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free social icons

A pack of social icons made in adobe photoshop and illustrator.

Included: forrst, lovedsgn, rss, evernote, flicker, dribble,, iTunes ping, spotify, stumbleupon, yahoo, blogger, twitter, skype, youtube, deviantart, google buzz, google, myspace, rechnorati,, facebook, hi5, vimeo.

:new:Update: alt.twitter, livejournal, mail, tumbler, orkut, designfloat, grooveshark and wordpress.

Also included the photoshop and illustrator icon.

Requests are open!

It would be nice if you give credit me if you use this in any project.

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Nice set, been using some of the icons on my website. Any chance for github and reddit icons? :)
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Is it okay if I use these on a personal website as long as I credit you for them?
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This Social Media Icon set is featured here
can you make one for google plus please?
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Hey, just credited you on twitter, @HSPalm. Used your icons on [link] and they look awesome. Thank you very much!

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Hi Emey,
If I wanted to pay for a LinkedIn and Google+ icon, can you please tell me if this is possible ?
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thank you! : )
these are pretty great! have one for linkedin?
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Heya Emey,
Would it be okay if I use a couple of these icons for my own website?
Any special way of credits you would like to receive?
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no credits, you are free to use them :)
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Thanks. :) I'll let you know when the site is online. Might take a while though. ;)
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thanks martin :handshake: it´s possible to submit them too to your website?
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Wow! It's almost complete! So happy that it has orkut (hard to find). Why don't you add a icon for general purposes? I mean, an "other" icon.
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I thought about doing an icon with an "@" but finally I decided to don´t include it, as long as the pack was sold for a exclusive release at a webpage I can´t do anymore icons. Hope you understand, thanks anyway for the comment ^^
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puedes hacer un icono que represente dinero porfas :highfive:
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