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long time since I donīt log in on dA, I just wanted to make a cuestion, for sure somewhere here that uses iOS devices could help me. I am designig and iOS icon, I was about to finish the design and create all filesizes, then I saw the iOS guidelines and I donīt know what it means " icon_512x5122x    1024x1024 " this is the icon of 512x512 zoomed at 2x or a icon in 1024x1024 px?

     Table 5-1  App icon resource sizes
Filename    Size of canvas (in pixels)
icon_512x5122x    1024x1024
icon_512x512    512x512
icon_256x2562x    512x512
icon_256x256    256x256
icon_128x1282x    256x256
icon_128x128    128x128
icon_32x322x 64x64
icon_32x32    32x32
icon_16x162x    32x32
icon_16x16    16x16

Also, another question, I am designing some iOS icon rounded with a metallic rim (yes, like iTunes) for the iPhone version I will go for a square version of this, must it have the rim or not?

Thanks in advance for your answers.
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Hi everybody!

It´s been a while since the last time I login here... Also, long time since I don´t even open photoshop or design something new (my last forrst upload was  from 8 months ago). But a few days later I made some icons for a commercial project and now I will try to end to big iconsets that I´ve been working since time ago:

16px vector icons ~ about 120 icons. ->…

32px png icons ~  about 200 icons. ->…

Plus some .psd files that I have ready to be out.

But... just tell me, what happened in dA all this time? Where are all my old dA friends? Hope that everyone is fine! and... Some of you had earned a DD and I didn´t seen it??? You are late to post it on this journal so I can add it to my :+fav:s

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My top10 songs from 2011 (Happy new year)

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 1, 2012, 3:15 AM

M83 - Midnight city

The black keys - Lonely boy

Atlas Sound - Monalisa

Destroyer - Kaputt

Bon Iver - Calgary

Neon Indian - Polish Girl

The pains of being pure at heart - Belong

PJ Harvey- The Words That Maketh Murder

Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans

Holy Ghost! - Wait & See

Happy new year! Wish you the best for 2012 :la:

Epic facepalm (HD) (+18)

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 29, 2011, 9:48 AM
I just saw todays DD on icons section and....

" iBright Icons Suite by ~klen70 is a great set of big, bright icons. Perfect for that added detailed icon where you need it! ( Suggested by Kaz-D and Featured by Hardrockangel ) "

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Now these are available for your group! Contact me if you want them.…

Stock group avatars by emey87
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since time ago I am not active on dA as I used too, due to school, work, etc... I don´t have too much time for design etc. I try too take a look everyday too :+fav: your works and leave some comments, but it´s not easy as everyday I have +100 deviations on my  inbox, also it tooks me some time to reply some comments. So as I said previously my apologies for that. Since january when I finish my finals I promise to be more active :)

:bulletpink: Work in progress:

However, I still have done some design works recently, I am working in a few things such some interface psd files that will be released for free and some iconsets. If you feel curious about that you always can take a look at my dribbble profile: Also I finished my first interface design for an android app, and I have to say that it was an awesome experience :)

IbexDroid Main UI by emey87

:bulletblue: Do you have twitter?

In that case, why are you not following me?!/emey_87

:bulletred: Promoted artwork:

Quickfolio by code2 Malachite Midwives by LOUDAMedia Woes Sans Light by Nemed HD Apps Preview by Aaron-A-Arts Vidko by givesnofuck

Dark Knight by muschgraphics   Machine Slave Green by submicron   deskt.dec. by stormMajki
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I have a little issue form iTunes, in the past it happens occasionally, sometimes when I clicked a song the album art of it was deleted. But since the last version of iTunes things go worst... now every song I play on iTunes loses it´s art cover. I re installed iTunes and also did a new copy of my music, but the problem still happens. Also sometimes clicking the song makes it losing his info and puts it appart from the rest songs of the album.

I was using iTunes for a long but this trouble is really making me angry.

I use iTunes on a PC.

I searched on google, but I don´t find anything useful, so I ask here, did this happen to anyone of you? did you solve it? or did you know why this could be caused of?

Best regards and thanks for any help you could provide to me.

I need to renew on my old and crappy headphones, as first I was watching for an in-ear headphones, but at last I was decided for an over-ear style headphones.

For now I have a few options, but I can´t still decide, what I was watching for was for for something stylish and in an old-school way, preferably dark-grey, brown or with some golden details; but not very colourful or futuristic like. If you have any of the following I would like to read your oppinion about them, and of course, if you have any reccomendation I will like to know about it.

WESC maraca:…

I know some friends who have headphones of this brand and they are really happy with them, so it´s a good point for them.

URBANEARS plattan:…

This ones are probably the ones I most like, but I had read some bad reviews about they have not a good sound for its cost.


Some good reviews on some sites about them, talking about their good quality of sound but I don´t like too much any of the available colours of it. However... they are the cheaper ones.

MARSHALL major:…

Without any doubt, my favourite ones. Bad points? The expensive ones.

