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If a promise you can't keep it'll haunt you in your sleep. If you can't take life by the hilt you'll have a conscious full of guilt.
Okay, I recently got asked if I do "Commissions". I'm gonna be honest with everyone by making it perfectly clear and just say that I Never or Will Never Do Commissions. I never once ever thought about making money on here nor will I ever even do so because I like to draw. Also, I'm not that skilled or talented like the artist who actually do make commissions for a living and that is something I never was interested in doing when I started on here. Although I still have to make it perfectly clear to everyone. I am still no longer and I do mean NO LONGER doing/taking any more ART REQUESTS. I literally posted two journals talking about it but sadly it appears no one bothers reading it (although, I happy to know there are some who actually read them). So I'm just gonna let you know to save time for everyone by saying the short version to sum it up. Reason I'm no longer doing "Art Request" is because I do not have enough in the day to work on any of them since I am now really busy
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Ok, I'm gonna try my best to explain this as best as I can. When I logged in to DA today, I ended up getting a pop up for a 2 steps verification thing. Now I do not know why that popped up but I do know that it's likely to do with me having a core (do not know if it'll pop up again when my core runs out or if anyone else with or without a core got the same pop up) and I'm kinda concern. I do not like going through extra steps to logging in an account (on any site really) or giving my phone number to any site (don't know if DA will try to force me or everyone on here to do the 2 steps verification) so chances are I might one day end up either not be able to log in my account anymore or end up losing it (meaning all the hard work I've done would have been for nothing). So in the case that happens, you can find me on Pixiv. I use the same name as my DA and icon to help people find me there (simply look for the guy who does lots of Poltergeist fan lol). So yeah, just wanting to give a
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Wow. I thought Bots and scammers where desperate before but this is ridiculous I recently just got an inbox in my chat that reads the following: Hello DearThis letter might come as a surprise to you because we haven't met neither in person nor by correspondence. But I believe it is one day that you get to know somebody either physically or through correspondence.I am Douglas Peterson, head of accounts dept. Citibank London branch. I am writing to you on a personal note and I will want this communication to remain between you and me, due to my position. I do not want my sincerity and concern to turn against meI am contacting you for this deal believing that you will come to me with an open mind and bring forth your suggestion and good idea to receive the sum of £12.5m for joint investment with you in your country.The money has been in a dormant account for many months in my bank. And according to British bank laws, if such money continues to remain unclaimed it will be passed to the
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It's that time where I let out a warning to everyone and as the title says, Bots/Scammers being aggressive. I mean, they still do the same annoying nonsense where they keep asking "can I use one of your pics for a mural art for a client". However, I noticed that unlike before, they are now being more and more annoying and sometimes aggressive. I gotten like ten in total Bots/Scam messages in my chat, all in the span of a few minutes of each other meaning that these Bots/Scammers are now being desperate and more aggressive to everyone on here (or at least for me in this case). So yeah, wanted to give you all a heads up/warning about this incase anyone (mainly newer artists) find themselves in this kind of nonsense. Thank you for time reading this and may you all have a good day.
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Yeah like the title said, beware of the comments, especially if you posted a comment . Reason for this warning is because I noticed alot of individuals beginning to harass everyone on here, especially against certain DA artist. As of late, I gotten some replies to comments that made on some pics on here which were all vulgar language, racial slurs and disgusting topics, with some of the them claiming to be an "alternate accounts" of a DA artist. If you ever encounter something like this, then just block the individual in question. Like bots, they are nothing but annoyances and are likely trying to get a reaction out of you by doing this. So yeah, if everyone wondering why no one leaves comments on pics anymore it is due to nonsense like this. We already have to deal with bots and spams in both Note and Chat, now we have to worry about comments too apparently. Thank you for time in reading and may you all be safe.
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