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Obsidian for XWD 2.0 and 5.6

By emey87
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35 px height dock, speacially for small icon sizes.

To use with XWD 5.6

:new: NOW for XWD 2.0

:new: [link] (Rocket Dock Skin)

:new: available for mac: [link]

>> Text style used on the preview was made by [link] (hombre-cz)

>> Wallpaper [link] (Lost in Focus by Krazy-Bluez)

[link] (XWindows Dock 2.0 link)

[link] (XWindows Dock 5.6 link)
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Looks like Deepin Linux dock
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extremely cool!
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hey nice dock can you link me the image for the egg and feather icon? i can't find it anywhere
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Sorry, I no longer use docks and I lost my icons :( I remember to get it on GalaxyGui but it was really time ago :(
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oh okay, thanks for your help. I've been tryna look for it to complete my dock.
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thanks so much for share
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Puedo tener los iconos :O
? cual es el nombre de ellos?
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if you are having any issues, i strongly recommend reading this guide, it covers virtually everything, and its still being updated daily, so if you have questions, just ask the author, he'll probably add it.

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can you show me how to get the "camera & cloud" icon for Mac? Thanks a lot.
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is the icon of this app [link]
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Nice work :) But little problem on icons reflection... if you change this line on the config text,the reflections be perfect ;)

" BottomReflection=3 "
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I will take a look to it, thank you :)
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Very nice dock, man. However I seem to have a prob with the visibility of the skin's indicators and separators. Is it because I'm using the 2.0.3 version? Thanks and again, nice dock =]
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I will have to review my dock skins then, seems that every time that XWD 2.0 releases a new version somthing goes bad with the old skins.
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Oh ok, then. hanks for the reply and nice skin, again, lol.
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If there was for AWN (linux) would be perfect !! :eager:

:handshake: Great work :)
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hehe thanks ^^ if you want I could give you the resources for a port :)
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I haven't the least idea how to do the skin for AWN LOL =D
I thought i'd draw the dock on the wallpaper, and put over a transparent skin :P

If you want to give me the resource i could try to make a "fake dock" =D
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Yeah, that would be a real FAKE! =D I don´t know if there´s any Linux Group on deviantart, maybe you can ask there :)

do you have phothosop?
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:nod: there are . . . i'll ask . . .

Yep, I have PS :)
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