Thanks in advance for any comment.
Hi guys,

I was working recently on a few projects that I am planning to release soon in the future, I designed some packs of icons that it really took me a lot of time to do and I really gave my best on them, the work is not yet finished (it´s hard to find time with school and work) but it´s near to its end.

Here is where my question comes,  we could supose that there are two choices on releasing artwork:

Releasing artwork  for free.

Selling artwork for commercial pusposes.

Both of them with good and bad things, in resume: releasing work for free will provide popularity and selling it will provide... money. But both things are needed, without the popularity I got designing for free I will never sold anything and at the same time, maybe without selling anything I would keep having time for design.

So, to get a balance I got an idea for my next works, releasing a part of them for free and another selling them, let me give an example:

There is a pack of about 150 icons, 50 of them would be free for download, but the other 100 must be paid.

The question here is how to manage this? I wanted to create a paypal button for such purpose, but I don´t know how to get the download link in public when someone pays at paypal for those icons, the process must be this:

Button for buy the premium icons -> Make the payment at pàypal -> Redirecting to the download link / or send a message with the download link.

Any ideas?

Best regards,


PD: I have +1,000 art pieces on my inbox and a lot of messages, I will try to add :+fav:s and answer you ASAP. Sorry for the delay.
24/06/2011 Journal Update:

Another great feature as DD by Casperium… she really made a good point with this. :)

Her description of the wallpaper: "This Wallpaper just says Fun!!! And what a great way to start summer than to have a fun, colorful wallpaper to get you in the mood to party!"  

Dear Casperium: This wallpaper says a lot of things to me, but fun is not one of them.


I would only say...


This is today DD cooliographistyle.deviantart.c… and it made me laugh a lot.

And this are another good examples:………

No offense to the artist who create these wallpapers, but I am pretty sure that you could find best wallpapers easily to customize your computer, some of these really hurt my eyes. I remember to suggest really best wallpapers than this, but they were rejected...

Well... dA sucks. And the main reason is because most of admins.

PS: I am still watching for the way to cancel all the spam (this week hoodies 50% off.. etc...) that dA sends to my mail inbox.

I have to say: In any momment I didn´t despise any of these wallpapers (or at least, it wasn´t my intention) every one have different tastes, but I don´t see them worthy of a DD, specially when every day I see more worked, best designed and best looking wallpapers on my inbox.
...for all the spam on my inbox.

first, for obvious and previously explained reasons I have some notes/comments that I couldn´t answer before, because of that I appologyze in advance.

second, I am working for a client on a project, a part of this project consists on the design of a logo; as long as I am currently running out of free time to get involved on this too, I decided with my client to leave the part of the logo design to someone else.

If you are interested drop a comment or contact me via note. If I find you good enough for this job (some quality is expected ;) )I will contact you to my client.

Also don´t hesitate to ask something if it´s needed or recomend a friend of yours.

Best regards,



Journal Entry: Wed Apr 13, 2011, 4:52 AM
Suddenly deviantart became a place of art thiefs, selfish and ungrateful people. I won´t tolerate this anymore, I don´t share my works for a :+fav: or a comment, if I were in dA until now, and if I were designing, was to prove my skills.

I joined dA moreless 1 year and 6 months ago, and I discover a lot of stuff to customize my pc, after that, I decided to make my own stuff in a tool called photoshop, wich was totalle unknown from me at that date, I don´t know if I did well or not, the results are on my gallery; also I got the opportunity to earn a good money with it. But that´s all, design is a world that I don´t like, and is mainly because some people who think that every crap that made is the best thing on the world, how fool are they.

I had made a lot of friends here that I would never forget. But it´s time to take this on another way. I won´t be active as I used here, that´s the reason I left all the groups, also beacause I feel that I was wasting my time and money on some of them for nothing... just to see how some selfish, hypocrites, and ritarded deviants try to fuck with me... just keep thinking that a plain blue wallpaper with a gradient is the most fucking awesome thing of the world, crop a stock picture and call it design, download a free psd file and call it yours, keep lying to yourself... you will achieve a lot with that behaivour.

And now? Well, I will be here, but my activity on dA will be reduced to :+fav: some works. And I will keep designing? maybe; I don´t know, I have my work, my collegue studies, and my other hobbies, maybe I will submit something if it´s needed, I like design, I don´t expect to be a designer, but I like it; that´s why I will probably keep being active on sites like dribbble or designmoo.

Best regards,

emey87, master of universe.

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Wallpaper design tutorial

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 22, 2011, 3:27 AM
Design time: less than 5 minutes.
Difficulty: Begginer.
Tools used: Photoshop.

