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Music of the Night - emistyle by emi-chan Music of the Night - emistyle by emi-chan
Yay for Phantom! Phantom of the Opera (c) Gaston Leroux. Character designs (costumes) for Christine - l - and Erik (the Phantom) - r - (c) The Really Useful Group (Andrew Lloyd Webber and his crew.)

Is Christine's head too big? I just noticed that.. weird, huh? I don't have a BG right now because.. well.. I couldn't think of anything. hehe. My dad told me Christine looks like Kate Winslet. O_o I didn't realize that until later. Haha.. she does.. xD

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RipperBlackstaff Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Her head is fine. I may say her neck is too short, but it can seen as a defense movement, as if she feared him. It give a new and interesting side to the scene.
quixoticbelle33 Featured By Owner May 4, 2005
I love her dress and their expressions! Great job!
samantharobinson Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2005
i love Phantom x)
asunnyspirit Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
thats nice, i havent seen that composition yet in the phantom fan arts, wonderful job =)
Celestial-SeraphiMan Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2004   Writer
Nice work!
Little-Lotte Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2004
Wee! I found a Phantom picture. I really like this, I love the subtle expression on the phantom's face. I don't think that Christine's head is too big, I think that perhaps if you would have made the neck a little longer then it wouldn't look dis-proportionate (is that a word?? lol) other than that this is wonderful! Great job with the shading on her dress. A beautiful pic!
bronzecase Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2003   Photographer
Ohh, this is really pretty! Good job! ~ Casey
phantomofnyc Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2003
wow! fantastic liners and just great work!! i love the contrast and sort of " stippled" look, nice proportions and nice topic. great work! keep it up :bye: :peace:
memyslave Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2003
Simply amazing. that is awesome
aishie-chan Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2003  Hobbyist
*squealing delightedly* YAY FOR PHANTOM ART!!!!! This is so. . . so. . . _GOOD_! O_O *falls over*

"Monsuer I bid you welcome, did you think that I would harm her? Why shold I make her pay for the sins which are yours!"
klmnumbers Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2003
Phantom was my 2nd theatre experience! 2nd row center orchestra at the Majestic Theatre in New York... awwwwwwww... Memories... :-) (Smile) Thanks for sharing this. I think the head is fine, I love the detail on the dress, great work!
mrslobsterhands Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2003
I love Phantom! It's one of my favorite musicals. I also love this drawing. GREAT JOB! :) (Smile)
chamunan Featured By Owner May 30, 2003
I think the head's okay. *g* I always thought the phantom looked so sexy with that mask...phew!
musicaltheatre Featured By Owner May 24, 2003
This is completely gorgeous! I love the charcoal effect of it. excellent work! +fav
kitsunedajfox Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2003
Ah! thats beautiful! I simply love Phantom of the Opera.
yavielome Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003
bah! *eats you in attempt to gain your drawing abilities* She looks like her neck is really short... Erik is pretty good. I lov Christine's hair and sleeve ruffleses..
night-angel Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2003  Professional Filmographer
oooo Awesomeness! Great Job as always Em!
-carrots- Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2003
This is pretty, too. My favorite part is the ruffles at the ends of the girl's sleeves. Very very nice. :) (Smile)
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