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Turtwig Variants by EmersonWolfe Turtwig Variants by EmersonWolfe

Decided to jump on that Pokemon Variations bandwagon. Inspired by too-much-green​‘s pokemon variations based off of the father. 

Grass type starters have always had a soft spot in my heart, same with 4th gen. That’s why I made Turtwig variations. Plus Turtwig is a cutie-pie. 

Pure Breed (+Ditto/Torterra): even temperament, ideal for new trainers. Not often found naturally in the wild. Can be over bred in the attempt in a mutated or ‘shiny’ version.
Mountain (+Haxorus): more aggressive in order to compete with the tough life-style up in the mountains. Tusks inherited from the father, and a harder shell developed.
Forest “Spotted” (+Venusaur): friendly, can be found in most forests. Spots help camouflage. Develops striking flowering trees when it evolves. 
Forest “Mossy” (+Amoongus): timid and rarely seen. Found deep inside forests, its shell is often mistaken for a poke ball. Once evolved, its tree will produce Apricorns. 
Cave (+Ferrothron): very stubborn breed, difficult to train. Will often headbutt its trainer as a sign of affection. Often found deep in caves, with less access to sunlight. 
Field (+Whimsicott): timid but friendly, these Turtwig gather in flower fields. This breed tends to be full of energy and light on their feet. 

These were really fun. First time scanning traditional lines and then live tracing using illustrator. Probably going to do another one of these (maybe Slowpoke?)

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luvkirby4ever Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017
Awww this is so adorable and creative!  Wonderful job!  I love turtwig :)
thechimchar Featured By Owner May 15, 2016  Student Digital Artist
field variant is adorable! but make it a lighter skin color
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