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I freakin love the Porkchop and Flatscreen series that I wanted to make a hilarious amv that shows exactly why I love it. Check it out~

All rights to Emezie of course
For those who aren't aware, episode 11 is up!…

Bring it around town. by Emezie

Check it out!
So I am deactivating my account but don't worry. I will still be here. I wont delete my account but just not use it at all unless I want to. Emezie will be in full control cuz der He is the one that we are praising. ANyways, hope you understand and have a good day :D
Thank you for everything! These last couple of days have been amazing. Invitations to join The EmezieFanClub was just wow. We have over 50 members now and over 70 watchers! I am glad we are all supporting Emezie for everything he has done for us! So by that, If we hit more than 100 Members and more than 150 watchers, I will host a party and contest for drawings and more. Of course I will have to ask Emezie if he is okay with it even if I am the founder. Respect must be important to Emezie and everyone in this Fan Club. The contest will have no subject until further notice. And the party will be about hitting 100 members/150 watchers! So please remember to read this and if you love Emezie, his art, animations, personality, anything, please feel free to become a member and watch us too! Thank you for everything!

*This message is approved by Founder, Lexi StarGaze*

*This message is approved by Co-Founder, Emezie*


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