Hi, today I will show you in this tutorial how to design an awesome wallpaper.

step 1:

go to any stock picture page like stock exchange, then type the word "macro" on the search field. in case you didn´t find anything in stock pictures, you could seach on google! who cares that if it´s ready for use as a stock or not? claim it as your own picture!

step 2:

download that picture, open photoshop, don´t do any work on it, any filter.. nothing... I only recomend you to crop the picture, but if you like, you could also release the picture on resolutions like 3842x2684; and let the user by himself to crop the picture for his own resolution!

step 3:

do a preview picture, paste the wallpaper into an imac, an ipad and an iphone, put something cool as a name and don´t forget to put the words HD everywhere, also put your name very big in the preview, preferable on the center.

step 4:

submit it to deviantart, repeat the words HD wallpaper on the artist comments, there is no need to give credits to the original artist of the stock picture, who cares about him? then submit the wallpaper to any group you will find, no care if it´s a group about naruto or pokemons, suggest it anyways, I recomend you to feature the wallpaper on at least 200 groups. here´s is a list of groups that accept everything:

:iconapple-designs: :icongraphiclaboratory: :iconcreativedesigners: :iconart--appreciation: :iconcreative-digitalart: :iconps-stuff-box: :iconawesomestic: :iconwallpaper-makers:

step 5:

if some group declines your wallpaper ask them why, after their answer type "I won´t support a group that doesn´t support me" and leave the group.


CONGRATS! now you have an awesome wallpaper on your dA gallery! :clap: featured on a lot of groups, and also with luck, you could achieve a few downloads :)

ps: no offense meant.

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with all my love and hate...

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 17, 2011, 1:53 AM
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Journal Entry: Tue Feb 1, 2011, 11:45 AM
Hey! I am running a screenshot contest through the Customizers group, don´t hesitate to have a look! :)…

Some news!

Wed Jan 26, 2011, 7:17 AM

Some news!

Dear friends,
Yesterday I just finished my exams, so I am free at last! and I am full of ideas for the next days, also I have some news to tell, and also a few questions, so let´s start reading. :)


Yes! at last I was invited to dribble, it was like a surprise, so may thanks to Leonce Nelson for the invite. So, I am anxious to start working on some of the projects I have on mind and start sharing them. But the main question is... are you in dribble too? Then let me know, and don´t forget to follow me on dribble. Also, do the same if you are in lovedsgn, because know the "following" feature is enabled on this webpage too.


Yes! That was another unexpected surprise I had on these days, and... why? because the generousity of my friend SoundForge, who made this gift to me. :) So, as I said before, many thanks my friend!

A new app launcher is coming?

Well, I had an idea, actually is more that idea because is currently working on my desktop, late yesterday I started playing with a powerful tool called "rainmeter" (I bet that you all know it) and a make a simple 2d dock, however, I have to say that it works better than any other dock that I try on my windows seven.

Problem is that to modify it is necesary to change all the values on the code, so I will try to made it as easiest to modify as it´s possible. Also I want to add some features to it as showing the weather, wifi connection, gmail, twitter... I still have a lot of things to make, and it will take a lot of time, main reason is that I´ve never coded on rainmeter before. That´s why probably I will ask for some help to some of my friends that know better this tool :)

Font manager?

Could someone recommend me a good font manager for windows? I tried suitcase fussion, but it´s too heavy. Also, I tried Nexus font manager, wich caused me a lot of troubles on the windows fonts... so if someone knows another tool for this, please tell me!

Screenshot contest!

Yes, I had an idea for a (small) screenshot contest, but I want to make something different. I want to make a themed desktop screenshot contest, so stay tuned! I will let you know when everything is ready.

Woofie´s tribute

I am on dribble!!!

as a spectator.... :P

But it´s nice anyway, now I will be able to follow the works of some of my favourite designers and get tons of inspiration everyday, that will help me to keep improving my techique and who knows, maybe some day I could be as a player on dribble. So, if anyone of you is in dribble, tell me and it will be a pleasure following you. :)

And if you want to follow me on dribble....

Another thing, anyone has a designmoo invite? I would really like to have one, because I will use it and I think that I could submit some stuff to there, like .psd and some icons in the next future.

Did you know about a place called lovedsgn? "LoveDsgn is a new social website for designers, typographers and all kinds of creative people" it´s a very nice place, I already gave invites to Remitrom73 and MDGraphs, if you think that you are enough talented to be on there, please, let me know and I will send you a invite. :)

At last, I´ve got another DD on the last days, so thanks to phs2 for it :)

:bulletblue: follow me on twitter:  ;

:bulletpink: see my work at lovedsgn:…;

:bulletred: send me an e-mail: /

:bulletblack: my new designmoo profile:

something weird happened to my laptop (again), suddenly the screen became very dark and all it´s barely visible, only white things.

Thought that maybe could be caused by the graphic card so I connected the laptop to a screen but... no, it wasn´t that, everything works fine in the external montor. Only wish that my laptop screen is not dead.

So, if someone of you had the same issue anytime in the past, or had any idea, please tell me. Thanks!

See you in 2011!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 22, 2010, 4:36 AM

Merry christmas! :rudolph:


I am leaving for a time, I will stay all christmas time with my family (and without internet connection), so I wanted to wish you all in advance a merrychristmas and a happy new year :dummy:

What I expect to the new year?

Well, 2010 was a good year if I am talking about design, because this year I started releasing my own skins and icons, I decided to give a try and seems that the effort was deserved, so for the next year I only could expect one more thing: MORE AND MORE! And to start, I have something great on progress. :)

Finally, I want to thank all of my watchers and friends from deviantart THANKS