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+Ask/Interact with Miasma+

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Your Chimereon makes its way through the thick, humid forest, fauna buzzing in the undergrowth that surrounds them. As you make your way further in, the insect life becomes denser, more alive, and more interested in you, and whatever lays in the clearing ahead. As you stumble into said clearing, and take in your surroundings, you notice an odd variety of....trash? No, no these items are far too meticulously placed to be mere trash. Taking a look at one of the objects closer to you, you come to realize that what you had mistaken for trash, was in fact old, long forgotten household items, that had been transformed into terrariums, homing a variety of flora and insect life alike. As you study the terrarium closed, a cough catches you off guard, causing you to look up suddenly. Your eyes lock with the new comer, a green chimereon watches you from the shadows, the shades of their skin rendering them nearly invisible in the leafy grove.

"Now what, are you doing here"

Ask/interact with my Chimereon, Miasma :D

You can follow through with the prompt above, or go ahead with something else entirely.

I'll be trying to draw every prompt I get, and hopefully I'll be able to draw a full background as well, much like this fav.me/dcroomn fav.me/dcrra1q

Prompts to do
- gxldensilicone DONE
- LeCloud

Art and character :iconemete:

Species :iconground-lion:
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Out if curiosity, why is your name Miasma?
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The-Devil-PandaStudent General Artist
toyhou.se/2218012.kupa : oh hello! do you like to collect stuff? 
(oh and btw kupa is super short if you do actual do this question aa)
TRILOFIGHTSHobbyist Digital Artist
Are you the creatives type ?
I saw your terrarium and they're all so unique!
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EmeteProfessional Digital Artist
What Chim of yours is asking this~
TRILOFIGHTSHobbyist Digital Artist
I actually wasn't thinking of any cham to ask this but Abrial is the only one available right now haha
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gxldensiliconeHobbyist Digital Artist
toyhou.se/2773866.joshua-spook… is asking:

He stepped up from crouching, straightening his back to his full height. He took a quick peek around him before settling on the pair of eyes before him. "How long have you been collect these terrariums, stranger? I apologize for the interruption of anything."
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