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Includes the .psd file of a web-like navigation bar, with buttons for links (in normal and pressed style) and a search field. In three different colours: White, Black and Blue. Easy to mod and edit.

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Brilliant=D Thank you
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Thank you! :) The fav is also very appreciated!
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You're welcome !
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hmm not bad at all! :D
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Super! I like the blue one! :)
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You are the first on liking the blue one =D
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Really? Heh, that's strange! But, I can understand. When I make the walls everyone wants just in blue color, other colors are not approved/accepted. "Hey, man! We want just the blue walls! Why you made it in green? Only blue wallpapers are cool!" Something like this, he-he. :)
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Looks nice, Manuel. At least the first two of them. I'm not a fan of blue. :D
The gloss effect of the bar looks good. But why is this effect only on top of the buttons?
In my opinion, the effect would look better on the buttons if it's equal to the bar's effect.
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I didn´t found it necesary on the pressed buttons, the gloss with the inner shado looked bad for me so I decided to delete it from the pressed buttons. But maybe you are right, anyway, if someone wants it, he could easily modify the psd :)

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What can I say? I have tried it, and it doesn't look good. :)
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Nice, i like how the buttons reflection is higher, makes them stand out a bit more :)
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Yes, that was my intention :)
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nice work mate ;)
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Beautiful and useful !
Merci :)
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nice, definitely will play with the psd in ps :)
thx for share :thumbsup:
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really nice .. glossy and clean :)
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my fav is white one.
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