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by emi-chan

What whispering is this I hear?
A ghastly voice that reappears
Each time I sit me down to peer
Out my window of the world...

It's not illusion, farce, or play.
It's clear, pristine, or so I say.
Why would you take me as I am?
Credibility is relative...

Let's just say what I tell you is true.
What does the voice want me to do?
"Open the window and breath in the dew."
But doing so would break the rules...

Should I do as I'm told by the sound?
Isn't there more for the voice to expound?
Sorry, I'll stay here, try to pull round.
There's no use for spoilt reputations.
I don't usuallly rhyme. Here, I put extra effort into rhyming... even though my rhyme scheme is awkward. I don't think this is the greatest thing I've written, but your thoughts are well appreciated ^_^ I hope it makes sense, too. (My poetry usually goes *whoosh* over peoples' heads. O_o)
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sinclair Featured By Owner May 13, 2003
oh, such a cute kitten
ellstar Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2002
mm..i like the theme of 'temptation'

i do believe you mean breathE not breath :) (Smile)
doomit Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2002  Hobbyist Writer
I really like it

It's very cool and flows like a dream very nice.


nathan-zachary Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2002
INCREDIBLE! Thank you for that. I love poetry that I have to read more than once. It used beautiful imagery and I'm glad that you went with a rhyme scheme. Very nice. I hope you'll check out some of mine ;) (Wink) Wonderful work though. Thank you for putting this piece up. Oh yeah, also, nice icon for your poetry ;) (Wink)

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November 12, 2002
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