for no shoe will ever satisfy the foot's insatiable need for perfection. Oh, and we'd have to change those signs in the store windows to allow naked feet... except for shoe stores. Those would be eliminated anyway.
Killerworm51 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2004   Photographer
good job :)
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December 21, 2002
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