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Celestica GUI psd

By emey87
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:new:now free .PSD!!! Click download to grab this GUI work! :la: Christmas came earlier this year! :rudolph:

Playing with photoshop; I started drawing some buttons and another things to have a .PSD file with some kind of resources to use on future projects... but finally all of this becomes into something that looks like a very "mac looking VS".

18/08/2010 update: Added new elements and redefined the graphics. Now it´s near to be ok. Also I rename this as "Celestica".

One of the scrollbars style is taken from this: [link] (10101 gtk emerald) by aaron-a-arts. And the wallpaper used is by Infinise Design.

If you want this to some project, contact me and I will share it with you.
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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Vision
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I really like the the way Blue theme concept turned out.

I really like the idea about it....but there are some things that didnt turn out that good. The the 'top frame' with the title, i think you should have reduced the opacity abit or changed the blending mode to, its to harsh i should say.Next. In the 'decission window' i think the sides are a bit blurry, you can could have gave it a darker color.Next.The 'Show Progress" window i think you made the progress bar abit to rounded compared to the rest of the borders.Next. In the 'Options window' i think the circles are abit pixeling. Next. On status bar on the 'active window' the icon sizing, the background (behind the circle) is square, while the rest of your borders/behind thingis are rounded.Last of All. 'Active window' - the search background, the left side its abit different to the other side. These are some not-very-easy to notice things.

I really like the idea of a mac-minimal style. The small noisy frame are just amazing. I really like it that you went with a dark type of style. I aslo like that you keep the theme-style of having a border around the frame. In options you left it there, good thing.

Overall I have to say, its a very nice.
Great Job. <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/t/t…" width="15" height="15" alt=":thumbsup:" title="Thumbs Up"/>

Note This is my first critic, hope i did good.
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You are right about the failures, as I said this is a first sketch, and it needs more work, about the blurried borders, I dunno wtf my CS5 does this sometimes :/ the layer style on this window is the same than in the others but... it´s blurried =D

Thanks for the critique! but you will have to update it when I update this hehehe =D

cheers! and keep on doing critiques!
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sorry i didnt finish something i ,'In options you left it there' a pixel between the arrows
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Such clean lines, and crisp! Love this!:icongrin--plz:
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i would love to have this as an ubuntu theme, ill look into how to make it.
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May i mod this into a Litestep theme? I'll give credit to you.
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great job
geat design
thanks a lot
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hmm i love it!
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Please turn this into an actual ThemePark mac theme (:
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Bad news are that I don´t have a mac for that :) Sorry.
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Please turn this into an actual themepark theme for mac 10.6 snow leopard
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can u share it with me plz its wonderful
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yes, click download button :P
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awesome work!
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Thanks for sharing it.. great work :+fav:
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no problem, thanks to you ^^
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Ya veo, mi estimado amigo escribire claramente para que el traductor de google te lo pueda traducir mejor, bueno hay un tema que se llama celastica y mi duda era esa si el tema estaba en blanco y negro pero,por lo visto, no eres el creador de ese tema o si?
Gracias por ser tan atento con mis dudas y respodermelas claramente.
Un cordial saludo.
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El tema lo hicieron a partir de este .psd. Yo diseñe este concepto, luego hubo gente que intento hacer algo parecido a esto pero que poco se parece la verdad.
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Oh man! plz version dark,white and gray plz man!!!
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Oh man plz! plz! one version black,whithe and gray :D Plz man!!
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I will if I had time =D so sorry, but you could easily modify the colours with the psd :)
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Friend recommend I do? With that program I can modify or beef which are the numbers of files to be modified so that becomes black white or gray with that program I can modify, any clues? Thanks in advance. ahh sorry my English if I use the google translator and you know it's kind of crappy.
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