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Bullseye! :target:

I´ve never made an icon before, so this is my first try. I know, this icon is not good, but I did it just for fun; so every feedback and comment will be very appreciated.

.ico, .png and .icns files included. sizes up to 256x256.

:new: update: I give a more 3D look to the arrow, fix some little details on the small sizes and added a version without arrow.


If you use this on a screenshot, please, send me a link to it :) I will be happy to see that I make something useful.
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muito bom manuel, só de olhar me dar vontade de brincar de tiro ao alvo hihi
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ah ahhahahaha

por certo, non recibo os watchs de deskmodeiros dende fai un tempo :/ mais están no devwatch (son membro) decateime hai tempo e sigo sen entendelo XD creo que me irei do grupo e volverei a entrar.
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Excelente icono bro muy bien detallado :D
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nice icon bro, like it!!!!:)
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Thanks! :D

Actually I am working of more icons! :) I would give it a try to this of drawing icons :)
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cant wait to see more!
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Thank you ^^
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nice icons. :D
i always fail at making stuff like this but yours is a success. :)
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Thank you,

I decided to try something different and come to my mind doing an icon, probably I´ll try to do more on the future. :)
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hey check out my new wallpaper remix! please?
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work very nice indeed, mate!
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Thank you ^^
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First of all, this is great for a first time.
So here's my advice: The arrow doesn't look "3D" enough. You could fix this by making it shorter and by putting a dark gradient that starts at where the arrow enters the bulls-eye and fades off towards the feather.

Hope I helped! :D
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Thanks, really appreciate suggestions, specially, if like in this case, they are right! :thumbsup:

Thanks :thanks:
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cool, i like it.
noce work ;)
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very very nice!
your topics in my blog site [link]
if its posible to publish i will is that any problem about this stuation ?
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Nice site :)

No problem as long you put the download link from deviantart, and non uploaded to your site. :)

Thanks for the comment! :D
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Great icon your first.

Added on pixartica
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