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I just saw todays DD on icons section and....

" iBright Icons Suite by ~klen70 is a great set of big, bright icons. Perfect for that added detailed icon where you need it! ( Suggested by Kaz-D and Featured by Hardrockangel ) "

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menos mal que no soy el unico que se queda loco con las DD, necesita un formateo la peña que elige...
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This is one of the main reasons why people call DA childish, but I hope its not also main reason that attracts so many people here over those years.
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Yes, I think that one of the problems of dA is the way that admins act, now it´s not a place of design, dA is losing the best designers who go to other webpages like dribbble, forrst, cargo, behance, flickr (in case of photographers)... and winning kids who draw pokemon and manga and who like to chat, trading llamas, exchange points, put emoticons... and also all the porn, gore, horror photography.

Now people looks other way to share his works, and I understand that, first of all see how the galleries are organized, or how the admin support the good works... You only have to read a a journal of the dA admins to see that this place is a joke because of them.

For the last point, what dA give to us on the last years?

Llama exchange, the possibility of add drawings on comments, it´s own monetary system called "points" that you could use to buy bowties and sunglasses to llamas and cakes... Also a few new emoticons. Sounds more like a business and catch more underage members than protecting and promoting the good designers / photographers etc.

Well, sorry about all this text haha but suddenly I felt outraged.
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No need to say sorry if you wanna say something... and yeah DA tried to make some marketing by selling a merchandise, but they have also remade whole hierarchy of GMs recently and have made groups which have a double effect. Maybe its more about people that go here than about DA team I think..the best way to fix DA community from all those awful kids and people that are here for chatting is by making it invite only. Closed community have much more power and communication between people in there. Now it may sound anti-marketing, but I think that solid user of closed community has more will to invest some money to it than some guy who just put his works there..
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The 90s icons are coming back for DDs
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Seems that the 90s is the new wave on design.
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It is.Take fashion for example.
But at least,know how to combine it with the modern flavour well.Or not,shits will happen.
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absolutely unbelievable ...
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I want to know where this guy bought that weed he was one when he picked that as a DD. Cuz that must've been some really really strong shit =p
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Good god, how is this even imaginable?! O.o
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Probably only got one or two suggestions
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i hope thats a joke..
but i guess it isnt. :/
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Right judgments
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Putting the Windows logo on the bottom saying it's Vista compatible requires a triple facepalm. :p
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haha yes, I don´t know what is more confusing if the iconset itself, or the description details :/
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day is in a need of new gm, right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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lol ment dA
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haha yes, I imagine that you meant that (it took me sometime btw) XD
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