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Metallic Board by iDock

By emey87
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This is for the idock project, I invite all of you to take a look at the group: idock

Thanks to gor0n, the project manager.

And of course, thanks, and all the credits, to mhmoodzaidan, the designer of these wonderful docks.

The pack contain the skin called "metallic board"; in 2 versions. I tried to keep the look of the original design of mhmoodzaidan most as it was possible in XWD 5.6.

If there´s any question or doubt, please, ask. I will be happy to answer it.

:bulletblack: Object Dock version:[link] by OminousShadows

:bulletblack: MAC version: [link] by gor0n
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plz port this in XWD2 plz!!!
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i wish this was available for rocket dock....
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is this only for windows?! cuz i tried to download it on my mac and its a rar file?! any ideas as to how i can download it and use it cuz i think the dock looks sleek and awesome
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Yes, it´s on the description :) Check it out: [link]
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Mola mucho
Lo he subido al blog de Creative Desks, lo puedes mirar en este enlace [link] Mucha suerte!! Cuídate! ;)
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gracias! se agradece :handshake:
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that's what i call a nice , clean , sleek dock :D well maded :D good job :P
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I don't understand how to install this for XWindows Dock. I put it in the skins folder but I can't seem to browse to it in the XWindows Dock Preferences panel.

Very nice skin! :)
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what xwd are you using?
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Well... it´s easy. It says skin for xwdock 5.6 :) not for 2.0.2
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Why do people make these for 5.6? I mean, I know this came out awhile ago, but why do people still make stuff for 5.6? Is it better or something?
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No.. I prefer it that 2.0 However now I don´t docks.
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links for Chrome, Trash and Photoshop icons, plz?
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Thank you very, very much!
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about the trash.. i am not sure, but maybe is "black system" by Ve, google it, or search on iconpaper.org :)
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very nice...:#1:
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For the skin you are great!
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thaaaanks once again :)
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